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February 5, 2013

Conceptual Synthesis Paper

Part 1: Social and Geographical Personal Experience
I was born of West Indies parents and raised in Kingston Jamaica. The make-up of our neighborhood was predominantly blacks (the Jamaican origins). Though I have considered myself to be African- American woman, many people think that I am Spanish. Back in Jamaica, I lived among the low class individuals since my parents were poor and couldn’t afford to co-exist in a better class. In the neighborhood, we shared the little we had and never imagined that race, color or class were determinants of value or worth by certain individuals in societal settings.

My first encounter of racial prejudice happened to me at the age of nine in Brooklyn New York after moving there with my parents. I first noticed something was different when my mother took me to a store and a white family pulled their daughter away from me. The white family did not want their daughter to interact with me. My neighborhood in New York was predominately African American. With varied races as a result of immigrants of different backgrounds, cultural dissimilarities in Brooklyn were common.I decided to pursue my career of becoming a registered nurse in Washington State. My class setting in Washington State was dominated by white Americans; it is in this nursing class that racial segregation became more apparent. In most instances, my ideas and thoughts were objected and put aside by the white Americans, this made me feel incompetent and out of place. After some time, I was being questioned my originality by a vast number of students since my accent was different, my complexion was lighter compared to African-Americans. I spoke with authority; I was different and perhaps a quiet individual. I mentioned several times that I came from West Indies in Jamaica.

At the time of my study and work, I resided in Washington State. Racism and instances of prejudice were the order of the day. The healthcare setting in Washington is highly dominated by the White Americans. This attribute has made it quite a challenge for people of other races, it is difficult to figure out your exact position in a white dominated field like Health care in Washington State. Currently I reside in a predominantly white middle class neighborhood, where, unfortunately I am the only African-American person. Initially I had a wrong impression of the pleasant neighbors when I moved in the neighborhood; that actually changed on the day that my neighbor and I had a small verbal dispute related to my dog.
Apparently my neighbor stated, “We will run you out of this neighborhood” a statement that took me by surprise. I started to think to myself even with an African American president, the term “our” is still being used by white Americans. Though there are several laws and regulations put forward to mitigate instances of racial prejudice, it must be noted that it’s the attitude of the white-Americans towards other races that need to be corrected.

Part 2: Analysis, synthesis and application of experience and course materials
As stated by Andersen & Collins (2001, pp.71) Prejudice is a hostile attitude towards an individual who is perceived to have undesirable characteristics associated with the group which the individual belongs. As per my narrative description, the metaphor of prejudice exhibited can be categorized as dislike of difference or unknown since its mainly racial prejudice (Andersen & Collins, 2010). In the present United States, the effects of racism is still felt especially in school and corporate dimension where individuals from different ethnic backgrounds gather to work for a common objective. The metaphor of prejudice as competition has taken center stage with scarce job opportunities as well as populous schools inhabited by immigrants. Racism and discrimination has been a choke for United States since early 19th century and has greatly hindered socio-economic empowerment of the nation. The black radicals of 1865 to 1866 were massacred leading to unrest between the African American and the white society (Hooks, 1992).

The frequent unrest lead to amendment of various sections of the American constitution till today where we endorse diversity as a positive development aspect. Though civil rights groups and the feminist movements have created awareness on the rights of the minority groups and women, class, race and gender still matter since these elements structure a community. Because of skin color some individuals thereby feel valued as compared to their colleagues. Healthcare system in Washington State is one of the amenities that still struggle to mitigate issues of racial segregation. The minority groups (African-Americans, Latinos, Jews among others) feel oppressed due to their skin color and religion since the whites believe they are superior. It must be noted that this paper not only addresses the plight of the oppressed groups, but takes keen interest to analyze those in the side of power and privilege; that is, going to the history of African-Americans as well as the whites; rethinking of class by observing vastly different familiarity with the wealthy, working class, middle class and the low income earners (Andersen & Collins, 2010, p. 14).<…>

Summary and approaches used in addressing issues of discrimination and disparities in nursing
The narration gives clear examples of marginalization, powerlessness and exploitation as elements of oppression. Racism manifests itself clearly in most of the working places in United States, not only in the nursing sector, hence, the necessity for faster intervention to mitigate the problem must be prioritized (Andersen & Collins, 2010). Racism is a social construct and is characterized primarily by how one group values, perceives and behaves towards another group (Freeman and Payne, 2000. P342). Therefore it is important to note that fighting racism in workplace begins by changing the attitude of the oppressors (Krieger, 2000, pp. 194-199). Science consequently can be used to eliminate the fallacy that people have about race; this move is essential in steering the American society towards racial justice.

Nurses and the medical fraternity at large are encouraged to imagine ways of transforming the medical sector rather than reproducing the existing social differences. Race, gender and class structure up a society thus using the matrix domination model is more appropriate in understanding, owning the problem and coming up with solutions that exist to stamp out instances of prejudice and discrimination (Jones, August, 2000, p. 1215). The matrix domination model concentrates on the structural systems of inequality, power and privileges. Race, gender and class interconnect within societal segment hence overlooking at one aspect may lead to biasness, misleading and incorrect information; in the long run America will have bad health policies: policies that perpetrate vices of prejudice, discrimination and health inequalities (Andersen & Collins, 2010).

To develop an all-inclusive approach therefore, requires stakeholders and policy makers not to see the world through the lens of those who are oppressed or whose views have been distorted, but through group membership that cuts across race, class and gender. The minority groups should be subjected to the same kind of medication as the white, same drugs should be administered and the tendency that healthcare field is to be dominated by the whites should be a thing of the past. The issue of culture cannot be ignored in the intervention mechanism; accepting and appreciating one’s way of life should be highly addressed and vocalized to ensure gain of ground in reconciliatory process.

Nationally and locally, support campaigns must be formulated to create a high level of awareness on these issues among medical professionals and trainees. To ensure equality in healthcare, it is essential to establish and constantly monitor standards of medical care. Health facilities are supposed to have standard operating procedures that do not discriminate or prejudice anybody. Transforming thinking in delivering healthcare encompasses solely on changing the attitudes of the caregivers (Krieger, 2000). This step involves changing the lens of focus the American Whites view the minority groups thus, removing the filters of stereotypes and misconceptions. Though such exercises involve heavy usage of resources to create awareness and training, the fruits in the long run will reward America with a just and fair society.

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