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March 27, 2015



The Holocaust is the genocide of the Jewish nation. Almost six million Jewish people were killed by the Nazi regime. There were several stages of persecution. The fist one started when the law to exclude Jews from civil society was passed. Ghettos were created in 1933. Then, the Nazis started to transport Jews to extermination camps that were built specifically for this goal. Not all of victims managed to survive this so-called trip. Those who did were later killed in gas chambers. This is probably the most horrific page in the history of our civilization when millions of people were killed specifically with the aim of destroying a certain nation.

The Holocaust is a historic fact that has been proven. However, some people still continue to deny it which is the reason why one question comes to mind in this respect. It is as follows: should it be illegal to deny the Holocaust? Apart from that the fact that the Holocaust took place and it is not some kind of story that was made up, it is simply unethical and disrespectful to deny it. More thoughts regarding the idea of considering the denial of the Holocaust as illegal can be found here … orderessay.net

Health care crisis


These days the situation with health care in the United States of America is as follows: universal health care coverage does not exist. There is Medicare and Medicaid as well as Obamacare. However, one problem arises in this respect. The thing is that the programs cannot suit the needs of every person. As a result, some people are more likely not to get the help they require as soon as they find themselves in times of trouble.

This is a serious issue as the United States of America is probably the wealthiest nation in the whole world. What it means is that it will be easier for such country to establish a universal health care coverage. In addition, the people will have more trust to the government as soon as such law is passed. There is no doubt that doing something like that is not easy and requires lots of resources. Yet, it’s time to change the situation with health care in the United States of America and try to make it available for every resident of the country. In order to familiarize yourself with more arguments regarding the health care crisis in the U. S., feel free to visit … orderessay.net



The issue of getting grades may be sometimes viewed in quite a controversial light. The thing is that you come to school and university in order to gain knowledge. You do that by listening, reading, writing and speaking. You learn a lot, create projects, analyze new information. How can all that be measured by a small number of grades? How can one differentiate where As end and Bs start? Maybe, it is time to reform the whole school and college system.

However, this is just an idea. What we have these days is as follows: in the United States of America more students get As than in European schools. To be more specific, less than 10% of European students get As. The obvious question is as follows: why is that so?

Probably, the main reason why that is happening is because the grade as well as the whole education system is more strict in Europe than in the USA. It does not mean that it is easier to study in the United States of America. It’s not. The schedule is tough in both the U. S. and Europe. What it presupposes is that in Europe teachers are less willing to encourage their students by giving an A even when it is not completely an A. More about that is available here … orderessay.net

March 26, 2015



Any workplace is a combination of different generations who are working together in order to achieve the desired result. Well, you are probably aware of the fact that quite often it is not working properly which is the reason why something should be figured out in order to make different generations cooperate and be as productive as possible.

For instance, you have four different generations working together. How can you make all of them coexist? It’s not that they do not tolerate each other or something like that. The thing is that they think differently as well as have different values. As a result, they come up with absolutely controversial ideas which might be a problem when they are working on the same project.

Yet, it may be a good thing as each generation can bring something new and it is that kind of thing which you should take into consideration. Try to get the best of this situation and you will see how successful your company can be. In order to find out more about effective ways of organizing work when you have representatives of different generations, do not hesitate to go to … orderessay.net

February 25, 2015

Interracial marriage essay sample


Interracial marriage is the marriage between two people who belong to different racial groups. Such marriage is considered to be the form of exogamy. It seems that nowadays there are no restrictions for people from different racial groups who want to get married.

However, it wasn’t always like that. Certain countries used to have regulations according to which such marriage was banned or restricted. Among those countries were: Germany during the Nazi period, South Africa under apartheid as well as many states in the United States of America. Speaking about the USA, the situation changed for the better in 1967 after a Supreme Court decision.

Obviously, the whole idea of banning interracial marriage touches upon the rights of an individual to engage into socially accepted relationship forms. A person was not able to marry another person he or she was in love with simply because of the fact that they belonged to different racial groups. Luckily, the notion of diversity has started to spread which helped to from the world in the way we know it today. As a result, interracial marriage is possible these days. Do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with more information on this issue at … orderessay.net


Homelessness essay sample


Homelessness has become a serious issue these days and it definitely needs to be discussed more. We are used to thinking that homeless people are all alcohol or drug addicts. Yet, it is not often true. The thing is that sometimes people lose everything they have and such situation forces them to live on the streets. There is no other choice, especially when such people have no family. Sometimes people get divorced and their spouses get to own all their possessions. As a result, they find themselves at the street.

In addition, it is quite common for war veterans to remain on the streets as the state does not often take good care of its heroes. It is very sad but it is usually the truth. Luckily, there are people who are willing to help in such situations. These people are usually doing a lot in order to help the homeless. Some of them even build special centers where homeless people can live. What is more, they often volunteer at the soup kitchen where the homeless can at least find something to eat.  All in all, feel free to learn more about the current state of affairs regarding homelessness here … orderessay.net



Genetic screening essay sample


Some consider genetic screening and genetic testing to be similar terms. Yet, the U.S Congress Office of Technology Assessment differentiates these two terms. In such a way, genetic screening is using a probe in order to analyze target population.

Genetic screening is quite often done in order to determine whether people have certain genes that can potentially produce damaging changes. As a result, early detection of such genes may help to avoid consequences. It is quite obvious why genetic screening is so important. It helps to detect rare metabolic diseases at an early stage as well as to identify those individuals that are carriers of a gene that may cause damage for them and their offspring or that are carriers of a chromosome abnormality gene.

Speaking about genetic testing, there are several types of it: carrier testing, diagnostic testing, newborn screening, predictive and pre – symptomatic genetic tests, prenatal testing, research genetic testing and pharmacogenomic testing. Genetic testing has more benefits than drawbacks. However, there are a few aspects to take into account in this respect. The thing is that it may be emotionally hard to find out that you are at risk. Apart from that, genetic testing is not cheap. In addition, tests cannot tell you everything. All in all, do not hesitate to learn more about genetic testing here … orderessay.net

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