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May 22, 2013

Similarities between as you like it and some like it as hot

William Shakespeare’s pastoral comedy As You like it has structural similarities with Billy wilder’s comedy film Some Like it as hot. In as you like it Rosalind flees her tyrannical uncle’s court with her cousin Celia to Forest of Arden where she finds safety and eventually falls in love. In some like it as hot Joe and Jerry flee a gang in Chicago and go to Miami, where they find safety and a source of living. A good study of this works of literature show similarity in their; general plot outlines, the characterization, theme, setting, theme and the character motivations of the protagonists.The similarities in the plot of the two are explicit. Shakespeare’s as you like it, begins in the in a duchy in France. Fredrick usurped the duchy and exiled the duke who is his brother. The close relationship between Rosalind the senior duke’s daughter and Celia Fredrick’s only child saves her, as she is allowed to remain in court. Her stay is however short-lived as she is forced to flee when Fredrick changes mind she flees with Celia. Orlando a young man is also forced to exile by his brother. They go to the forest where the exile duke resides, eventually Rosalind marries Orlando and Celia also gets married. Fredrik repents his evil and restores his brother to power.

In a similar fashion some like it as hot, Joe and Jerry flee from gangsters in their town after having witnessed a massacre. They find refuge in Miami where they work with a ladies band having disguised themselves as ladies. In their disguise they fall in love. Joe falls in love with sugar as junior and eventually sugar accepts him even when Joe insists they cannot be. Jerry falls in love as Daphne with Osgood. Daphne eventually reveals to his that she is not a woman. The two plots are similar in that the protagonists move from tyranny and insecurity to a place they find safety and get love. Both also end in a state where conflict is resolved. Fredrik gives up his tyrannical reign while the mobsters are killed in some like it as hot.
Both comedies have also used a similar setting. The duchy rule by Fredrick is comparable to Chicago where Joe and jerry were initially.in the duchy, there is tyranny. In Chicago, crime is rampant and mobsters hold no value for humans. The sergeant in the beginning warns against the raid of a funeral saying “some people have no respect for the dead.” There cannot be atrocity worse than this. Similarly in Fredrick’s court, Fredrick usurps his brother who his forced to flee to the forest. Orlando is also forced to flee to the forest after he is informed his brother Oliver is plotting against his life. In Miami where jerry and Joe flee to, they find peace, make friends, make a living and eventually fall in love. The Forest of Arden is also the same. When Orlando flees there he is welcomed by the exiled duke. The exile duke also expresses comfort in the forest as they relief him from the machinations of the court. There are eventually various marriages with Rosalind getting married to Orlando.

As you like it and some like it as so have also shared a similar characterization. The reign of Duke Fredrick is comparable to the gangsters led by spat Colombo. Both are arrogant and ruthless causing others to flee. In the end both characters are also terminated with Fredrick giving up his power and renouncing his evil and the mobsters being killed. Rosalind and Celia are also comparable to jerry and Joe. Rosalind flees the duchy after she is exiled by Fredrick. She is followed by her inseparable friend Celia. In almost similar circumstances, Joe and Fredrick lose their jobs and are forced to flee Chicago. Rosalind and Celia disguise themselves, Rosalind as a young man called Ganymede and Celia as a simple shepherdess called Aliena. In the American film, Jerry and Joe disguise themselves as women, Joe as Josephine and jerry as Daphne, so that they can get jobs in sugar’s band. In both cases the disguises involve change in gender and are done for the convenience of exile. Jerry and Joe also have an excellent relationship that can be compared to that of Celia and Jerry. In both cases the two pairs flee together, and are together to the very end. It is therefore fairly conclusive to say that in both cases, the literatures have had close characterization with Fredrick being compared to the gang and Jerry and Joe to Rosalind and Celia.

The play as you like it is also similar to the film some like it hot in the themes they present. First, both discuss the theme of conflict and violence. In the play first there is conflict as Fredrick exile his brother to become the duke. Orlando is also in conflict with Charles but he ends up victorious after they battled out. Orlando also gets in problems when his brother threatens his life and flees to exile. In the film violence and injustice also reign. The film begins with exchange of fire between mobsters and police, the police rounding up everyone in the speakeasy where Joe and jerry were. Joe and jerry are also forced to flee for safety. The entire filled is full of non-stop action e.g. car chases and slap-sticks. The theme of romance has also been illustrated in both. In Shakespeare’s play, love is an evident theme between Orlando and Rosalind. They both go to exile and bot get married eventually.

As demonstrated above, a close examination of Shakespeare’s play some like it as hot and the American film some like it as hot, are close and both have adopted the same setting e.g. injustice reigning in Chicago and the duchy. Characterization has also been shown to be similar as shown by Rosalind and Celia and jerry and Joe. Themes, such as violence and conflict and romance have also been shown to appear in both works.

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