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January 30, 2013

IEP Accommodations and Modifications

Providing accommodations for students with disabilities usually requires a change in the way the student is taught and tested. Students with disabilities usually require modifications and accommodations in their educational programs to ensure that they are successful in their school life. To carry out modification and accommodation, this will involve a look at Joe’s scenario who is a pre school student with a disability in the areas of social development and language.
The use of accommodation is meant to allow Joe to be able complete the same assignments as the other students. This involves a carrying out of activities that permits changes in the formatting, timing, setting, response, rescheduling and presentation in the learning process. A look at Joe’s language inventory reveals that he is a student who is above average in the areas of naming and answering which questions but is poor in naming functions and putting items in category. He has an understanding of the spatial and quantity concepts, can speak longer sentences, uses plurals, can ask questions and has a vocabulary of more than a hundred and fifty words.Some of the accommodation techniques that can be implemented on Joe would include:

  • Changes in the ways on which the test content and instructions are presented to him.
  • This would include incorporation of changes in the font sizes and picture symbols used in teaching. Using larger fonts and pictures makes the student feel comfortable to learn.
  • Another accommodation aspect would be changes in the environment or setting of the student such as placing the student in areas with fewer distractions such as a quiet room.
  • In order to accommodate disability in the area of language in Joe, it will involve use of response accommodation that will ensure that the speech of Joe is improved.
  • This can include providing alternative books that express the same content but on simpler reading level.
  • Also shorten the spelling tests involved to the most functional and simpler words

Modifications on the other hand ensure that there are adjustments to the expectations of the tests or assignments. This includes changes for what the student is expected to demonstrate and learn. The use of modifications is meant to ensure that the content is altered and that it will allow meaningful participation that will ensure enhanced learning experiences. Instead of leveling the Childs learning experiences in brings forth changes to the learning experience. For Joe’s condition he needs improvement in his speech intelligibility and production of multiple syllable words. For this to be ensured there is need for use of modification.
Modification practices for Joe’s scenario would include:

  • Changes in his reading materials that are simpler but cover lessons for his age
  • Other modifications would include providing summaries for the chapters of the readings that are assigned such as asking questions on what they have just learnt.
  • It will also involve modifications in the use of word for word sentences that will include fill-ins that have word banks. This is meant to improve his wording and vocabulary.
  • The educator can modify on use of markers to highlight on the important text sections for the assignments and lessons to be covered such as the drawings that need to be drawn by Joe.
  • Modification will also involve creation of substitute alternatives for the assignments that are written with other assignments such as clay models, using beads to create pictures, drawing and painting.
  • Modifications will also involve modifications of the class policies that discriminate against Joe’s disabilities such as making Joe feel comfortable socialization.
  • Also ensure that you provide frequent breaks as they cannot pay attention for long time periods.
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