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April 10, 2013

Online communication filtering

Generally, the social media have changed how we communicate. It is not long ago that people only used to communicate through mails, landline telephones or on a face to face basis. In the modern world, people send short messages, leave voice messages, send emails, use instant massagers, talk through online video phones, as well as interacting through the internet. In the internet, it is where a plethora of the social media has come to redefine communication.

Such redefinition has had an enormous effect on the entire paradigm of the social media by altering the basic rules of communication. This has been so specific especially to business people and their audience. One way method of communication at present entails business- to- customer or business-to-business has been replaced by a robust model of multidimensional communication. The model is now what technology is referring to as the social media.

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Adolescence And Changes Associated With It

Adolescence is the transition stage from childhood to adulthood and is associated with several behavioral patterns, social changes and biological alterations among other changes. This work would focus on adolescent actor, Jersey Pinkman (Aaron Paul) in the movie ‘Breaking Bad’. It will relate the eight concepts or theories of adolescence to the life of the adolescent actor throughout the movie. Adolescents are referred to as young adults in major parts of the developed nations provided they have no children, do live in their personal facilities or have insufficient funds to support their own lives. Furthermore, this group falls between 12 years of age to early 20s, probably 25 years of age. Psychologists believe that at about 25, one must have struggled with the issues of identity exploration, self focus and social changes among others (Arnett, 2012). read more…

April 5, 2013

New marketing techniques

1. The Social networking form of marketing is being used widely by TOPSHOP. This has been through advertising its products and services on the social network platforms that are used by very many people. This has mainly been evident on the Facebook and twitter platforms. Through this, the company has had a chance to reach to very many customers in many regions of the world. This, in addition to the expansion of the internet to cover most parts of the world, a lot of investments have been put into E-commerce where the company has come up with ways through which customers can acquire their products online. The online sale of the products has made it very flexible for customers in regions where there are no sale shops to access easily the products. This has greatly increased the sales and profitability of the company across their shops that are distributed within Europe.

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Why Is Speeding Dangerous

Drivers who over speed cause the greatest risks on roads compared to other causes of accidents. Different statistics showing that speeding is a major factor in more than a third of all the road crashes that are fatal. Recent researches show that more than sixty nine per cent of drivers admit that they drive above the speed limits that are set on the highways. More than twenty two per cent on the other hand have admitted to exceeding the speed limits by an average of more than five miles in an hour regularly while ten per cent of the driver drive ten miles per hour more than the set speed limit repeatedly. Speeding above the set speed limits may lead to a number of dangers. Speeding normally reduces the stopping time of a vehicle. Taking a lot of time to stop increases the chance of crashing. It also increases the chances of the occurrence of an accident. It may as well increase the severity of a crash if an accident happens. Even though drivers have been made aware of the different dangers of speeding, they still over speed and exceed the set speed limits (Cann 12). Over speeding is dangerous and may be a cause of a lot of dangers on the highways.

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Book Review of Major Themes of the Qur’an of Fazlur Rahman

Quran is a direct address of God with human being and its major theme is to establish the faith of omnipotent God. The fact is as one start reading verses from Quran, feels that each verse is a unique script. Before we actually start reviewing the Quran in light of the given book, it is important to know that without the knowledge of circumstances in which a verse was revealed, it is impossible to understand the theme of that particular verse.

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April 1, 2013

Los Angeles Clippers Brand

Staples Center is found in Downtown Los Angeles and it is located next to the L. A Live Development. The complex opened to the public on 17 October 1999 and has been one of the most visited centers in Greater Los Angeles Area. The fact that the world of business has become very competitive means that the center has to compete with other centers operating in the area. Los Angeles Clippers as well as the Los Angeles Kings have been competing with several other clubs in the area for dominance. This can be attributed to the fact that all the clubs need attendance from the public for them to make funds. It is worth noting that the center hosts about four million guests in a year while hosting more than two hundred and fifty events every year. The center measures nine hundred and fifty thousand feet squared. It is of paramount importance to note that the center hosts arena football, ice hockey, and basketball. This means that the center generates money and it is a center of attraction in the world of business. read more…

Summary and reasoned response to Judy Brady’s essay

The society has norms, rules and regulations which assign specific roles, rights and responsibilities between men and woman. The gender roles and rights are defined upon birth. The society context socializes us to believe that certain roles and responsibilities ought to be done by either women or men in the society. The rules also define our different positions in regard to economical, political and social roles. The dynamics in society have changed and transfigured the gender roles. There is a great disparity between traditional and new roles to be executed by women and husbands in the society. The change is as a result of civilization, globalization and personification. The stereotype nature of the changing roles and rights in the contemporary society is a matter of concern to Judy. The morphosis of the roles in the United States and other parts of the world is due to realization of personal capabilities and social indifferences (Brady, n.p). The societal tends to view the woman as an inferior creature. The male chauvinism is another perspective in the issue. The men tend to show their female counterparts that they cannot perform some roles. It is also the responsibility of women to do domestic duties and disengage roles which attract public attention. The place of a woman in the traditional society was in the homestead and especially in the kitchen. Dynamics in civilization have transformed the women to change and take up leadership positions available in the public domain. Over the last few decades, United States has encountered a shift of roles drastically in an evolutionary manner. The new roles are very flexible, accommodating and depict respect to both men and women in the contemporary society. Gender mainstreaming is greatly responsible for the paradigm shift in the roles. There is need to have women in development unlike in the past where women and development was the topic of discussion.

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