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February 5, 2014

Japanese Emigration

Internationals migration continues to gain momentum in the contemporary world thanks to factors of globalization together with the changing economic, demographic and social structures. This phenomenon has the characteristic of shift from the initial movement to developed world to emigration from developed countries to the third world nations. The increasing levels of emigration to Asian nations like Japan, begun in the 1980s and continue to gain momentum. According to Ono (n.d), many emigrants from Japan consider the shift to other nations a valuable investment. However, focus on the benefit of migration and versus the cost of the process comes into mind. This factor not only determines the migration decision but also influences the patterns of return among emigrants. The present day society possesses diverse patterns when it comes to migration with all nations; Japan included feeling the effects of these occurrences. Like the case of other groups of migrants, Japanese migration emanates from diverse factors. This is irrespective of the different experience that these nations together with the population may have. Some of these factors include the shift movements from areas with limited capital reserves, diminishing job generation and abundant supply of labor and the shift to regions that are less intensive in land and high capital intensive. The search for education and job opportunities also govern this form of movement among the Japanese populace (Douglass & Roberts, 2003). read more…

The Study of Public Administration

According to the author, the purpose of the study of Public Administration is to highlight the awareness and the role of a government. The study mainly focuses on how Public Administration can deliver effectively the needs of its people. The article also highlights the urgent need to expand the civil service reforms in order to accomplish its first purpose to enhance the efficiency of its personnel and the organization. The author highlights on the importance of the study of public administration, which covers important and most relevant parts of a country such as the executive, the operative and the transparency of a government. Public Administration mandate is to keep the government running efficiently and operating effectively to attain its goals and ambitions.
According to the article, there were a number of challenges in the early times such as the constitution of government, which engrossed all of its citizen’s attention. The article further states that, the public revenues and public debts were not complicated enough to challenge the financiers since the population of the citizens was under control and manageable as compared to today. For example, the number of bureaus set up determines civilization in St. Petersburg. Each bureau sends its report to account for its governance on a daily basis. This has resulted to accounting of the efficiency, competence and effectiveness of tasks completed in every department, which makes it easier to asses the heads of every department. read more…

The Large Crucified Christ, Salzburg

For a better analysis of Gero crucifix, the paper will be divided into different paragraphs with each paragraph covering a different aspect. In the first paragraph, I will focus on the historical context of the cross and the type of art it falls under. The style used by the artist to come up with the object will form the matter of discussion in the third paragraph. The basic description of the physical components of the object will be at the fourth paragraph. The fifth paragraph will be used to discuss the message that the object is relaying to the viewers. The last 4 paragraphs would be a reflection of my views developed from observing the object and a comparison of the Gero crucifix and another crucifix. read more…

February 4, 2014

Caring Hands Academy

Executive Summary
Caring Hands Academy Ltd. is planned to be a limited liability company that will offer day care services for children of up to two years of age. It is to be a round-the-clock service that will provide children with three meals a day. Qualified personnel will offer care, medical and educational services. The unique aspect of the service will be the inclusion of diapers and baby wipes in the tuition fee, which no other known day care currently provides. The company’s main objective will be to set a solid foundation for future society leaders, with our mission statement being “Solid foundations of a great future”. read more…

Music Content Standards

Integrating multimedia elements into music lessons helps learners to understand and improve their aptitude and retention skills. The presentation highlights how diverse technologies can be integrated into the music lessons for seventh grade students, while meeting music content standards specified by the State of California. read more…

Acrosomal protein

Abstract 12
The central nervous system and the peripheral organ functions are modulated by dopamine, which are located outside the CNS showing the interaction between the functional system and the nervous system. Study done in rats indicates the presence of dopamine in testes of mammalian spermatozoa implying the presence of D2R which signals sperm physiology. read more…

February 3, 2014

The White Man’s Apocalypse

Race and Gender in the Walking Dead
In any post-apocalyptic fiction, issues of gender and race will inevitably arise as humanity fights for survival in a dangerous world. As society’s barriers of social conduct break down, the post-apocalyptic text raises questions of cultural, social and racial identity. This shift in social interactions is perhaps best exemplified in the post-apocalyptic zombie television series, The Walking Dead. The world of The Walking Dead is harsh, brutal, and frightening and as the remnants of humanity, after a global zombie outbreak, fight to survive; issues of people coming together in common goal of survuval reflect racial and gender politics found today. In this sense, post-apocalyptic narrative s are relevant and forces readers to examine their own attitudes toward race and gender and ask if the world today is not as different as the hellish zombie future seen in the television show. read more…

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