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May 13, 2013

Psychology of Religion 400 Level Course

Religion is considered a moral dilemma since it is based on the psychological standpoint taken by a character. Considerations of what is right or wrong based on both society and religion is based on three levels of morality as categorized by Kohlerg. Association, practicing different rituals and authorities as part of religion revolves from the idea that religion and society are intertwined. Considerations of what society expects, and what it regards as religious or moral follows the thoughts and adherence to various ideologies that are encompassed in society while also considering the sinful messiah complexities. Considerations of religion and moral obligation stems from the benefits that are associated with the perspectives taken by individuals and thus society and religion.

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April 24, 2013

Content analysis

Graphic organizer
Graphic organizer is a diagram that uses content vocabulary to help students in anticipating concepts they have learnt in class to and another in a reading relationship. We are going to use graphic organizer in analyzing the six kingdoms. These six kingdoms include Eubacteria, Archae, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia. Below is a comprehensive analysis of a topic in biology that brings out how graphic organizer, semantic feature analysis and a cloze test technique may be used to boost learning.

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Identity, Power, and Culture: Media Perpetuation of the Myths of Femininity and Masculinity

Media images of women and men are everywhere. From movie theaters to smartphones, from televisions to billboards, society is subject to a barrage of information suggesting how we should look, what we should wear, and how we should behave. These messages, whether overt or subliminal, shape the ways in which gender roles in America are shaped and perpetuated. Whether positive or negative, the images people see of others in the media impact the way they view themselves in both present and future tenses. As Kruse and Prettyman (2008) claim, media stereotypes influence constructs around education, identity, leadership, and how individuals define themselves. Ultimately, media stereotypes drive the establishment of cultural norms about what is considered “normal and natural” (452). Through television programs depicting women as frumpy housewives to films such as American Reunion which over-sexualizes young females, media is responsible for perpetuating negative stereotypes of submissive femininity and dominant masculinity to families and children in America.

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Group Process


I work for Williams-Sonoma, a prominent American retail company, which deals in high-end furniture, kitchenware and linens among other house wares. The company has been exceedingly success since its establishment in 1956. This has seen it grow to its current enviable stature where it now operates over 560 successful retail stores both in the U.S and Canada. It has a portfolio of brands the main ones of which are Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn, West Elm among others. One of the most instrumental factors behind this success has been the productivity, ambition, innovation and vision of its employees. Over, the years, the company’s management has devised numerous, innovative measures to motivate employees and ensure that they give their ultimate potential to the company. One of these creative strategies is the group process, which denotes the mobilization of employees into functional, effective groups. As a result, the group process has been at the core of the company’s organizational structure, which has seen employees work together to meet organizational objectives. As an employee of the company, I have been deeply involved in various groups within the company. The main focus of these groups has mainly been on inclusive decision-making, as well as participatory conflict resolution.

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April 17, 2013


1. Children and adolescents are the most vulnerable members any society, poverty and inequality cause them disproportionate damage. Adequate attention must be attention and develop specialized programs not only for the poor and socially marginalized children living in the slums, but also for children living and working on the street, as well as for the children – victims trafficking and child labor. (Lecture Notes “Institutions in crisis.”)

Giving priority to issues of equality, priority should be given to the most disadvantaged children, is depending on where they live. Rights of the child can be realized and protected only when the municipal and national governments, donors and international organizations go beyond the average data of the development and will be engaged directly the problems of poverty and inequalities suffered by many urban children around the world. Poverty is one of the most important factors affecting the readiness of the child or school. Regardless of whether we are talking about families, communities or countries lack of resources undermines the ability of children to ensure proper and provide them with the necessary facilities. The results of a huge number of Studies show that family poverty has a negative impact on health, intellectual ability, academic performance and behavior of children. For example, implemented a project in Jamaica “Profiles” revealed difficulties faced by poor families in an attempt to create an enabling environment for their children. However, we should avoid excessive simplistic conclusions about the relationship between poverty and people’s ability to help children in their development. Socio-economic factors are key impact, but the overall picture is more complex.

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Education is viewed as a cure for all life challenges. This is an exaggerated contention in terms of the roles of schools in the economy. Inadvertently, it contradicts two major issues. Firstly, it determines how American companies can increase productivity to enhance their capacity to compete in the entire world. Secondly, it touches on how the fruits of American productivity relate to the rising cases of inequality. Although education seems practically helpful in the first aspect, it is still not an easy thing to handle. Education deficits seem to have little in terms of changes associated with wage distribution (Schools as Scapegoats I upload). Fortunately, many decades down the line education as the cure to all remains an argument overwhelmed by conflicting evidence. This necessitates the reason to face the varied challenges clearly and encourage competitiveness and connection between the growth of productivity and pay. The modern school obsession is the outstanding cause and the economic problems cure as stated in Ronald Reagan’s report in the year 1983. The increased shares in the market in relation to Japanese automobiles, Korean steel together with German machine tools, depicted superior workers’ education in those countries. The main problem is that the educational societal foundations are being interfered with by the increasing tide of mediocrity, which threatens the future of many nations ((Schools as Scapegoats I upload). read more…

Sexual Trauma can lead to Substance Abuse in Adolescents

Sexuality is one of the basics of human being. Every human has instincts, and the basic instinct is sexual. Sexual health is one of the most important and meaningful areas of human life. Sex is the base of relationship. A human life begins from sex. Healthy sexual life contributes to good health, good relationship, to personality development and to a wealthy life in society. Sexual health refers to different aspects and factors that influence sexuality and health in general. There are physical, emotional and mental factors. That means that sexuality has as positive as negative influence on the human personality. Normal sexual development leads to a healthy many-sided development of a human both in physical and psychological aspects. Normal sexual life leads to normal psychics of a person. And to the opposite. Physical disorders often leads to different emotional disorders, and to the opposite, emotional disoders lead to physical disorders. Psychiatry and psychosomatic proves this theory. The human body is the complex system, where everything, every system works and function together. Everything that impacts us one way or another impacts our health, our body and mind. Sexual sphere is one of the main functional systems of the human organism and it influences every other system of the human body.

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