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July 24, 2015

Pros and cons of organ donation


Organ donation is a serious issue and requires a lot mulling over. Well, the first significant aspect to mention is that organ donation helps to save lives. Thus, people have another chance to remain healthy and continue living a normal life even when they are seriously sick. Sometimes the only thing a person needs is an available donor. The process of organ donation for the donors themselves is an act of social aid as well as their chance to help someone in need. The more good deeds we do, the better our world is going to become.

However, there are also several cons to take into consideration as well. The thing is that it may take too long to get an available donor and what it means is that not all people are able to wait for so long. Apart from that, the cases of rejection are quite common which presupposes that the whole process may be in vain. In order to come up with a proper research, you might need to take a look at those relevant points. Feel free to go to … Pros and cons of organ donation

Pros and cons of standardized testing


Standardized testing is a controversial issue which is why it is not surprising that a heated debate regarding this subject exists. Speaking about the pros of standardized testing, the first one to take into account is that teachers and schools are responsible for the amount of knowledge which they have provided their students with in order to pass this test. The results of these tests show to which areas more attention should be paid. Parents, in their turn, are able to see how their children are doing in comparison to other kids.

Speaking about cons, external factors are not taken into consideration. What it means is that the knowledge of a person cannot be measured by one standard test. What is more, there is the so-called approach as “teach to the tests” which presupposes that students are only given that information which they need in order to pass a test. Passing a test is a stressful procedure which may prevent some students from performing greatly. If you require more information, feel free to visit … Pros and cons of standardized testing

Causes of corruption


Corruption is that kind of issue which is quite difficult to tackle. That is the reason why it is important to know more about its causes as it may actually help to solve the problem. The first cause of corruption is personal greed. Some people simply cannot have enough which is why they want to get more and more. As a result, they accept bribes which leads to corruption. The next aspect which is closely connected with the previous one is the lack of personal ethics. People do not understand why behaving in such a way is bad as well as to what consequences it may lead. Another point to take into consideration is the lack of transparency which creates opportunities for corruption. In addition, the areas in which corruption is prospering are not properly monitored and regulated. Obviously, there are lots of other reasons which should be viewed and analyzed in detail. In case it is that kind of information which you are looking for, do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with it here … Causes of corruption

June 24, 2015

Exchange theory


What social exchange theory presupposes is that our social behavior is the result of the exchange process. Therefore, the purpose of such exchange is to try and maximize benefits as well as to minimize costs.

To be more specific, the person is likely to weigh the benefits and costs of a social relationship. In case the risks of such relationship outweigh the advantages, the person is most definitely going to abandon the relationship with a person. Among the most common costs are such negative aspects as the need to put a lot of effort into the relationship, as well as the necessity to put time and money.

Speaking about benefits, they include companionship, having fun as well as social support. What is necessary to highlight is that people tend to determine how much the relationship is worth by taking into account its benefits and costs. In such a way, we can differentiate between positive relationships in which benefits outweigh the costs and negative relationships in which everything is vice versa. Find out more at … Exchange theory

Batterer typology


In case you have not started researching the issue of batterer typology, you will learn that there are three main types of male batterers. There are batterers who abuse only their family; borderline batterers and generally violent or even antisocial types. What it necessary to highlight in this respect is that a lot of aspects are taken into consideration in order to define what type of a batterer a particular person is. Among those aspects are: the severity of violence, its frequency as well as personality disorders a person may suffer from.

It is obvious that each type of batterer is different from the other one. The reason why it is important to determine what type your partner is that it may help you deal with him. Apart from that, this information will also be useful in case a batterer decides to seek help. Surely, they tend not to do that. Yet, there are exceptions when they person realizes how much harm and unhappiness they cause to the ones they love. Do not hesitate to read more on this issue at … Batterer typology



There is no doubt that you are familiar with such issue as stalking. Apart from the fact that it is uncomfortable to know that someone is stalking you, it may also be dangerous. The thing is that your stalker may be not merely a shy admirer. It may be some sex offender or any other type of criminal which presupposes that your life may be in danger.

The problem is that there is no way in which it is possible to predict the behavior of a stalker. Unfortunately, they are capable of attacking their victim, assaulting them sexually or even killing them. Statistic data state that women tend to be the victims of stalkers more often. What is more, it is more difficult for a woman to defend herself, especially when she has absolutely no idea regarding the fact that she has a stalker. As soon as you get down to the deep research of the issue, you will realize that there are lots of aspects to cover. In case you require additional information on the issue under consideration, do not hesitate to proceed to … Stalking

Dating violence


Dating violence is that kind of issue which is not discussed widely, especially by its victims. Well, the reason why that happens is obvious: women and men are ashamed.

Apart from that, it is important to be serious about dating violence as those people who tend to act in such a way are usually the ones who abuse their partners later on. Perhaps, it is impossible to notice signs of abusive behavior when you have just started going out. The thing is that those partners who tend to show violence in their relationships do not express it right away. They usually wait until they sure that everything is serious.

As soon as that happens, such partners tend to be very controlling which means that they may not allow you to spend time with your friends or prevent you from going out with your friends. They want to feel powerful and the only way in which they can get that power is to control the relationship completely. Feel free to find out more about dating violence by going to … Dating violence

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