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May 30, 2013


John Norcini and Danette McKinley evaluated the methodologies and strategies used to assess medical students in the course of their studies. This was undertaken in their paper titled “Assessment Methods in Medical Education” that was published in the journal “Teaching and teacher Education” in the year 2007. In their literature review section, the paper identifies and scrutinizes the various methods that have been used for the purposes of evaluating medical students since the 1950’s which is a good starting point (Norcini & McKinley, 2007). In spite of the fact that the authors are examining contemporary issues, a detailed and elaborate account of the history of the issue assists the reader, including amateur readers, to know and understand the issue better. read more…

Public Perception of Nurses

Image reflects a considerable magnitude of the nursing profession as stipulated by the public. Image is the reflection or representation of a person to other people. The way nursing appears to the general public impacts heavily on the profession’s self-identity. The way the public view the nursing profession, influences the trend and efficiency of the profession. The change in the profession takes a positive or a negative twist according to the perception of the public. The view of the consumer of health care on the image and visibility of the nurses affects their effectiveness and delivery process.

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May 22, 2013

History Topics

It is often said that Africa’s, Asia’s, and European History would not be complete without the mention of colonization. The term colonization is used to refer to a situation whereby one country dominates over another. In History, colonization began with the European countries, in the 15th and 16 the century, when they began showing interest in Africa, America, and Asia through exploration. However colonization took deep roots in the 19th Century with most European countries dominating in the African and Asian continents, this was as a result of industrial revolution that energized European countries to go out and look for raw material, and markets for the industrial products. As a result, European countries competed in all possible ways in an effort to acquire more colonies than the other in Asia and Africa, where land was vast, and natural resources and minerals were readily available. It is as a result of this competition and colonial expansion that we have terms such as “The scramble for Africa”. read more…

World History Weekly Homework

1. The Enlightenment changed ideas about government, society, and religion. What were the old ideas (starting with the divine right of kings) and the new ideas (starting with liberty and popular sovereignty)?

The French form of revolution was found to differ from the overall American Revolution. The US happened to become the world super power within the end of the nineteenth century. As a result of this form of empowering, there were so many forms of transformations that happened within the sectors of religion, society as well as within the system of governance. There was intense preservation of the various elements which included civil equality, religious forms of freedom, secular law code as well as justice through promotion on the basis of merit. Reconciliation with the Roman Catholic Church was also realized during this period and this also led to the process of suppression of all democratic elements within the military sectors of dictatorship. The Napoleon was seen to keep emphasis on revolution by way of attracting the necessary numbers of supporters. By then, there was some form of national resistance which came from Russia and the surrounding territories. The divine right of kings was one of the revolutions off the time, and included the political as well as religious forms of doctrines of the entire political and the royal legitimacy. This asserted the fact that any monarchy was subject to no single form of authority, and thereby delivering the full set of rights towards ruling directly from the will of the almighty. This saw the evolution of the remote origins of the different theories within the fields of religion, as well as development of several sets of political formulations. It also foresaw the development of the newly devised emperors. read more…

Similarities between as you like it and some like it as hot

William Shakespeare’s pastoral comedy As You like it has structural similarities with Billy wilder’s comedy film Some Like it as hot. In as you like it Rosalind flees her tyrannical uncle’s court with her cousin Celia to Forest of Arden where she finds safety and eventually falls in love. In some like it as hot Joe and Jerry flee a gang in Chicago and go to Miami, where they find safety and a source of living. A good study of this works of literature show similarity in their; general plot outlines, the characterization, theme, setting, theme and the character motivations of the protagonists. read more…

May 13, 2013

Az – Common Book

In the first week of the study, there are issues discussed that sum up to unity. One of the authors is discussing issues of monarchs and kingdom. He looks what thrives the monarchs and kingdom in any given time in history. He believes that monarchs and kingdoms exist because of the divine powers bestowed upon the kings over the lives of common people. As he demonstrates,
“The state of Monarchy is the supremest thing upon earth, for kings are not only Gods lieutenants upon earth and sit upon God’s throne, but even by God Himself they are called gods” (James I, “Address before Parliament”, 1610. P.4).

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Rene Descartes

Rene Descartes (1596 – 1660) is a French philosopher who is considered by many people as a father of modern philosophy. Descartes emphasized the importance of mind and thinking being a rationalist philosopher. His rationalism was vividly expressed in his thesis, “I think, therefore I exist”.

In the process of thinking Descartes honored questioning as the most important. He put forward the principle of methodological doubt. A person should not immediately take on trust everything he or she is said or what he or she sees and feels. Everything has to be questioned. Descartes was also a philosopher-dualist. He thought that both material and spiritual beginnings lied at the heart of the world: physical and thinking. Spiritual exists alongside with physical and physical with spiritual side by side. They do not intersect, but interact with each other due to a higher power which is called God. Descartes also believed that a human mind contained some ideas that did not depend on a person’s actions (“innate ideas”).

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