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February 5, 2013

Emily Dickinson “Because I Could Not Stop for Death”

Emily Dickinson is one of those writers who were not successful while live, but she was renowned after her death. Her poems are still popular and arise the warmest feelings of people’s heart and soul. Her poem “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” though written about death, permeated with a positive attitude to it as the way to the internal life.

From the very first line, Dickinson let us know that the poem is going to be about death. The poetess used personification. She creates an image of Death as a nonviolent and kind being. Death in this case is a man who drives her carriage as if an old friend of hers whom she was waiting. And in the second line the fact that Death is a man was confirmed. Also, this line gives the tone to the whole poem. The word “kindly” is used to characterize Death. He makes his job not because he must but because he likes it. The tone is calm and kind as if her life only begins. The capitalization in the last two lines means that Dickinson wants to highlight these words. Carriage means the chariot that will drive her to her new home, her grave. “Ourselves” means that in carriage were only she and Death. And Immortality is those that will be after death the new life. read more…

January 30, 2013

IEP Accommodations and Modifications

Providing accommodations for students with disabilities usually requires a change in the way the student is taught and tested. Students with disabilities usually require modifications and accommodations in their educational programs to ensure that they are successful in their school life. To carry out modification and accommodation, this will involve a look at Joe’s scenario who is a pre school student with a disability in the areas of social development and language.
The use of accommodation is meant to allow Joe to be able complete the same assignments as the other students. This involves a carrying out of activities that permits changes in the formatting, timing, setting, response, rescheduling and presentation in the learning process. A look at Joe’s language inventory reveals that he is a student who is above average in the areas of naming and answering which questions but is poor in naming functions and putting items in category. He has an understanding of the spatial and quantity concepts, can speak longer sentences, uses plurals, can ask questions and has a vocabulary of more than a hundred and fifty words. read more…

Design for produced water reclamation

To reduce the consumed cost and energy required, there is a need for water reclamations plant’s efficient operation. Proposed is a method, to ensure high quality of reclaimed water and to achieve low energy consumption for water reclamation for scheduling, using an analysis of the model. Having potential impacts on the health of the public, several activities are involved in Water reclamation. The use of reclaimed water, distribution and storage of reclaimed water, treatment of wastewater and the system of wastewater collection having pollutant introduction are the primary activities. To ensure protection of the health of the public, regulatory bodies need to have an oversight on these activities that include associated facilities like operation, construction, design and planning. For simulating and modeling a new proposed idea, the system dynamics is suitable because various types of storage and flow of water are in the water cycle. Water scarcity is led in various regions of the world due to urbanization and progress of economies and the rapid growing demand of water.

read more…

January 21, 2013

Getting Things Done vs. Circle of Simplicity

The books that will be compared and contrasted in this essay will mainly be aimed at enhancing productivity and relieving stress. The goal of many Americans is become as much productive as possible; however, the two authors state that blind “doing” is not only useless but also brings forth stresses as well as exhaustion. These two books are two awesome sources that can be used by businessmen and women to get maximum productivity rates, live a serene life that lack disturbing thoughts and enjoy the job.

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6 Rooms Of Culture

The economic culture of Russia is which is a country holding a land mass is 6.6 million square miles which is 1.8 times bigger than that of the United States bends towards a collective communism. Although the United States records a higher GDP under the capitalism economic culture, Russians support a collectivistic economic culture of mutual support that have helped the nation achieve higher growth rate, industrial and agriculture investment percentage than the United States. The U.S. practice an individual private enterprise economic culture of free trade or capitalism, which advocate for least government engagement in trade and industrial investment except enacting laws to harmonize trade and commerce. United States approves of individualism culture that rewards development of private enterprise unlike the Russian communism culture that is protectionist in nature: it protects the Russian industrial and agriculture investment from global competition. Unlike the United States where investment of private enterprise is protected by a code of ethics, Russian investment in private sector is interfered with by government, mafia and local factors that are approved by government to protect internal economy and support regional institutions of development. In 1993, Russians adopted socialistic communism once again after cancelling privatization and capitalism business practices introduced a few decades earlier. Therefore, the main difference between U.S. economic culture and Russia is that Americans approve of capitalism while Russian advocate for communism. read more…

January 17, 2013

Study Designs and Threats to External and Internal Validity

The study design strategy describes the ways in which people fall into distinctive groups and the ways in which the variables are manipulated to respond to one or more evaluation questions. A classic example of a design strategy is when individuals are separated into two groups and one group participates in an experimental program (receives the treatment) while the second participates in a placebo program (does not receive the treatment). Most problems are always due to poor design of the study. A good study design strategy provides a comprehensible description of various groupings of individuals. It also shows how manipulation of variables occurs in attempt to answer different evaluation questions. A clear distinction emerges when the groups comprise people with varying roles and responsibilities. The study design consists of a range of elements that includes measurement accuracy and the unit of recorded measure. Gauging the resulting outcomes of a study design would mainly depend on the baseline. A great variation exists between the experimental studies and non-experimental studies. The researchers may also consider the upstream and downstream causes. The reality that an individual or groups participate in and experimental program do not stop others from participating in programs in which they have exceptional interest. The individuals who participate in such group are subject to specialized treatment as compared to others. The second group comprises individuals whose primary aim is to participate in placebo program where they do not receive any specialized treatment.

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Psychological Attributes Exhibited By the Aging in the Movie – On Golden Pond

Aging influences human psychological attributes in a number of ways. Though commonly alleged that “old is gold” there are a number of aspects that reveal that human actions or inactions are shaped by the way people interact with others, their learning capability, personality inclinations, memory wellness, and issues that motivate them among others (Mather and Carstensen 390-456; Park, Denise and Schwarz 43-67). read more…

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