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June 25, 2013

Human Resources Management

Case study 1
The HR Department at the Medical Systems Inc. requires an overhaul on how it recruits, trains, develops and holds on to its top-performing employees. One of the elements in the department that lacks is proper recruitment, as the company does not have ample time to vet and interview the employees thoroughly. With most of the employees in all the departments lacking in one thing or the other, it is crucial that the company undertakes an overhaul on its hiring process. One of the eminent things that the company should include is the creation of a programme that will seek to tap new and fresh brains for the specialized jobs in the company. This will involve establishing of a programme to pick new and fresh graduates from colleges with exemplary performance. However, getting top-ranking graduates is a bit difficult due to the likelihood of competition with other top software-producing giants. Despite this, the company must establish such a protocol to ensure that it lands fresh minds that can inject freshness in the innovation and creativity of the company.

The most ingenious way to get fresh graduates will be visiting the universities to provide the graduating students information about the company, products, opportunities and benefits that will come with being employed. Further, the company must offer attachments to university students and then absorbing them once, they are through with school. Another strategy that the company must incorporate is the poaching of other experienced employees from other performing companies. Although, this looks hazardous and risky, it is worthy the risk, as it will bring in experienced minds into the fray. The second change needs to be effected in the training department. One of the observed element and characteristic of the training department is the lack of competitive training and on-job training that is essential in the undertakings of the company.

Case study 2
Medical Systems Inc. needs to establish a training programme that will identify the interest of employees and help them to foster their interests through providing both professional and on-job training. It is crucial to note that not all employees in the different sectors enjoy working in the respective sectors as their interests could be in another department within the company. Thus, the establishment of a programme to identify the employees’ interests is crucial. The recruitment programme that aims to bring in new and fresh graduates needs to have trainers who can identify the talents of the different graduates and help in their development. While the recruitment process seems a good idea and feasible in the face of developing the company, it is useless without the talent development programme. The talent development platform will provide the company with a fresh breed of employees who will perform to their full capacity as each works in a department of their own choice. In addition, the programme will ensure that the employees can cope with the work stress that is heaved on them by the large number of customer base.

Case study 3
Of importance in training is the communication of the company’s mission and goals that rally towards fulfilling the needs of the customers. In particular is the department that deals with customer requests and complains. It is important that the employees in this department learn how to respond to the customers in order to reduce the number of disgruntled customers. Not only will training provide detailed employee capability, but it will also help in the transition process.

Another observed problem is the lack of a clear communication guideline that gives the employees designated work and targets to be met. It is clear that the human resources department lacks in this capacity and therefore, a concise communication line that dictates the flow of information from the higher-ranking officers to lower staff is created. Although, the hierarchical system of passing information creates bureaucracy and hinders creativity and innovation, it is prudent that a formal line of communication exists within the company. However, an open-door policy must be maintained and encouraged in order to drive innovation and creativity within the organization, as one of the key elements of transforming the company. One of the most intriguing aspects that the company has maintained is the open communication between the workers that has motivated the employees despite the lack of clear-cut boundaries of employees’ work. Communication will guarantee the workers required work jurisdiction and mandates that each is required to attend to. As of now, the workers can perform any type of job if required to, which may imply that some of the departments lack staff, while others are overstaffed at a given time of the year and as per the season. As many studies have pointed out, employees’ treatment is crucial in determining their output, which is one of the key issues that the Human Resources Department must address. This may include holding open days for the employees, dinner parties and other interactive platforms where the employees can use to gain courage to express themselves freely and share information. Besides the free expression and sharing of ideas, employees will feel a sense of ownership of the company thus increasing their output and performance. This can be used as a strategy of retaining top ranking and experienced employees within the company.

Case study 4
It has been observed that the company pays a substantial amount of money and some benefits to the employees. Due to the tough competition in the business environment, it is crucial that the company pays the workers higher than it is now in order to attract and retain high quality employees. The company must access the competitors’’ pay scale and benefits provided to their workers before deciding the amount and the range of benefits to be given to the employees. It is advisable that the company either provides packages that are equal to its competitors or slightly higher to avoid losing its high quality, experienced and high performing employees to its competitors. Another strategy that the company can use is the payment of bonus and rewards to employees who perform well within an established period.

The various departments need to have designated targets that are achievable and any department that meets and surpasses the target is recognized and rewarded. The most advisable form of rewarding will be monetary, which will ensure that the departments compete to outdo each other. This will encourage the experienced employees to stick with the company due to the generous pay, benefits, and extra monetary gains that come with good performance. From time to time, the company must also carry out employees appraisal to encourage employees to stick with the company and perform highly. The appraisal will also provide information on poor performing employees who need to be released from the company.

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