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April 5, 2013

Why Is Speeding Dangerous

Drivers who over speed cause the greatest risks on roads compared to other causes of accidents. Different statistics showing that speeding is a major factor in more than a third of all the road crashes that are fatal. Recent researches show that more than sixty nine per cent of drivers admit that they drive above the speed limits that are set on the highways. More than twenty two per cent on the other hand have admitted to exceeding the speed limits by an average of more than five miles in an hour regularly while ten per cent of the driver drive ten miles per hour more than the set speed limit repeatedly. Speeding above the set speed limits may lead to a number of dangers. Speeding normally reduces the stopping time of a vehicle. Taking a lot of time to stop increases the chance of crashing. It also increases the chances of the occurrence of an accident. It may as well increase the severity of a crash if an accident happens. Even though drivers have been made aware of the different dangers of speeding, they still over speed and exceed the set speed limits (Cann 12). Over speeding is dangerous and may be a cause of a lot of dangers on the highways.

Speeding is a major factor in road accidents since it is a cause of more than thirty percent of all the fatal accidents that happen on the highway. These accidents cause the death of more than one thousand Americans in every month. It has been estimated that speed related crashes costs to be above forty billion dollar in every year. Over speeding is a problem to both the highways and the local streets as well. Many drivers opt taking the surface streets so as to escape traffic (Cann 16). These local streets’ accidents contribute to more than eighty percent of all the car accidents.

One of the dangers of speeding is the reduction of the period that a driver may take to stop. The more a driver speeds, the less the period of time that he or she has to react in case of a situation on the road or any obstruction. When a driver drives at a high speed, the time the vehicle may take to stop is greatly increased. This shows that, the more the speed a driver is driving, the more the chances of causing an accident. If any obstruction occurs, he or she has an increased chance of crashing into the obstruction. Speeding leads to an increase in the number of road accidents in both the highways and the local streets.

Speeding may lead to more fatal accidents. Speeding may increase the chances of deaths and people getting hurt incase of a crash. The impact cause by speeding is more compared to when a vehicle is moving at a relatively low speed (Greaves 22). When a vehicle is moving at a high speed, the stopping time is increased. In case of any obstruction on the road, the amount of speed the vehicle crashes into an obstacle is high which leads to a crash being more fatal. The chances of deaths and injuries are as well increased. The lesser the speed a vehicle is moving, the lesser the chances of critical injuries and deaths in case of an accident or a crash.

Driving at a high speed is difficult. One is less comfortable while driving at a very high speed. A driver may not be able to control a vehicle effectively or stop in an effective and calm manner in case of any distraction. The visual field of a driver is as well diminished. On the other hand, vehicles are also strained at high speeds (James 34). The brakes and tires of a vehicle are normally strained at high speeds which may lead to increased chances of them being defective incase of emergency braking. The safety feature in a vehicle such as the safety belts and airbags may be compromised incase a vehicle exceeds a certain speed. In case of a very high speed accident, the safety gadgets may not be effective in serving their purposes since their chances of being defective are increased. In such an incident, the outcome of the accident may be very severe.

Speeding has increased chances of accidents incase of a flat tire. When driving at high speeds, drivers are not able to react to certain situations calmly (James 38). In case of a flat tire while driving at a high speed, a driver may react quickly but not calmly and may lead to an accident. If one drives at a speed that is not very high, they may be able to react quickly and calmly and take control of the vehicle in the same situation. High speed may cause difficulty in controlling the vehicle in case of a tire bust which may lead to the occurrence of accidents.

There are different steps which one may take to ensure that their driving is safe. One should ensure that they have planned ahead in case they are travelling. This may aid in allocating ample time for the journey. Ample travel time aids in taking time to travel and not speeding so as to arrive to the destination on time. It is also important to check the updates on traffic. Traffic may cause delays and a driver may need to recover the time lost by speeding in the areas where there are no traffics. This may lead to an increased chance of causing accidents. To avoid accidents, drivers should make sure they adjust their speed so as to meet the different conditions of roads. Where the roads are not safe for high speeds, a driver should drive at relatively low speeds. Roads such as wet roads require low speeds. A driver should as well obey the traffic signs. Some drivers exceed the set speed limits. These are some of the reasons for road accidents which are caused by over speeding. There are reasons as to why the signs indicate certain speed limits. The roads ahead may not be conducive for speeds above the stipulated ones. Driving above these speeds may lead to increased chances of accidents and other types of road related dangers (Nader 24).

Speeding is a leading cause of the accidents that occur on highways. Most of the drivers normally exceed the set speed limits on the highways. These lead to an increase in dangers that relate to speeding. There are different negative impacts caused by over speeding such as an increased chances of accidents due to inability to effectively control the vehicle, poor sight and an increased impact incase of an accident. More than half of the road accidents are caused by over speeding. There are different steps that a driver may take to ensure that they do not over speed such as time management. Over speeding is dangerous to both the driver and other road users.

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