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February 3, 2014

The Bodo Accord

The Bodoland Accord is currently the cause of disagreement between Bodos and non-Bodos in the newly created Bodoland Territorial Area Districts (BTAD), leading to seething ethnic tensions that often led to violence. The accord stipulated that the BAC would begin from the Sankash River and end at the Panchnio River with negotiation on the exact boundaries being left to local leaders and the government. 2,570 villages ended up being covered in the BAC region, and while at the higher ranks this was acceptable, the major Bodo populations were discontented . Ethnicity has emerged as a major deciding factor among the different parties in the tangled Indian politics. As it is the region holding the largest number of ethnic groups, India has witnessed its fair share of ethnic, tribal and religious conflicts. While the Bodos, who hold the feeling that they have been abandoned, subjugated and singled out for several years, perceive the accord as a momentous opportunity to accomplish their pending demands, other non-Bodo communities feel the former are being given unnecessary attention, power and control . These ethnic disparities and the subsequent backlash form the crux of this paper. read more…

December 18, 2013

Dish Director Quits after Disagreement over Handling of LightSquared Deal

The article deals with the recent situation within Dish Network and it’s director Gary Howard. With each company’s development, it is essential to provide the changes needed for it’s improvement and better realization on the market. While it is usual to rise the measures of products` production, as well as to widen staff within the company, some other steps dedicated to reverse activities are sometimes useful to be implied as well.

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Cross-Cultural Psychology

This paper serves as a summary to B.F. Skinner’s report on Cross-cultural psychology, that is, the effects of culture on human behavior. Culture pertains to human phenomena that cannot be linked on to genetic inheritance. For all human beings, culture develops after birth and during the process of growth to maturity. The ideas, principles and believes we incorporate from our immediate surroundings, say our parents, friends, neighbors, teachers and leaders highly influence the kinds of persons we become by defining how we tackle and face life. Psychology is the scientific study of behaviors and mental functions. In relation to culture, the two disciplines have a great interrelation as they determine the presence of the other. read more…

Written Critique of Mock Counseling Session

In counseling Linda, I took the perspective of cognitive behavioral therapy, which is done one to one, and this enabled me to be more focused on what to expect and what she was to expect from me. An integral part of this counseling was in using Gerald Egan’s soler, where non-verbal process of listening was essential. This was an essential therapy session since it was the first I heard, a mock session. Everything I did was with conscious effort to ensure that I did the best I could in order to lend my help. For this, I relied on Egan’s model to be able to set my goals as a counselor and determine how I would approach the counseling sessions. During the first session, I basically determined to gather as much information as I could about Linda, and decided that the most important concern we needed to work on was her communication with her husband. This was not a one-sided decision, but something that we did together, with me as the counselor and Linda as my client. An important question at this stage was what her past and current emotional health had been like, and how she had communicated with her husband prior to his sister’s financial needs. I determined to know the most I could about Linda so that I could get a proper understanding of her issues. Even though I considerably felt that these sessions would be of help, I also asked Linda if she would consider other modes of treatment as beneficial if the communication issues were depressing her. Would she consider medication, for instance? However, I knew that the 45-minute session was not enough for a proper understanding of her situation and, therefore, determined not to be presumptuous. For this session, the best course of action was to follow the Egan’s model (2009).

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August 13, 2013

The Story Of An Hour

There has been a railroad accident and Richards learns about this when he is in the Paper office. He sees Brently’s name as one of the casualties of the accident. Brently is Louis Mallards husband. It will be difficult to break the news to Louis Mallard since she has a heart condition. Since she has a heart problem she must be informed of the news carefully. Josephine, Louis’ sister breaks the news to her (Chopin, 2007). After being told of the death, she weeps and goes to her room to be alone. When she is in her room, she continues crying. She sees herself young, looks into the distance and tries to hold the emotion that is building in her. She utters the word free to herself this makes her feel warm. She knows that she will weep again when she sees her husband’s corpse. With enthusiasm, she starts imagining the future. She pictures the rest of the days that she will be alone and this makes her joyful.

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Intro to pub sector final

Often used interchangeably, comprehensive planning and strategic planning have some clear differences and similarities. To begin with, comprehensive planning describes the process which determines the aspirations, as well as goals of a particular community in regards to its development. On the other hand, strategic planning is the organization’s process used in defining its direction, strategy, in addition to, making some decisions on resource allocations so as to pursue such strategy. read more…

August 5, 2013

Comparing the Tuition Fee between Resident and International Students

The amount of tuition fees charged by colleges and university determine the affordability and the access of postsecondary education. However, the tuition fees paid in these post secondary educational institutions is not uniform. Although the disparity between the tuition fees paid by the resident and the international student has existed for a long time, many considerations determine the differences between the tuition fees charged to the students. Indeed, the number of foreign students accessing higher education in the United States in America has increased steadily over time. For instance during the 2011-2012 academic year, 763,429 international student enrolled in various levels of postsecondary education in the United States. The bulk of these students were from china and most of them enrolled for undergraduate programs. Indeed, this was a record number of international students, which accounted for an increase of 6 % from the previous year (Brennan and Dellow 29). In many other instances, resident student are categorized as in-state and out-of-state categorizing the tuition fees payment further. Surprisingly, the tuition fees for international students enrolling in the United States institutions of higher learning is perhaps the highest in the world, yet these institutions continue attracting large numbers of international students. However, the quality of education in American colleges and universities is considered to be high by many foreign students. This has resulted to an increase in demand by international students and a strain on American institutional facilities. read more…

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