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June 12, 2015

Women in the armed services


When one is dealing with the issue of women in the armed services, the first thing one is most likely to mention is the issue of women in the military.

Probably, a lot of people are aware of the fact that women have taken a participation in the armed conflicts for a very long period of time. However, this issue has not always been widely discussed. To be more specific, the fact that women actively helped during wartime was hidden for many years. Women have started to take active participation in the armed conflicts since the Revolutionary War. However, they had to disguise themselves. Even if they were accepted to serve in the military, their roles had been rather auxiliary. The situation began to change for the better in the 20th century. The Pentagon started to realize that both men and women are important on the battlefield.

Want to familiarize yourself with historical facts regarding the participation of women in wars? Need to take a look at statistic data? You will find everything you are looking for by going to … Women in the armed services

Water shortage


Water shortage is a serious issue that requires proper attention. However, this problem has been at the forefront only for a little while because of the fact that the majority of people is unaware of possible consequences.

You may not realize it but not all nations on the planet have access to the clean and safe water on the daily basis. Statistic data state that these days 1 billion people do not have clear water. Obviously, you understand that this number is huge. What it presupposes is that these people cannot drink clean and safe water. As a result, they usually tend to drink the available water in the region they live in which has very negative consequences for their health.

What one should keep in mind that as follows: when a person has constant access to clean water, it helps them to stay healthier. What is more, such access also improves the current hunger, education and poverty condition. Need more detailed information? Want to read more? Feel free to find all necessary information here … Water shortage

Waste management

Why is waste management so important? What is the aim of it? What are the steps we can take in order to make our planet a cleaner place to live?

These are all those questions a person needs to find answers to in the process of researching the issue of waste management. Not all people on the planet may be aware of all those dangers which waste poses. The thing is that we are the society of consumers which presupposes that we use a lot. Well, we use even more than we need. As a result, we produce a lot of waste. The problem is that not all nations on the planet take the issue of waste disposal and waste management seriously. As a result, it is quite possible to see huge piles of garbage on the side of the road.

Speaking about possible solutions, recycling is the easiest thing to do in order to make our planet cleaner. What is more, it does not involve spending your money or energy. All you need to do is to start sorting your garbage which is really simple. Want to learn more? Do not hesitate to proceed to … Waste management

War crimes and justice


Probably, the first thing that crosses your mind when you come across the notion of war crime is genocide. More specifically, you may even think about the Holocaust. It is important to remember that the list of war crimes is huge. Besides, the humanity may not even know about the half of them. In order to understand what this term presupposes, you should find out more detailed information on the subject in question.

To begin with, it is necessary to mention that war crimes include the following acts that have been committed in an armed conflict: murder, hostage taking, intentional direct attacks against the civilians; cruel treatment and torture; intentional direct attacks on buildings, hospitals, organizations, schools or churches; sexual slavery; rape; enlisting children who are under 15 into armed groups or forces.

As soon as you start researching the issue, you will come across lots of examples regarding the topic of war crimes. If you do not have a lot of time so that to research this subject, keep in mind that you can always familiarize yourself with all useful information by visiting … War crimes and justice

Test tube babies


The notion ‘test tube babies’ is another way of referring to such type of reproductive technology as in vitro fertilization. The procedure presupposes that the egg is going to be fertilized outside the woman’s body (usually in a laboratory dish) and then implanted into the uterus.

The reason why some women choose this type of reproductive technology is because they cannot get pregnant naturally and all other ways do not seem to work. According to statistic data, these days in vitro fertilization has helped nearly 5 million women to become mothers.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this type of reproductive technology has several risks. For instance, some women develop severe reactions to the medication used throughout the process. As a result, they might experience the following side effects: vomiting, difficulty breathing, nausea, enlargement of the ovaries, irritability, abdominal pain, hot flushes and difficulty sleeping. Apart from that, research findings state that pulmonary embolism may be connected with the procedure of in vitro fertilization. Willing to familiarize yourself with more information? Fell free to find everything you need by visiting … Test tube babies

Television-ratings codes


To begin with, one needs to understand why television content rating systems have been created and what their main purpose is. So, the aim is to give the viewer the idea regarding the program that she or he is about to watch. Thus, it is much easier to determine whether it is more suitable for children or adults.

Usually every episode of the television series has a rating that is set specifically for this episode. It is possible for the ratings to change depending on the network, rerun or the country. Speaking about the ratings in the United States of America, there exist the TV Parental Guidelines. They went into effect on January, 1, 1997. Here is the list of the ratings: TV-Y means that the program is designed for children; TV-Y7 presupposes that the program is appropriate for children who are aged 7 and above; TV-G is the rating that states that the program is suitable for all ages; if parents may find that the program is unsuitable for younger children, the rating TV-PG is used; TV-14 means that the program contains material which is unsuitable for children under 14 years and the last one is TV-MA which presupposes that the program is appropriate only for adults. In such a way, children under 17 are not advised to watch it. Feel free to read more here … Television-ratings codes

Teenage pregnancy


You realize how horrible the situation with teen pregnancy is as soon as you start looking through statistic data. Thus, in the year of 2012 nearly 400, 000 babies were born to women who are 15-19 years old.

Teen pregnancy quite often comes as a shock to mothers-to-be and their families. Apart from that, it also brings serious economic and social costs. The thing is that a lot of girls tend to drop out of school when they get pregnant. The majority of them does not go back to school. It means that they neglect their education and do not even consider having a career. That is the reason why it is so important to promote sex education. Girls all over the world need to know how to prevent pregnancy as well as familiarize themselves with all those risks they face when they are having unprotected sex.

In addition, it is also necessary highlight the issue that any individual has the ability to refuse to have sex as well as to abstain from sex until a certain age or period in life. It is the choice of an individual and it should not be influenced by anyone. Find out more here … Teenage pregnancy

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