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March 31, 2015



To begin with, bankruptcy is the legal state when a person or a company is unable to repay the debts to its creditors. In most cases bankruptcy is initiated by the debtor. Yet, it needs to be imposed by a court order.

Obviously, there are bankruptcy laws with the help of which one may make the debt smaller or repay at least part of it. For instance, a person can repay the debt with the collateral which can be a vehicle or real estate.

Taking all that into account, bankruptcy laws exist in order to help a person get a fresh start which is usually realized in the following ways: by creating a repayment plan or by liquidating one’s assets in order to pay the debt.

Speaking about some technical details, the main chapters of the Bankruptcy Code include Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13. Most cases are usually filed under them. What is also important to keep in mind is that it is impossible to file a bankruptcy case in a state court due to the fact that exclusive jurisdiction regarding bankruptcy cases belongs to the federal courts. Do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with more information at … orderessay.net

Assisted suicide


The main problem with the assisted suicide is whether it is ethical. To be more precise, the question is as follows: are we allowed to decide when to end someone’s life even when this person has asked us to do so?

Assisted suicide is also called euthanasia. Its advocates are convinced that each person has the right to choose the way in which she or he wants to die. What is more, there are cases when it seems to be the only solution. What we quite often do not take into account is that a seriously sick person is suffering every day. When she or he knows that it is impossible to cure his or her disease, perhaps the only way to help this person is to exactly what he or she asks.

There is no doubt that it is going to be emotionally painful. Yet, it may be what this person expects you to do. Surely, there is another point to consider. To be more specific, one is not supposed to help another person end their life as it is both unethical and unreligious. What we have these days is that some countries allow euthanasia while others don’t. Probably, it is the choice of that person who is facing such kind of difficult decision. Find out more here … orderessay.net

Artificial intelligence


What seemed to be quite unreal a few centuries ago is going to become quite common soon enough. When we talk about that, we mean artificial intelligence. The good news is that robots will be able to do a lot of work which will save us some time. What is more, people will have an opportunity to focus on something more important. In addition, there are definitely going to be robots of various kinds which presupposes that they will be of great help in labs as well.

However, there is another issue to take into consideration and it turns out to be of great concern for many people. The thing is that some people are quite scared of robots in a way that they may outnumber human beings. As a result, the society might turn into a computerized world in which nothing is going to remind us of the beauty of this world as well as the abundance of human interactions we used to have. Apart from that, there is also an idea that a huge number of robots and machines with artificial intelligence is going to make people less capable of showing emotions and compassion. Anyway, feel free to find out more at … orderessay.net

March 30, 2015

Arms control

The issue of arms control as well as arms possession is quite controversial. The reason why this topic is at the forefront recently is because of the fact that more and more incidents are connected with the arms possession these days. To be more specific, it has become quite common for a student to bring a gun to school which usually ends in some very unsatisfactory consequences. What is important to remember in this respect is that children know where their parents keep guns at home. Thus, it is not that difficult for them to take that gun and to bring it to school or to the street.

The problem is that it results in deaths of innocent people. In addition, the cases of similar incidents within the family have become more common as well. The reasons why some families decide to keep guns at home are quite clear. They want to feel more protected. Furthermore, they are sure that it is the best way to protect themselves. However, it has become quite harmful to keep arms at home which is reason why it is time to start thinking about arms control in order for innocent people not to get hurt. More about that is available at … orderessay.net


To begin with, anthrax is a serious infectious disease. It is caused by the bacteria known as Bacillus anthracis. Anthrax is usually found in soil. It affects wild and domestic animals all over the world. Even though this disease is very rare, people may get sick when they come in contact with contaminated animal products or infected animals. Yet, humans cannot transmit this disease. There are effective vaccines against this disease. What is more, antibiotic treatment proves to be effective in some cases.

Herbivorous mammals are usually infected by anthrax when they inhale or ingest the spores during grazing. The most common way for an animal to be infected with anthrax is during ingestion. What is important to remember in this respect is that anthrax is not spread directly from one animal to another or from one animal to another person. It is usually spread by spores which can transport via clothes or shoes. Another aspect to take into consideration is that the body of an animal may also be the source of spores in case it has had active anthrax spores at the death time of that animal. More information regarding this disease can be found at … orderessay.net

Animal rights


One of the saddest facts these days is that some people are still convinced that they have the right to hurt animals for no particular reason. Taking into account the fact that animals are not always capable of protecting themselves, they usually become the victim. For instance, an owner may come home angry and quite often that anger is vented on his or her pet.

What is more, there is a huge amount of other aspects to take into account when we are talking about the issue of animal rights. It means that buying products that are made of animals (such as furs) is the violation of their rights as well. What is more, eating meat may also belong to this category.

Anyway, what each of us needs to understand is that animals also have rights. They do not deserve to be treated the way they are sometimes treated. In addition, we should strive to eliminate the stereotype that a human being is somehow superior to an animal. In order to familiarize yourself with more information on the issue of animal rights, do not hesitate to proceed to … orderessay.net

Animal experimentation


Sometimes it is hard to believe that animal experimentation still exists in the 21st century. The situation is quite serious. Here are a few facts to take into consideration. Every year over 100 million animals are abused, poisoned, burned or crippled in the United States of America. When cosmetic products are tested on mice, rats, guinea pigs and rats, they usually have to experience skin and eye irritation tests. As a result, chemicals are either dripped into their eyes or rubbed on shaved skin which may hurt a lot. However, no pain relief is used. Even those animals that are protected under the AWA may be tortured or abused.

The problem is that we are not always sure whether those cosmetics which we use have not been tested on animals. Obviously, you may read about it on the package. However, such information is quite often hidden. Anyway, change is that kind of thing that is required in this respect. The faster we make sure that all those products that are available these days are not animal-tested, the easier life will get for animals. More useful information on animal experimentation can be found here … orderessay.net

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