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May 30, 2013

Public Perception of Nurses

Image reflects a considerable magnitude of the nursing profession as stipulated by the public. Image is the reflection or representation of a person to other people. The way nursing appears to the general public impacts heavily on the profession’s self-identity. The way the public view the nursing profession, influences the trend and efficiency of the profession. The change in the profession takes a positive or a negative twist according to the perception of the public. The view of the consumer of health care on the image and visibility of the nurses affects their effectiveness and delivery process.

Strategies with a bearing on the image of nurses results to empowerment and general issues in the field of medicine. The public has a typecast standpoint of nursing, in which they regard nurses as less intelligent than doctors. Furthermore, the public views the nurses as being dependent on doctors in discharging their duties. There is lack of knowledge on how nurses perceive their public image and how their interpretation of the attitude affects their behavior. The public image of the nursing profession affects their recruitment and attitudes towards work. The sociology of knowledge as relating to the cultural and social base of the nursing profession influences the validity and nature of the field.

Thesis statement
The paper quests the relationship between the image of nurses and their role in the nursing profession.

According to Takase, Maude and Manias lack of comprehension by the public in the nursing profession contributes to their turnover intent. The public views the profession as lacking a mitigation aspect in the overall caring expectations (Takase, Maude and Manias, 2006, p. 9). Nurses play an imperative role in the public health of any country. The image that people have on the role and feature of the nursing profession influences decisions relating to recruitment and retention of the nurses in the field. The social determinants of health influence the disposition of individuals to illness. Failure by the nursing profession to embrace the social determinants in their assessment may affect the choice of intervention for progressive policies in a society. The social determinants help an individual to achieve aspirations and health where withal to cope with the quality of health. The standards of the nursing profession dictate the level of intention in the profession.

According to Takase, Maude and Manias a negative view on the image of nurses by the public does not have any bearing on their organizational performance Takase, Maude and Manias, 2006, p.9). However, the view can have a devastating effect on the turnover of nurses. The procedure of changing the public image of nursing requires a lot of resources and time, which may cause aggravation and job discontent among nurses. The disappointment ultimately leads to a low motivation. This results to a high turnover rate in maintaining an elevated benchmark for care.

According to Lundy and Janes the image of the nurses in the field of medicine does not reflect the true image of the picture. Rather, the public perceives the nurses through an individual familiarity, leading to a contracted view of nurses (Lundy and Janes, 2009, p.87). In this respect, many people do not realize the presence of a nurse in the healthcare process, resulting to an invisible profession. Consumers of health do not offer a streamlined approach to the image of the nurses in the field as their view entangles an emotional response to an encounter. The public perception of the nurses is a positive gesture that emanates from honesty and caring trait of the nurses. According to Buresh and Gordo the public perception of the nursing profession facilitates the role of the industry in dealing with the health care of a society (Buresh and Gordo, 2000, p.23).

In addition, people rate nurses as a breed of professions with excellent work ethics and integrity. However, the real negative aspect of the public perception is the low mantra of the profession. A key concept in this regard is the recognition and authority of nurses in their respective wards. This can play a critical role in determining the threat that other people in the field of medicine pose to the nursing fraternity. A major player in the public perception of the nurses is the media as it reflects the voices of the consumers. The overall image of nurses reflects the true aspirations and objectives of the field in determining the level of a healthy living in the country. The outward expression of nurses mirrors the influence that the profession states to people. There is a highly influential relationship between the images of the nurses’ and their role in carrying out their duties. The level of communication in the field offers a very thin line of initiative that needs.<…>

Strategies for transformation and future practice
The profession requires a delicate method to offer a prudent service to the people in the future. The field need a procedure that involves the fraternity of the profession in a moderate manner. Some of the strategies for offering a highly significant positive perception include generational issues, empowerment, encouragement, and inclusion.

The traditional generation of nursing practice has degenerated to a lowly factor that does not have any bearing on the profession. The nursing profession incorporates the generation issue to promote its public image. The image of a nurse depends on the level of generation the nurse belongs such as generation Y, X or baby boomers. The view of the nurses by the public becomes a broad aspect with different background and situations. The generation X and Y play an imperative role in the field today, and the public perception on their contribution is always forthcoming. The nursing profession today, consists of the generation X and Y. These two groups constitute a big percentage of the population of the nurses in Canada. Since the profession has representatives from numerous age groups, the diversity that exists in the field provides a vast variation.

The power and empowerment that exists in the field of nursing is a moderate piece of engagement that does not have any bearing on the image of nurses in Canada. Nurses view their profession as one that power does not play any part, and this generates a barrier to the success of the health care. People need to promote power and empowerment of nurse to generate a formidable profession that will ensure a healthy medical care across all societies. The paradigms in the profession need to respond to a realistic management of the sick services by the nurses. The profession can achieve control and power through expert power. In addition, rewarding the nurse to have more control in their say makes a huge effort in the perception.
The nursing profession lacks advocacy that is paramount in many fields across the medical fraternity. The level of assertiveness and aggressiveness in nurses is low, promoting a defensive profession in the field. This leads to a negative perception by the public who feels that the nursing profession is a body that takes. The capacity of nursing in carrying out its duty gets undermined by the low level of diversity in the field. There is a low number of male nurses in the field promoting a downturn trend that offer a negative image to the public. The profession needs to incorporate a high number of males in the profession to allow for a superficial growth. The mode of dressing by the nurses affects a prominent deal of the image perceived by the public

The perception of the public on the image of nurses plays an essential responsibility in the development of the nursing profession from a moderate to a highly significant field in medicine. The image of nurses generates a delicate pattern in the roles that nurses take part in their profession. Education, ethics, advertising, and empowerment form a critical role in determining the level of visibility in the practice.

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