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March 11, 2013

Fluid dynamic of drilling fluid (mud) through butterfly valve


The knowledge of fluid dynamics is crucial in both aerospace and thermodynamic engineering. In aerospace engineering, the knowledge is applied in the designing of aircraft wings for the proper air flow balance and manipulation of the various aircraft mobility position. In thermodynamics, fluid dynamics is used in the reticulation of the various fluids conduction through a pipe system (Gong, Ming, and Zhang, p 41 2011). The knowledge is also important in the generation of a specified amount of pressure in pressurized thermodynamic systems. A number of fluid dynamics computations and mechanisms are equally exploited in the design and management of the various thermodynamic systems. These computations and dynamics are subject to a number of fluid dynamics principles and equations derived by various fluids dynamic theorem. The fluid dynamics reticulation, power generation and control system mechanisms then exploits these fluid dynamic computation principles, theories and models to design and manage the various aerodynamic and fluid dynamic systems. This paper thus explores both the practicality of the various fluids dynamics principles and theories as demonstrated by the butterfly valve as a typical fluid dynamic reticulation system (Wesseling, 2009, p 884). The paper begins by defining and deriving the six principles and theorem of fluid dynamics and then proceeds to use those formulas and principles in the computation of pressure loss in a typical butterfly valve case sturdy. This realizes a successful demonstration of the fluid dynamic computation methodology in calculation of the pressure differentials in a typically isolated fluid dynamic system. It also shows the functional correlation between the design and reticulation component of a thermodynamic system on a fluid dynamic system. Lastly, the paper provides the functional mechanisms for influencing the pressure dynamics within a fluid dynamic system.

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March 6, 2013

Exposure to Harmful Substances and Environments

The biotic and chemical environments interact in subtle ways within a geographic zone. Chlorine being very highly soluble in water and other gases in the atmosphere rapidly travels on diverse media. Chorine pollution is a hazard to the environmental system in many ways because it is associated with disease of the respiratory system in man and other animals; it makes the water unhealthy for aquatic life and plants. Containerization is a critical aspect of industrial cost due to the fact that it influences the degree of seepages of gaseous products while in store or under transit. It follows that containerization has a direct correlation with the degree of pollution and overall industrial costs to a company and to the environment. read more…

SWOT Analysis/Target Segmentation

Phase II
Company and Industry Description
The Hewlett-Packard Company is a multinational corporation that provides products, software, and technology solutions. It serves individual customers, small businesses, large scale cooperates, and government establishments. It is the world leading personal computer manufacturer, specializing in developing networking and data storage devices. The company has a genuine commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, which help boost its leadership in the market. It continues to innovate and adjust its strategies while recommitting to its vision through evolving processes.

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February 27, 2013

Community Service Project

The project involved organizing groups of people in the rural and urban places and moving each group to the other setting to create new understanding of issues that are found in the setting and learn a few things that would seem relevant and helpful to the participants of the project. The leader had to identify the sample areas and set the example by visiting the chosen areas and sampling the response of the people on the ground. The leader had to mobilize the project members to search for willing participants for the project in a period that was acceptable for the project. The researchers had to choose eligible candidates through carrying out oral interviews with random people in the urban and the rural places. The leader then had to organize means of transport to and from designated locations and the researchers had to spend the day with the chosen teams in the different setting.

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February 22, 2013

Engineering Drawing: An Historical Overview


Just like literature uses language to interpret ideas and emotion, engineers use drawing to illustrate their ideas on paper. Furthermore, engineering drawing employs different tools in order to come up with meaningful sketches. These tools include lines, symbols, and conventions which bear different specific meanings to the engineers. Through these tools, an engineer cannot only draw meaningful sketches but also interpret the drawings of other engineers. There are generally two broad categories of engineering drawing; two dimensional drawing which is also referred to as plane geometry and three dimensional drawing also called solid geometry. Therefore, engineering drawing can be defined as a document that describes a precise object (Gupta, 2008).

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Representation of Interest

Public policy can be defined as all the goals set by a government and the various action courses pursued by the government as it seeks to realize the goals set. Interest groups take positions on issues that affect the public as a whole then raise awareness of public affairs through the development and promotion of the policies they favor and denounce the policies they disagree with.

Several interest groups in the society are particularly those bent on advancing the economic or social interests of their members. It is for this reason that public policy making decisions affect the interest groups in different ways. It should be noted that some interest groups have large membership foundations while others do not. read more…

February 21, 2013

Backup and recovery

Ninety nine PC users (individuals or organizations) out of a hundred have their own database, consisting of the personal or public information. The databases can be corrupted by the malefactors, database elements can be deleted accidentally, hardware breakage also leads to data loss. Therefore it is required to undertake certain measures, in order to prevent the data from being damaged and lost. The most efficient methods in such case are database backup and recovery.

Backup can be characterized, as the procedure of data copying and archiving. In case, if the some elements of the database are corrupted or lost, the archived copies will stand in a good stead. Data recovery is a process of data retrieval from the damaged or failed storage devices (e. g. hard drives, servers, tapes, etc.) Backup is a proactive measure, as it is implemented before the data are corrupted; recovery, in it’s turn, is a reactive measure, as it is utilized after the data storage devices are damaged. (Singleton 38-40)

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