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July 1, 2013

Debate script on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Stem cells are cells that are not yet differentiated and have the ability to form any tissues when developed these are through the efforts of the scientific researchers; bus face opposition mainly from the religious perspective. I disagree with the research regarding the capabilities of humans through the research which may include ill motives. On the other hand the pros of the research include the ability to contain some disease conditions. Taming the opposing points of this research are the religious norms and the purpose of the creator foreman other then the obligation of humans in safeguarding what was created.

The manner in which the research is conducted becomes pivotal in opposing this view. This is from the point that the research has the ability to treat diseases just as seen in other medical conditions such as brain injury, motor neuron disease, Parkinson’s disease among others. However, there lacks a guarantee for cure in the use of stem cell researches. Despite the fact that there may be potentials for curing the diseases, the surety of completely containing a medical condition through the research remains questionable.
This research is also receives support from celebrities the urgency as well as hope may commence in with any news of a new research pertaining chronic diseases. This is as a result of the trauma that us associated with the conditions faced by the patients and their close allies. Reasoning from the potential of the research other than making it apparent whether the research would produce better results should form the basis of accepting the research.

The other issue takes center stage in opposing the research includes the moral dilemma associated with the research. The question of when life begins deems relevant in this point. The belief that life begins at conception nullifies the validity of the research. The creation of an individual with unique genetic structures raises more questions to the acceptance of embryonic stem cell research. There is the destruction of the unique human life.

The definition of life differs for everyone but the beginning most certainly remains the same. As such, it is correct to term the researches conducted on embryonic stem cells as immoral. There is no point from conception to birth where research is conducted. The destruction of the embryo or fetus is therefore not acceptable with regards to this point. The potential end result weighs relatively lower than the view on morality making reference to the beginning of life as well as the dignity of life.

I remain morally opposed to the researches conducted using the embryonic stem cells. This is for the fact that the benefits are not justified to the level of executing the research. Further, the destruction of human life in the name of potential medical appeals defies the norms of life and undervalues life. The boundaries of research should remain restricted to other researches that do not interfere with human life in the name of saving other lives.

The cost of the research should also be considered. Researches could be approached in different angles other than the use of embryonic stem cells. This could also minimize the cost of conducting the researches. The population at risk should also be protected through strict regulations regarding human researches. Also as seen in the strict measures when it comes to the minorities such as the mentally ill, prisoners as well as children, human life should be regarded with a similar importance. This is also regarded as a form of abortion as it includes the destruction of the embryo for the purpose of commercial gains.

There are also the fears of unknown consequences of injecting a patient with a stem cell. Most medical researches take time prior to the onset of side effects as such; the researches have the challenge of defining the side effects of the resultant wells. The researches done in a similar line to this includes the injection of embryonic stem cell on rats which showed positive results in rats but when applied to humans, the predict remains questionable. The unsure nature of the research makes it inappropriate to conduct the research.
In the research conducted with rats on the research, the rats died sooner than other rats which never received the injection. Tumors also developed in some of the rats injected with the embryonic stem cell. In a nutshell, I disagree with the researches conducted through the use of embryonic stem cells my reasons includes the morals that links to the value of life since life begins at conception.

With regards top the protection offered to life of children, minorities and the mentally ill, any form of abortion which is the destruction of life should be discouraged. The research includes the destruction of life hence qualifies as a form of abortion. The other point includes the lack of surety that the research produces a cure for the medical conditions it aims to tame. There are also the fears of unknown future I terms of side effects of the injection.

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