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August 5, 2013

Women Right to work and Politics in the American 20th Century

One of the cultural issues that characterized the 20th century was the issue of women participation in work and politics. In the 20th century America, numerous restrictions were directed to the women of the time. Most of the women in this period faced a number of challenges with regard to their desire to participate in politics and work. The culture maintained at the time restricted most women to domestic chores with limitations on the types of jobs that they could engage. The women were denied the free rights to participate in politics, and public jobs, and this led to a number of struggles locally. This study will address this issue of the right of women to active participate in politics and work in the 18th century (Wipprecht 56).

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Organizational Transformation

All persons go through some form of transformation when they transition from one state of being to another. The transformation takes the form of personal, physical, emotional, psychological and institutional changes which requires the individual to make an effort to cope with the changes and adopt the requirements. In such transitional times, it is important that an individual applies his personal skills as well as academic theories and talents to enable him make a smooth transition in the changes. This paper shall highlight the organizational transformation process that was experienced in the workplace. It will describe the situation as it was in the workplace, identify the problems that were encountered in the workplace, explain steps that were undertaken to cope and solve the problems and conclude with a description of the lessons and skills that were acquired through the experience with relation to change and how they can enable the individual cope be a better worker in the workplace in the future.

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July 30, 2013

Gun Control

All countries have established the gun control act to minimize crime rate. Since the gun control act has not come into effect, most states have recorded a high crime rate. The gun control act includes imposing strict measures in owning a gun. This act requires a person to provide the necessary documents before being granted a license. The documents must have status of the affair to allow efficiency. Gun control act sets to minimize gun ownership in countries, and this might result in crime reduction. All countries have different policies regarding gun ownership. Many states in the United States have set their policies regarding gun ownership. This essay discusses the gun control act, and the implications that increased gun ownership might bring.

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Risk Analysis

While many people undertake projects, there should be a clear definition of leadership in groups to ensure completion of the assigned activities through ambiguity in responsibilities. The team may not feel responsible for their actions, but individuals certainly do. Therefore, to manage and complete projects, it is essential to share and delegate tasks to individuals (Slater 13). Responsibility Assignment Matrix is a management tool that identifies the responsibility of every employee. The individuals get their responsibilities on a task-by -task basis among team mates (Dippel 33).

Responsibility Assignment Matrix
Responsibility Assignment Matrix should have a basis on what was mentioned and what was available at the time. This means that Responsibility Assignment Matrix shows how much and when things get done. At the start of a RAM, the leader makes a draft list of the tasks and the departments but excludes the people who handle the work. With the list, the manager may need to consult with the functional leaders to obtain the names of the people involved in the startup of the project (Barkely 23). This is a preliminary RAM that offers a clear and strong basis for laying the foundation with the resource providers. The responsibility matrix chart, figure 1, is based on what was mentioned and the available jobs at the time. read more…


Technology has transformed the way of life these days and almost everyone is using an app for one reason or another. The objective of this paper is to explore various ways through which apps are used in day-to-day lifestyle. It will focus on the functions of an app in shopping, banking, social media and occupying kids.

Axle8 is an application that can be used by many consumers to improve their shopping experience in Australia. These shopping apps can also help a customer compare prices between stores that are located in Sydney. This shopping app can also be used to locate a nearby store. This type of app can be downloaded from the internet directly into your phone. Once they are installed, you can begin to enjoy your shopping experience. The most famous app used in Australia includes: StreetHawk, Australian Good Food Guide and Footy Stats. All this apps provide a great shopping experience as it provides the directions and details of what takes place within this stores.

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July 17, 2013

Biogeochemical cycling of platinum

About Platinum
Paula Johnson in her book about Platinum introduces platinum discussing its properties, occurrence, extraction and purification. Platinum is one of the many chemical elements that exist with 78 as its atomic number and Pt as its chemical symbol. Some of its properties include high density, malleability, ductility, and gray-white transition. It is also a precious metal. Platinum is among the rarest elements to be found on the earth’s crust and has an average abundance of five μg/kg. South Africa accounts for 80% of the world’s production of platinum. read more…


The spectrum of NMR is characterized by four factors:
1. How many signals are present in the spectrum?
2. What is the position of the signal?
3. What is the area present under the signal?
4. Into how many lines the signal has spitted? read more…

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