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June 17, 2013

Report Daily data for 2011 and 2012

In the table we see the data given is the mean standard deviation and the weight of which are used to measure several things like the measures of tendency and standard deviations, however the case here we see in the graph plotted is a normal distribution. The data provides a platform for the development of the statistical modeling. The histogram is a boxplot (normal 1, normal 2). The 2011 histogram is plotted to a density of 25 and the standard deviation is significantly seen at the narrow end.

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Classics Greek and Roman Heroes

In the Roman and Greek classical times, myths and legends were imperative in the development of the culture. The key characters in the myths and legends were heroes because of their courage, strength, possession of supernatural power, and their favor from the gods. Perseus and Hercules are two heroes in the Greek mythology who have similar and the same time different qualities. These qualities manifest in their motif depicted in their birth and deeds, characters, tales and achievements.

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For more than a century, ADM has been converting crops into products that meet critical human needs. The more than 30,000 employees of the firm around the world have been transforming corn, wheat, cocoa, and oilseeds into products for human food, animal feed, energy and industrial uses. The firm has an impressive historical record in terms of earnings and is ranked 92nd among the Fortune 500 companies.

ADM’s unique risk results mainly from environmental concerns and management factors. Processing of agricultural products especially for the production of energy is associated with air pollution and governments around the world have been increasing regulations to govern industrial pollution. The company has also been marred with accusations of price-fixing in the past and investors are wary of the economic and financial costs resulting from lawsuits associated with this conduct. ADM is a very large player in the global food processing industry. Some of its executives have taken advantage of this status in the past to collude with product distributers in order to fix prices, resulting in antitrust lawsuits against the firm.

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June 10, 2013


Marketing a product entails a significant attribution of concepts of the brand being marketed. In the marketing of the Gatorade sports drink, it is essential in identifying how the customers will learn of the product. Learning is an essential concept of developing and maintaining a brand and the product loyalty. This is because consumers become aware of an existing product. The reason of insisting on learning is so as to invoke a stimulus geared towards a positive customer response. This is well integrated by the use of repetition to boost the effectiveness of responses evoked by connections of stimuli. At the same time, repetition aims at creating awareness, depicting and reminding the consumer concerning the brand. One of the concepts that can be employed is the look-alike packaging. Consumers have a tendency to opt for already existing products. This is due to the existence of the aspect of customer attachment. The look-alike packaging thereby, holds a significant involvement to purchase situation. In addition, a proper channel of advertisements that considers the cultures of individuals will help in marketing of the Gatorade drink.

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Nikki Giovanni’s poems

Nikki Giovanni’s poems are poems about life and her perspective on common events and objects. She personifies inanimate objects into human archetypes to cause for an emotional response in the reader and cause feelings of irrational compassion for said objects. In this way, she makes the reader feel guilt over the simple fact that fabric fades and diminishes over time in the poem Quilts. She speaks in the name of the quilt as if the quilt feels pain over aging and losing its aesthetic prowess, much like how a human being may feel less attractive as they grow older. Furthermore, in the poem Possum Crossing she speaks from her own perspective on the irrational comparison between possums, humans and leaves. She equates the values of all objects in nature by taking three, very different samples and insisting they deserve the same attention. The poem is basically a protest poem that states that all people on her street should treat possums with the same respect they treat their vehicles, in the sense that the road does not simply belong to humans but to possums and to leaves as well. This might be considered an activist poem against the effect that humans are having on the planet, which is quite admirable, however it makes no sense that the poet would expect anyone to personify a leaf as having the same amount of life as a possum, therefore the poem is more of a pointless emotional effort than an activist poem.

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June 7, 2013

Leadership and Management of Business Organizations

Question 1
While making the approval, the manager got influenced by the Company’s internal environment. The internal environment presents the strengths and weakness that motivated Marisa into the acquisition of Tumblr. One of the major internal factors put into consideration was the company’s Resources in terms of the capital or financial resources, including physical resources such as the equipments, raw materials and information. Firstly, financial resources presented a weakness to the company due to the failure to launch new products. While other competitor companies such as Google continuously launch new products e.g. Chrome OS, Yahoo continued to lag behind due to its weak financial capacity. Further, the company operating cost continued to decline posing a higher advantage to the competitors. The operating margin that had been decreasing in the long bull market resulted into financial issues in periods of recession. The decreasing operating margin had a capacity to affect the company ability to reinvest in its business in the marketplace in the downturn; this would translate into a weak expanding capacity for the business. It has a negative long term impact on the business since it subtracts from the business values. Another weakness presented by the declining financial capacity of Yahoo is the reduced cost to invest in the data centers. Data centers operation costs are high due to the high cost of energy. Failure to launch new products affects profit and ties up financial resources that would support the business. read more…

Energy Drinks

Should Energy Drinks That Contain High Levels of Caffeine
Be Restricted to People Over 18?

Energy drinks, with high amounts of caffeine, sugar and taurine have become quite popular in the United States in the past decade, especially among teenagers. The drinks are marketed as hip and trendy, giving the drinker a blast of energy and a high like ingesting speed or cocaine. Energy drinks are often marketed to young people in advertising campaigns for sports events such as snowboarding and skateboarding (MacDonald, Stanbrook & Hebert, 2010, p. 1597). The downside, however, is the inherent physical danger attributed to these beverages. The New York Times revealed that the Federal Drug Administration received thirteen reports from 2008-20012 about deaths related to the 5-Hour Energy Drink, and in 2012 five reports of deaths implicating Monster Energy (Meier, 2012). More than 90 other reports received by the FDA in regards to the 5-Hour Energy Drink were associated with heart attacks, convulsions and a spontaneous abortion (Meier, 2012). Then there was the case of Anais Fournier, a fourteen-year-old girl who drank two 24-ounce Monster energy drinks within a 24-hour period and had a heart attack (Hsu, 2013). The girl’s parents sued Monster and the public attention sparked a debate on whether or not energy drinks that contain high levels of caffeine should be restricted to people who are over eighteen years of age. This paper shall discuss the current cultural and social atmosphere around the use of energy drinks, and how energy drink companies have been defending their product.

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