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February 19, 2013

Human Sexuality Treatment Plan

Presenting Problems/Precipitating Event:
Client is frustrated by problems in his sex life. Client decides to seek advice from his physician.

Client Summary/Initial Clinical Impressions:
Client is a 33 years old, Korean-American, employed part-time as an English instructor in an adult education program. He was raised in Southern California by parents who were both born in South Korea and have since returned in their birth country, where his father is a politician and businessperson. The client punctually arrives for the session and appears to be casual in his manner of dressing and conduct but relatively composed in his speech. The client declares that he has been having great difficulty sustaining an erection while having sexual intercourse with his partner, although he admits that he does not experience any trouble if he masturbates alone. The client says that he has lost interest in sex for the most part of his sexual life. The client seems somehow unkempt and dejected when he enters for the first session.

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Body as Your Identity

Body is a place for demonstrating social, political, religious, cultural and racial identities. The colour, physical or biological features, body modification for religious, social, cultural and political purposes are some of the causal elements behind it.
Racial naturalism refers to the natural superiority of white people to non-white people. This concept is culturally constructed and underdevelopment is often the claim for racial historicism for non-white people. The color of the body is referred to different racial discriminations. White skin color is being preferred over other colors and is the official sign of superiority in all over the world. On the other hand, black color is always devalued, subjected to hatred and blacks are considered an inferior creature. Hierarchical difference refers to the categorization of human beings on the basis of social concepts for inferior and superior races. South Africa has seen an apartheid era when black people were treated in inhumane ways and white skinned people are considered more respectful and honorable in every field of life. Holocaust can be considered as an example for it when German people forced Jews to migrate from Germany.

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February 11, 2013

Gilman, The Yellow Wallpaper

Question 3
The short story the yellow wallpaper was written by Charlotte Gilman and published in 1892. The book is a personal journal of a woman placed under rest cure by her physician husband after suffering a breakdown soon after the birth of their child. She is taken to a house often used for their summer vacation and prescribed a state of passivity. It talks of her experiences in seclusion in a room where all windows were barred, and the door locked to prevent her access to the rest of the house. With nothing to stimulate her mental senses, she gets obsessed with yellow wallpaper, seeking justification and solace from it. By the end of the story, the narrator has slipped into a psychotic state, unable to tell the reality from illusions. The summer vacation ends, and her husband comes to free her from confinement only for him to find her crawling on the floor, talking of a freedom she claims to have attained. It is obvious that her condition has worsened, and it will be hard for her physician to declare her as cured. read more…

Critical Review of the story entitled “Feds don’t monitor northern mines closely enough, says watchdog” reported by CBC News

CBC news reports in this story that Scott Vaughan, the environment Commissioner, is not happy with the manner in which companies mining minerals in the Northern part of Canada are conducting their business. As per the findings of the commission which Vaughan chairs, companies are not putting aside sufficient sums of money so as to be able to carry out proper environmental reclamation after the mining activities. As per the CBC news report, Vaughan is particularly concerned that the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development-Canada, the agency that is responsible for monitoring the mining activities and subsequent clean-up, is not doing its work with 70% going undone. The resultant condition is that some companies are not bothered to set aside the required clean-up money with three of the eleven companies in Nunavut not setting aside the clean-up money.

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Whether or not marijuana should be legal

Marijuana is the addictive drug that the majority has a little related information about. The legalization of marijuana is the absorb idea as it will encourage addiction and drug abuse. The reduction of marijuana use is significant to the improvisation of a nation’s health and productivity. Policies should be developed to help improve the performance of the set prevention strategies to protect the millions exposed to the adverse marijuana use effects. Since the legalization of marijuana, use for medically related purposes would enable the increment of its use rather than reduction and would result to addiction rates amongst the youth in the society. Its legalization should not be considerable as the public health strategy for any respective nation. The toxins that are present in the marijuana are the cancer-inducing related chemicals (Lepore p. 178).

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February 5, 2013

Conceptual Synthesis Paper

Part 1: Social and Geographical Personal Experience
I was born of West Indies parents and raised in Kingston Jamaica. The make-up of our neighborhood was predominantly blacks (the Jamaican origins). Though I have considered myself to be African- American woman, many people think that I am Spanish. Back in Jamaica, I lived among the low class individuals since my parents were poor and couldn’t afford to co-exist in a better class. In the neighborhood, we shared the little we had and never imagined that race, color or class were determinants of value or worth by certain individuals in societal settings.

My first encounter of racial prejudice happened to me at the age of nine in Brooklyn New York after moving there with my parents. I first noticed something was different when my mother took me to a store and a white family pulled their daughter away from me. The white family did not want their daughter to interact with me. My neighborhood in New York was predominately African American. With varied races as a result of immigrants of different backgrounds, cultural dissimilarities in Brooklyn were common. read more…


Alienation is one of the major themes in The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Today, there many cases of child labor due to poverty. In the novel, Gregor Samsa is responsible for supporting his family at an early age thus causing him to alienate his family. Gregor is also forced to sacrifice his love relationship where he could search for his soul mate and possibly father children to change his solitary life. “It showed a lady fitted out with a fur hat and fur boa who sat upright, raining a heavy fur muff that covered the whole of her lower arm towards the viewer” (Kafka and Jarvis 3). This shows Gregor’s desire for a romantic relationship that he is not able to pursue due to his over-needy family.

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