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July 17, 2013

Communications Management

Question 1, A

The A-E-I-O-U Model discussed in Engleberg and Wynn could have been applied vary efficiently in the case of Galvatrens. First, the board did acknowledge that Harry Mart performed his duty well: throughout the story we see him away because of company-related issues. Moreover, it was specifically stated: “it is not like he is lying around drinking cocktails on the beach”. The board may have expressed a specific concern about the fact that he did not do all his responsibility on time. They may have identified the problem and propose that he didn’t repeat the same incorrect actions again. Then, the board may have presented favorable outcomes of problem solution and benefits to Harry. The last step would have been to see if the COO understood what the board wanted from him and if he was positive about the actions that he had been asked to perform and improve.

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July 1, 2013

Debate script on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Stem cells are cells that are not yet differentiated and have the ability to form any tissues when developed these are through the efforts of the scientific researchers; bus face opposition mainly from the religious perspective. I disagree with the research regarding the capabilities of humans through the research which may include ill motives. On the other hand the pros of the research include the ability to contain some disease conditions. Taming the opposing points of this research are the religious norms and the purpose of the creator foreman other then the obligation of humans in safeguarding what was created.

The manner in which the research is conducted becomes pivotal in opposing this view. This is from the point that the research has the ability to treat diseases just as seen in other medical conditions such as brain injury, motor neuron disease, Parkinson’s disease among others. However, there lacks a guarantee for cure in the use of stem cell researches. Despite the fact that there may be potentials for curing the diseases, the surety of completely containing a medical condition through the research remains questionable. read more…

Do you think immigration laws need to be revised?

Immigration is currently the most thoughtful glitch that every modern civilization is now facing. Many experts claim that the increasing numbers of migrants, particularly illegitimate ones are unsafe for the forthcoming growth of the state economy as well as for socio-political life of the entire nation. In such a state it is pretty usual that administration is getting to be mostly alarmed about the cause of immigration and started a law-making improvement about immigration. Many people including me consider that the amount of migrants should be restricted and the migrations rules should be reformed. Immigration law are referred as to the national government policies which use to control the immigration phenomenon of their country. These laws are related to nationality laws regarding the foreign citizens governing the legal status of people, in different matters such as the citizenship. These are varied from one country to the other. So, it is vibrant that we must control migration in some way and attempt to regulate it afore it regulates us.

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Greening Radio-over-Fiber (ROF), fiber wireless (Fi-Wi) access network

The ultimate goal of the installation of a Fiber-Wireless (Fi-Wi) network is the possibility of the allowance of a convergence network of optical and wireless technologies within a single infrastructure so as to take advantage of the complimentary possibilities that each has and thus allowing for the improved bandwidth for both the mobile and fixed users. It is the purpose of this project to survey the possible applications of Fi-Wi network architectures, with particular focus on those that are based on Radio and Fiber integration. The project proposes to distinguish between the application of Fi-Wi and ROF architectures, with the differences being hinged on the three level network architectures of various optical and wireless devices together with classifying them on the basis of the technology that they use in communication and sending signals. Simulation of this application is the network architectures is achieved through the use of MATLAB, with results showing that there is a slight degradation of the strength and performance of a Fi-Wi signal with increasing distance.

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June 25, 2013

Neighbour Discovery in Ad-hoc Networks

The significant step to be involved in the aspect of Neighbour Discovery in Ad hoc Networks includes the collection of the nodes and the calculation of the sink path in the Ad-hoc sensor network. The first step to be involved in building and joining the ad-hoc network is the formal discovery of the nodes. The nodes discovery procedure is one of the vital steps involved in the configuring the topology with an optimization procedure of the network. In this research, there is a proposal of the model for the node discovery to facilitate the relative analytical treatment of the involved problem. This necessitates the concentration on the specified networks with the single shared channel of broadcast. For the networks, there is a proposal of the protocols meant to reflect on the major problem in discovering the node. This study explores and makes comparison of the relative discovery duration, the corresponding energy consumption characteristics, and the efficiency of the Optimum Mobile Sink Path protocol neighbour protocol for the wireless sensor networks. There are two types of trouble in the ad hoc wireless systems. One of the problems that are associated with the wireless network is the method that can be applicable in saving energy. The other problem that the wireless network experiences is the appropriate method of performing neighbour discovery.

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Human Resources Management

Case study 1
The HR Department at the Medical Systems Inc. requires an overhaul on how it recruits, trains, develops and holds on to its top-performing employees. One of the elements in the department that lacks is proper recruitment, as the company does not have ample time to vet and interview the employees thoroughly. With most of the employees in all the departments lacking in one thing or the other, it is crucial that the company undertakes an overhaul on its hiring process. One of the eminent things that the company should include is the creation of a programme that will seek to tap new and fresh brains for the specialized jobs in the company. This will involve establishing of a programme to pick new and fresh graduates from colleges with exemplary performance. However, getting top-ranking graduates is a bit difficult due to the likelihood of competition with other top software-producing giants. Despite this, the company must establish such a protocol to ensure that it lands fresh minds that can inject freshness in the innovation and creativity of the company.

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Standard Maintenance Procedure

Masoneilan currently has very skilled employees in the department which deals with after sales. The department is available for start-up maintenance and repair of valve and component parts. One can make arrangement for these services through one’s local Masoneila Representative from after-sales department. When performing maintenance, it is advisable to use only Masoneilan replacement parts. These parts are available in local Mosaneilan Representatives. One can access services from spare Part Department. When making an order for a specific part, always include both Model and Serial number of the unit ordered.

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