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April 1, 2013

Armenian Student Association

The Armenian Student Association is a campus organization located in several campuses including UC Irvine. It is organized around the objective of bringing Armenian students together, in a bid, to celebrate their social and cultural heritage within a foreign country. This essay will explore some of the aspects that ASA spearheads in campuses, with insight about these activities being shared by ASA’s president and vice president. As will be depicted in this essay, ASA is an organized group with an executive board managing several events around campus. One of the strengths of ASA is the ability to hold large functions such Armenian cultural awareness events, and the genocide event. These activities aid in spreading awareness about the Armenian culture across campus hence help in interpersonal interactions between Armenians and the rest of the campus fraternity. However, holding these momentous events may undermine the significance of small events that also aid in spreading this awareness; hence presenting a disadvantage for the organization. This essay will project various aspects of ASA, and its significance in educational institutions.

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March 27, 2013

Single Subject Design

Case Summary
This research paper analyses the effects of changing one’s lifestyle to cope with the shifting situations of life. It is a challenging task to adapt to changes and preparations prior to altering with one’s normal lifestyle will be necessary. There are several reasons why people choose to change their lifestyles and this research paper looks at the causes and effects of choosing to have a baby. A couple that seeks to bring in new life in the world has to consider the work that is involved as well as giving the offspring the best chance to survival. read more…

March 22, 2013

Effects of Negative Early Childhood Development on Future Development

Early childhood is the stage at which children are curious to know what is happening in their surrounding, thereby increasing knowledge, consequently learning how to communicate as well as express themselves. Early childhood helps to build a child’s personality. It is at this crucial development stage that parents should be interested in what their children do, in order to encourage as well discourage negative behaviors from a tender age. It is for this reason that the research paper seeks to establish the existence or lack of existence of a relationship between negative early childhood development and future development. It is important to appreciate the fact that children learn more when they are young.

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March 15, 2013

Network Analysis

The concepts of social networks as well as the dynamics of sociometry along with sociograms were first mentioned over 50 years ago. Barnes is credited with the coining the aspect of social networks. The wider aspects of network analysis are etched on the dynamic study regarding how the elemental social structure of ties or associates around an individual, organization, or group can influence behaviors or their individual or collective beliefs. That is why causal impacts are evident in social structures. In this way, network analysis is presented as dynamic approaches employed to detect as well quantify the size and intensity of these impacts. The base of each network approach is founded on the scope that reality need to be investigated from the perspective of the immediate properties allied to the relations allied to and within departments instead of the properties of these segments. It can thus be said to be a relational approach.

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Natural Disaster Preparation

Natural disasters is a common and widely spread issue, as a result we need to prevent it everywhere it’s possible, prepare ourselves for instant respond to disasters of any size and power, that may cause aftermath for human kind, perfectly planned actions could minimize the life loss rate. In order to provide quick recovery and necessary treatment, people might succeed in this goal and prevent major cataclysms, and immense disasters in general, but it is a complicated task and question. Why it is so difficult? Because success requires an effective planning for disaster management and collaboration among different levels of local and foreign organizations in the private sector. Each person may contribute itself to success including knowledge of evacuation routes, orders or just having a counterpart, that may provide you with agenda or supplies. Such natural disasters as flash floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes, should also be prevented. These prevented theories include evaluation and realization of preparedness system, including readiness for pandemic period; by evaluating regional and domestic capabilities and the use of federal grants to enhance those capabilities; examining regional and multistage plan and preparation.

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March 11, 2013

Legal Aspects of DNA Samples in Criminal Justice System

Today, DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) testing provides forensic experts with a powerful and an effective tool to identify criminals and exonerate innocent individuals. (1). DNA testing (also known as DNA profiling or DNA typing) involves analysis of DNA samples taken from individuals. These samples may include hair, semen, blood, or any other cell and tissue from human body. Results of this analysis provide unique identification of every person, as biological information contained in DNA is unique to every person excluding cases of identical twins. In criminal investigations, DNA analysis involves comparison of DNA samples collected from a crime scene with DNA samples taken from suspected individuals or DNA information stored in electronic databases. (1) A match between the two samples demonstrates culpability of the individual associated with DNA samples. Various legal aspects characterize DNA profiling and use of DNA evidence in courts of law. These legal aspects address issues surrounding DNA analysis during pre-trial, presentation of DNA evidence in courts, and post-conviction DNA typing.

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Conferences and Exercise

Chapter 7 Homework

Questions 1to 5 from pages 393-394

Question 1
Exchange rate- this is the rate at which numerous accounts are translated.
Gains and losses- the way gains and losses are treated is a major issue when dealing with currency translation.

Question 2
A balance sheet is exposed to the foreign exchange if the parent company decides to use the current exchange rate. This exposure can either be a positive exposure or a negative exposure. A negative exposure occurs when the foreign currency depreciates in respect to the home currency. On the other hand, when a foreign currency appreciates it positively exposes the balance sheet. The transaction exposure and the balance sheet exposure are almost similar, however, with the balance sheet, assets and liabilities are exposed.

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