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February 3, 2014

International law or politics?

The professed dichotomy amid international law and the issue of politics has occurred as a significantly imperative mark of reference for authors, scholars as well as critics within the discussions. Much of the discourse based on this perception revolves around determining the actual temperament of respective international law. Several scholars have treated both facets as a pair of unique frameworks and have generated arguments that either act in favor or oppose the prevailing issue. On one hand, authors assert that international law is simply a political mechanism that experiences by States in order to further their best interests. On the other hand, critics argue that international law does exist in its own capacity. However, in this particular supportive claim for international law, critics also assert that international law exudes insufficient prominence due to its predisposition towards experiencing considerable influence from political considerations. Nevertheless, in relation to these respective arguments, the fact that States can determine the sovereignty of international law illustrates that international law is just a political tool. read more…

Ideal equality and Reality of Life

The “More Perfect Union” is a speech by Barrack Obama which he talked about how Americans could work together as one regardless of their race differences.This was to cooperate and reduce the gap between the rich and poor, especially the African Americans who were seen as an inferior race as compared to the white Americans an made it one of his agendas if elected as the President of the U.S. Mr. Obama made this speech by also giving an example of his life, where he was born, brought up, attained his education and also the different people he lived with (in terms of their races and religion), and also makes it clear to critics about his relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright; the detractors had asked if Obama supported Rev. Wright’s political views. Had Obama considered the Reverend’s remarks appropriate or controversial? Reverend Wright is Obama’s former pastor, and he officiated at Barrack and Michelle’s wedding ceremony, as well as their children’s baptism. He emphasized a lot against racism as he has lived in different continents in the world, and he understood the power of all races working together to make a better place. read more…

Comparison of Heart of Darkness with Apocalypse

Heart of darkness is a book written by joseph Conrad as a frame narrative about the life of Charles Marlow who worked as a transporter in the Congo River, which is situated in Central Africa while Apocalypse is a film produced and directed by Francis Ford. The film has notable characters like Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen, and Marlon Brando. The main character in this movie is Captain Benjamin Willard who acts as a special operations officer whose main mandate is to kill Cornel Walker Kurtz. These two pieces of art exhibits lots of similarities since they tend to raise similar questions to the audience and hence they tend to portray same themes when looked at from a similar perspective. read more…

Middlemen Margins and Information Asymmetry

For markets to work perfectly well, symmetric information has to be incorporated. In this situation, the producers and consumers are enlightened about the products. On the contrary, asymmetric information refers to the situation whereby one of the parties’ to a particular transaction bears more superior information opposed to the other party. Mostly, the situation happens in transactions where the seller portrays more information than the buyer. However, the reverse may as well occur. Potentially, the situation can be dangerous as one of the party’s in a contract may resolve to take advantage over the other. The scope of asymmetrical information has been significantly reduced by the advancements in technological developments whereby every all the people are facilitated to achieve all types of information regarding to contracts. Asymmetric information can bright about two drastic consequences. Firstly, it reflects to the adverse selection whereby immoral behavior can take advantage of the asymmetric information before the transaction. Moral hazard behavior may take advantage of the asymmetrical information (Landa 24). Therefore, this essay discusses the role of asymmetrical information on the formation of financial intermediaries and or the efficiency of financial markets. read more…

Es Campur business plan

This business plan is directed toward helping vintners and prospective investors to create company proposal for a top quality restaurant in the region of United Arab Emirates. The first message is templates for creating company proposal for a little top quality restaurant in United Arab Emirates Dalma Mall ( Abu Dhabi, UAE) in a small kiosk in front of Carefour supermarket. The main aim of this message is to serve as an example of company proposal, designed using the format that demonstrates the promotion prospective and the financial practicality for a restaurant generating top quality bowls of Es campur that sell at costs above dhs20 per bowl. The technique has three major components. Es campur is a famous dessert used especially in Muslim communities during Ramadhan celebrations, prior to breaking their fasting period. read more…

Asset Valuation

Question 1
The Torre Almirante Office tower was a huge challenge for any construction or real estate giant. Keeping in mind the prevalent real estate scenario at that time, nothing had been built like that before in Brazil (Segel & Pinho, 2004). But Hines had a wide range of construction experience of buildings, approximately more than 700 properties all around the world with some of the most popular buildings and sky scrapers. They had the best architects as well as strong footings in the fields of construction, real estate, leasing, and marketing among others. Another advantage of the construction site was that the Centro had 60% of the office supplies at that time and was easily accessible by means of several high ways and modern subway system (Segel & Pinho, 2004). Rio had a metropolitan population of approximately 11 million people in 2002, which was an amazingly good number from the marketing and demand perspective. It was meant to be the biggest attraction for the multinational tenants who were already compromising on their living standards. The project manager Steve Dolman, who was known as a people’s person, had a vast experience of construction, so he had an edge and confidence for negotiations. Rio is a country famous for its tourist attraction, unique culture, and natural beauty. In 2003, the economy in the country was still struggling, but a sudden downfall of inflation to a single digit by their government was an indication of better energy and technological resources due to a promising economic future (Gomes & Skedsvold, 2007). The problems with the project were either internal or external. The design architects of Hines were experiencing a lot of problems with the project. These barriers included glass window specifications and the material for the gold leaf lobby which was highly expensive; the installation of fire safety standards being not compatible with the outdated building codes as mentioned in the case study; and also the problem in the freight elevator shaft mentioned by the local general contractor. Moreover, there were hindrances from the municipality laws along with several insufficient business documents and pending designs (Segel & Pinho, 2004). read more…

Foundations for Productive Development of Mathematical Skill

The need to offer a more effective mathematics curriculum is critical for Students. In development and implementation of the Maths curriculum, it stands to reason that if the current program aspires to increase unit requirements and advanced mathematical skill proficiency for graduation, the program must specifically attend to content requirements at the primary level to effectuate a significant and lasting impact in the lifespan of student academic performance (ACARA, 2013) read more…

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