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February 7, 2014

“They Tell Me Of Home”

1. Why is “home” sometimes a painful place?
According to the novel, home is sometimes a very painful place when no one seems to care about you or even think about you. A described in the book, Thomas Lee Tyson seems to be an isolated person. The community has hidden the truth from him and nobody is ready to let him know. read more…

Sexual Orientation in Pariah

“Pariah” is a short film directed by Dee Rees and set in a nightclub. The main characters in the film are black women who are marginalized by their community and the rest of the world. The film is an infrequently goofy, tender, yet candid examination of emerging sexual identity. In as much as the film exudes distinct features especially lighting, voiceover, narration and characters, it is necessary to explore the numerous viewpoints and compare them with scholarly research. read more…

Evolutionary Misconception

According to the article, which was written by Dan Slater in 12 January 2013 “Darwin was wrong about dating”, scientists say that the proposal of Charles Darwin was wrong. Darwin had gathered evidence, which supported the notion of sustenance and mates competition where natural selection had made man “more inventive genius” and woman nurtured to “greater tenderness” (Slater 1). Thus, the gender differences between men and women were exhibited by the ability of women to stay at home while men looked for money and power. In contrast, new scientists argue that this does not occur since men tend to be less selective on women they sleep with, they have more sexual partners compared to females, and they like casual sex in comparison to their counterparts. read more…

Child Labor

Child labor is the employment of minors that denies them their childhood, impedes their ability to acquire education, and that is socially, physically, morally, and mentally detrimental and injurious. Many international bodies view the practice of child labor as abusive. Legislation across the world proscribes this practice. Historically, child labor was used in varying degrees throughout Europe, the United States, and in most colonies of European powers where children aged between five and fourteen years provided labor. These children mostly worked in mining, home-based factories, agriculture, and other production factories. Some even worked during the night shift that lasted twelve hours . However, with the advent of formal education, the augmentation of household income, and the enactment of child labor laws, the prevalence of child labor dramatically plummeted. Before the enactment of child labor laws, minors served as valuable sources of labor and were often overworked and underpaid. read more…

February 6, 2014

International Employment Law

The formation of a contract that has legal binding, in Contract Law, requires the two elements of offer and acceptance. These are in detail the terms agreed by the person making the offer and the one the offer is made to and the indication of acceptance of terms as stated therein. There are also the other basic elements of a lawfully binding contract that are consideration and intention of creation of legal relations. read more…

Health Education

Some of the habits which seem alright can be harmful to our health if practiced for some time. I decided to change my eating habits as well as the way I spent my leisure time. Since my favorite dish consists of Pasta, meat and fries, I had a habit of consuming this every other day. I rarely took vegetable salads. Additionally, I liked to engage in indoor games like bowling, playing cards and computer games during my leisure time. As from 26th August, I decided to change my eating habits and to engage in some outdoor activities. read more…

The Value of Philosophy in Today’s World

Philosophy is the understanding of different opinions. Philosophy enables a person to understand that an opinion may be right, wrong. It also helps a person to understand an incomplete teaching in the simplest way that one understands. Philosophy is very different from the other disciplines like religion and science. This is because it is not complex. It primarily focuses on logical arguments between two or more people. In addition, the use of philosophy requires a standard way of evaluation. read more…

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