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February 7, 2014

“They Tell Me Of Home”

1. Why is “home” sometimes a painful place?
According to the novel, home is sometimes a very painful place when no one seems to care about you or even think about you. A described in the book, Thomas Lee Tyson seems to be an isolated person. The community has hidden the truth from him and nobody is ready to let him know.

2. Why does the community keep the secret of TL’s maternity from him?
Due to the fact that, Thomas Lee Tyson’s Mother hated him while his father was so hard on him, TL knew that there was a secret that was been held from him. His one week after he came back home made him understand that probably his mother was raped in order to have him and that is the reason no one was happy with him.

3. What type of education occurs at the Meeting Tree?
Under the meeting tree according to the book, there was lots of counseling and boys were been counseled and taught how to be good men in the society.

4. What do readers learn about the Tyson family from the family reunion chapter?
As Tyson comes back home, no one is excited about his coming, in fact they behave as if it was a good riddance for Tyson to be away from him. It is clear that they don’t care about his life and they would prefer his demise to his presence around them.

5. What does the storytelling tradition add to the aesthetic value of this novel?
The book is written to sound like an African American story. The language used and the way the author narrates the story reflects the religion, traditions and ethics of the blacks. In fact at one point readers of the book criticize the author for behaving like he wants to settle scores with the black folks. The dialect used is also Afroamercian.

6. Why does TL return after ten years?
Thomas Lee Tyson is coming back home only to see his grandmother and his sister who he believe that they are the only people who love him in that community.

7. What does the recurring motif of the butterfly symbolize?
The basic Motive of the butterfly symbolize the way issue about the origin and life of Thomas Lee Tyson keep lingering and disturbing his mind.

8. Explain TL’s definition of a “teacher.”
TL describes a teacher as a leader and one who should be emulated and followed by the society. This reflects on how learned he is and the reflection of his PHD.

9. Is it logical that TL gets off the bus at the end?
It symbolically shows the end of his tumultuous journey to know the truth.

10. What does TL realize about himself and his family during his stay at home?
That he does not belong completely into the family and thus the hard feelings demonstrated by the father. The mother is only guilty of what happened.

11. How does Daddy transform by the end of the novel?
He accepts TL as the son and this is shown by the conversation they have towards the end of the novel.

12. Why don’t readers suspect Willie James to be the father of Sister’s baby?
Willie James projects himself as a man of personable character, and his interaction with the sister thou sometimes questionable, it is not convincing that he would be involved in incest.

13. Is TL and George’s intimacy typical of male relationships in America?
Although TL shows tendencies of been a gay, it is not clear that they have such a relationship with George. However many readers may acknowledge that the two are involve intimately.

14. Why does Ms. Swinton leave TL her books?
She wishes that TL would take over the classes to teach her children and she is also somehow fond of him.

15. What makes TL get off the bus at the end of the novel?
It symbolizes the end of his journey to search for the truth.
12 Years as a Slave
1) Why did Solomon Northrup have to leave the first plantation where he was held?
Northup relationship with his first master is very close. His intelligence makes a carpenter by the name Tibeats hate him, leading to occasions in which there are attempts to even hang him. He is therefore sold to a harsh, racist and inhuman master.

2) What was Solomon purchasing for his wife at the opening of the film?
Northup was very passionate to his family, he is busy shopping for a gift to his wife. It is not very clear

3) How does the slave trader Freeman handle Eliza, the enslaved woman with children?
Initially the slave trader treats Eliza and her children well but after Ford denies to purchase them he becomes harsh.
4) What does Patsey ask Solomon help her do?
Patsey begs Solomon put an end to her suffering, but he is totally unable though he tries. Patsey then finally begs Solomon to drown her, he however refuses.

5) How does Northrup attempt to return to his family in New York?
He tries to deliver a letter to his family back at home, by sending a white male servant. He however betrays him and sets him up to the master.

6) What does Northrup see when he decides to run away?
A Sherriff and a shopkeeper from Northup’s home area come to the plantation in which he is enslaved.

7) What is the relationship between Patsey and Mrs. Epps?
Mrs. Epps strongly hates Patsey and she constantly abuses her.

8) What kind of lifestyle did the Northrup family have in New York?
Northup and his family lived a simple but comfortable life in New York. He used to feed his family with earnings from his business of carpentry and playing the fiddle.

9) What does Patsey like to spend time doing when she is all alone in the field?

10) Compare and contrast the film’s depiction of the experiences of females and males who are enslaved.
In the film males, are subjected into hard labor while the women are used as sexual tolls with them been subjected to rape and other sexual harassment.

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