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April 10, 2013

Adolescence And Changes Associated With It

Adolescence is the transition stage from childhood to adulthood and is associated with several behavioral patterns, social changes and biological alterations among other changes. This work would focus on adolescent actor, Jersey Pinkman (Aaron Paul) in the movie ‘Breaking Bad’. It will relate the eight concepts or theories of adolescence to the life of the adolescent actor throughout the movie. Adolescents are referred to as young adults in major parts of the developed nations provided they have no children, do live in their personal facilities or have insufficient funds to support their own lives. Furthermore, this group falls between 12 years of age to early 20s, probably 25 years of age. Psychologists believe that at about 25, one must have struggled with the issues of identity exploration, self focus and social changes among others (Arnett, 2012).Exploration of identity
The movie starts with Pinkman has a former student who majored in chemistry. His voice is that of a young person, furthermore, he speaks without the incorporation of vulgar words. The actor is being thrown out of the house by a woman who happened to be her concubine. His clothing is thrown out through the window as he also gets himself out through another window. This scene clearly indicates that the actor is incapable to afford his own apartment; he depended on the woman for survival. The concept of a struggle for identity is indicated in this scene. This is a young man who could be living with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pinkmann who are in the movie. The irony is that Pinkmann left his room in his parents’ apartment and opted to move in with the old lady. It is more evidence that he in sexual acts with the lady, who later throws him out of her facility.

Biological changes
The movie advances with the actor’s voice broken, he speaks with a deep voice to show that he is transforming into full adulthood. As an audience it is hard to ascertain that the actor is undergoing some hormonal changes since it requires keen observations to realize such, but one would say the actor is growing some beards on the lower part of his chin. At some point he takes off his shirt and one can clearly see that he has some tiny hair on his chest. All these are biological indication that the actor is actually transforming into full adulthood.

Survival tactics
Pinkmann is approached by his former chemistry teacher so that they may become partners in meth cooking. First he looks undecided but he finally accepts the offer when he realizes he has bills to offset and a place to put up. He can no longer reside in his parents’ place. At one point he tries to convince his parents if they can accommodate him but everything goes wild after her mother finds some rolls of bhang in Pinkmann’s room. He is forced to leave the premise and look for his own. All these make him seek for survival tactics despite the legal implications. Meth is illegal drug in the U.S, but the two actors have no alternative but to fully venture to it. Mr. White and Pinkmann make a good sale from the first batch of their products. Jersey is able to pay for his own apartment and his life suddenly changes. He purchases a car and some luxurious electronic appliances.

Sexual relationships
Sex is a very common act or culture associated with this stage. At first the audience is left gauzing whether the actor actually engages in sexual act with the old woman who throws him out of her house. But after they have made the first sale of their meth, Pinkmann is seen hooking up with his old girl friend for a sexual spree in one corner of the street. His girl friend happens to be a drug addict in her early 30s. He also engages in sexual act with the daughter of his landlord who also happens to be a drug addict. Pinkmann can be regarded as a sex addict since there is no scene the pass without being involved in the act. At one point he goes to a rehab after to get rid of his pains and emotions after the daughter of his landlord die of meth overdose. He gets hooked up to a certain addict in the rehab and they finally engage in sexual act.

Peer influence
Peer influence is the essence of failing to make personal decisions but relying on friends thoughts. Jersey invites his friends and street beggars to his apartment immediately he gets out of the rehabilitation center. He is not the master of himself or his house. Major decisions are made by his friends. He provides them with meals, entertainment and accommodation despite some of his visitors stealing from him. He cannot a stunning decision to chase them away since this would offend his friends. He also purchases an expensive entertainment system just live a comfortable life compared to that of famous Mexican drug lords and mafia leaders like Tuko among others. He also purchases a gun because his fellow drug dealers own some. This decision does not please Mr. White since their objective was to cook meth and make money and not be bandits or hooligans with guns and such illegal weapons.<…>

Changes in social life
Towards the end of then movie, the actor is majorly associated with adults like Mr. White, Soulman and other drug dealers. His relation with his peers like ‘Slim P’ tends to fade away. This indicates that he is no longer a child but a grown up. His reasoning also changes, as one can realize he no longer relies on his peers for vital decisions in his life. He manages to include them on their drug business but not on a friendly basis but business. He even declares that he would tolerate non-performers in the deal.

To conclude, adolescence is a critical transition stage that children require guidance from their parents, guardians and adults in general. This is a stage the young people would try to experiment everything that comes into their lives like sex and drugs among others. Some of these acts are addictive and hence continue to their adulthood (Ketterlinus, 2002). Adolescents should also take personal responsibilities to choose the best for their lives. The life Pinkmann was never comfortable or smooth the moment he adopted drug, sex and hooliganism in his life.

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