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December 18, 2012

Goals and Disabilities

Plans for the future
After completion of high school Jill would like to join a higher learning institution where she will pursue an education course. Jill had a passion in teaching and writing novels where she even had a copy of her own composition of a novel where she had hopes of its being published. She enjoyed playing tennis and had joined several clubs in school which included drama and wildlife due to her love in music and nature. She hopes to work with organizations that help the disabled and teach those children who are disable.

Jill’s profile
Jill enrolled in a local college where she takes an education course and specializes in the field of religious education and mathematics. During an exam, she is allowed to use calculators in mathematics and, on top of that, an extra time is added to her to complete the test. However, she completes and understands the questions faster if they are read to her she is also allowed to use brails in the examination room. Jill does community work during her leisure time and also helps her mother to sell in her shop as a cashier. She is currently living with her parents and depends on them for survival. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Transitional service needs
She would like to join university where she will perfect on the courses she pursued in college. She will also have an additional course in history where she will graduate as a teacher. Jill is interested in visiting children homes as a part time service apart from being a teacher; she is also interested in being an educational officer in her home town. She also hopes to own her home apartment and have a family. Jill participates in donations to the less fortunate and visits the disabled.

Age-appropriate transitional assessments
Jill is considered to be a very bright student though she has a disability. She is loves being self-dependent and does things perfectly when given a chance to do so. She is able to pack and deliver goods to clients when sent by her father who operates on a door to door delivery of goods. Her parents have high expectations on her future excellence because she is a good decision maker and her ability in effective communication. Currently, the teachers are thinking on the withdrawal of the special accommodation given to her due to her high skills in communication and self-dependence.

Measurable post-secondary goals
Upon completion of high school, Jill would like to join a university for a full course degree of four years after achieving the required grade. She would like to volunteer as a community worker where she will assist in donations to the unfortunate. She will also teach disabled children which will, in a great way help in her teaching career. She will accomplish this through her good skills in communication. Jill plans to work with her mother in the shop and also deliver goods for her father where she will earn some money for her own use. In this way Jill will get knowledge on how to become more independent and make a better person in the future

Course of study
To better Jill’s plans for the future, she needs to take courses such as those involving business and calculations. This will help her improve on her passion of being a teacher and also in helping her mother in the shop. To top it all, she is among the best students in mathematics in class, and both teachers and students are proud of her abilities. Apart from being a good performer, she also participates in mathematics contests organized by her school.

Postsecondary transition services and activities
Jill highly participates in community service, and activities involving people of her home town. She highly participates in community work like cleaning the town and helping those in elderly homes. This helps her to have a healthier relationship with other people in the society thus improving her status of living with other people. Jill attends class which helps her to perfect on her speech levels thus making her to have an improved form of communication verbally. All children either able or disable are given equal rights to education by the school districts thus making every child equal. Establishment of correctional centers has in a big deal helped to improve the status of children with disciplinary problems. Jill, like other children has benefited from therapy and interpreting sessions provided in school.
IEP annual goals

Given a chance, Jill can be able to communicate with customers in a given working environment and report to her senior on customer needs in that particular time. She is also capable of choosing the type of job she prefers and verbally state her reasons on preferring that type of job. Jill had the capability at least explaining a given sum by her teacher in a verbal manner after being taught for around two months.
Despite disabilities, many people have accomplished their dreams. They include Ann Wafula Strike who participates in Paralympics games and was once nominated as a torch bearer is also a great writer despite her physical impairment. One of her best-selling books was ‘In my dreams I dance’. Another person is Nick Vujicic who was born limbless is a great motivational speaker and also a writer. Some of his books include: ‘Life without Limits’ and ‘Life with Great Purpose’.<…>

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