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April 1, 2013

Los Angeles Clippers Brand

Staples Center is found in Downtown Los Angeles and it is located next to the L. A Live Development. The complex opened to the public on 17 October 1999 and has been one of the most visited centers in Greater Los Angeles Area. The fact that the world of business has become very competitive means that the center has to compete with other centers operating in the area. Los Angeles Clippers as well as the Los Angeles Kings have been competing with several other clubs in the area for dominance. This can be attributed to the fact that all the clubs need attendance from the public for them to make funds. It is worth noting that the center hosts about four million guests in a year while hosting more than two hundred and fifty events every year. The center measures nine hundred and fifty thousand feet squared. It is of paramount importance to note that the center hosts arena football, ice hockey, and basketball. This means that the center generates money and it is a center of attraction in the world of business.The website and online use is increasingly becoming a major marketing tool. There are many online users, and brand marketing has to reach the users who are potential customers. Creating a website is the best way of advertising online. There are blog sites and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The site’s homepage should have many articles, news, and videos related to The Los Angeles Clippers. The team’s fans, who are the consumers, should be given a platform to suggesting their opinions regarding the items posted on the website. This can be done through creating a user feature that has a login and password for members that enable them to comment directly. The website should take care of the interests of consumers of all ages. For instance, there can be a special section for kids. This section may have pictures of their favorite players, animated videos of the team’s entertaining games, and team magazines. By doing this, the Los Angeles Clippers brand is creating a large fan base for the coming years. The website should hold promotions where consumers win big prizes and can purchase match tickets conveniently. The brand’s official merchandise should also be available online to facilitate online shopping.

Fun days are a great way of making consumers of all ages feel appreciated. However, this event can be combined with a trade show to achieve maximum effect. This helps the Los Angeles Clippers brand earn the trust of their fans. The Los Angeles Clippers new stadium known as the Citizens Bank Park has a fun zone where children can play. It also offers adults places to eat and drink with their colleagues while watching a game. This creates an exciting atmosphere that attracts both die-hard fans and new fans into the stadium. Trade shows may be made to expose the consumers to what they are rarely able to see. For example, there can be a tour of behind-the-scenes.

Here, the fans get to meet people like the Los Angeles Clippers announcer, the broadcasting manager, the locker room manager, and the technical bench. They also get to visit the players’ locker rooms, the workout, and the trainers’ rooms. In addition, the fans get a question and answer session with the brand officials. The marketing director, head coach, and some players who are fan favorites get to interact with the consumers. They are told of what happens behind the scenes at the club. At the end of the trade show, fans can be given the chance to train and have a game with the team’s players. This kind of interaction sets the Los Angeles Clippers brand apart from other brands by being distinct. The experience at such an event is also recreational and offers the consumers an alternative to events such as visiting the New Jersey shore, the Poconos Mountains, and golf club membership.

The Los Angeles Clippers are always ready to ensure that their fans are happy when they watch them playing. This implies that they know that the competition is high and they need their fans to keep them in business. In addition, Los Angeles Kings are very always ready to ensure that they beat their rivals in terms of ensuring that they are satisfied. Moreover, all businesses have realized the importance of recognizing their customers.

Pin boards are boards where information that is mainly in pictorial form is posted. These images are large are placed in large planes and in strategic place in order to ensure that all the people can see people. It is important to note that these posters are posted at a cost. However, technology has enabled creation of a social photo-sharing website known as Pininterest that allows users to pin photos. The Los Angeles Clippers can post photos of scenes that happen privately such as training sessions. Staff biographies and images can also be posted. This is because employees reflect the image of the company they work for. The consumers get the opportunity to see the brand’s personality, which leads to loyalty of the brand. Pictures of the team games can also be posted on the website. Fans who attend matches will re-pin and share those photos, which in turn popularize the team and the brand generally. This increases the users’ number on the brand’s Pininterest account. This social photo-sharing website presents loads of data in form of pictures, bold headers that are vibrant and appealing. This marketing strategy highlights the Los Angeles Clippers brand accordingly, and it gives a competitive edge against other brands.

Outdoor campaigns are a mix of innovation, creativity, technology, and the ability to interact. Interaction is very important in every society because it ensures that all the people are happy as long as they feel appreciated. For instance, the Los Angeles Clippers brand can use attractive billboards at strategic places such as high-traffic areas for marketing purposes. The brand can also organize community-based projects such as clean ups and charitable events. There can also be “get to meet the fans” road shows where the team interacts with fans. It can be used to show the brand’s appreciation of its consumers. Such campaigns highlight the brand and make it distinct from competing ones. However, outdoor campaigns should be all-inclusive and reflect the needs of the market. They should also incorporate the opinions of consumers to get the desired effect of the campaign.

In-venue promotion is another way of highlighting and marketing strategy. The Los Angeles Clippers brand can use the Citizens Bank Park for in-venue promotion. For instance, the staircase may be used to showcase the products available at the team’ shop. These products include team jerseys, men and women’s sportswear, and children’s sports gear. Pictures of these products can be neatly organized and placed in specific places such as the entrances and exits, staircases, and washrooms. Giant screens in the stadium are also helpful in this type of promotion. Advertisements may be displayed on the screens on match days when the stadium is fully packed. This is a marketing plan that the Los Angeles Clippers can use to compete against other brands in the market.

In conclusion, the sports industry has become rivalry. A competition against other industries such as the tourism industry that competes in the same market exists. The Los Angeles Clippers has to use distinct brand marketing strategies such as outdoor campaigns, in-venue promotion, organizing fun days, and online marketing to manage their product and highlight their products accordingly. Moreover, the world of business has become very competitive, which means that every organization’s employees have to be very competitive in order to outdo the others in the market.

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