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January 14, 2013

Health and Justice

The responsibility of healthcare in the United States has distinct features in the recent years especially based on the formation of the federal government. This has emerged due to the single vital forces that shape the heath care unit. The development has led to the indulgence of Washington and other policy makes so that they can find a suitable way of dealing with the health care system. The domestic key areas have been taken the initiative of involving the government role in heath care unit. There is no level of the government, both federal and local has its own entire autonomous space of acting. All the three interacting spheres of action have these levels that interact in manner that shapes their strategies and financial levels leading to effective development of the health car aspects. read more…

Gender Difference in Executive Compensation

It is appalling to note that in today’s world gender equality has not been achieved. Today, a less number of women attain executive managerial positions in the workplace compared to their male counterparts yet they possess similar or even more skills and experience. It is also evident that women earn less in the course of their career. Women are also likely to hold most junior positions in any workplace setting in America. There exists a difference between the pay awarded to women and men in top jobs and this can be attributed to firm size, occupational segregation, level of education, industrial segregation and individual demographic characteristics. This paper is to identify the pay differences that exist between men and women who hold executive jobs.

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January 9, 2013


1. Compliance as the term implies, means the conformity to a set of rules, standards and regulations provided by the compliance unit in an entity. A business unit such as fund management is driven by the need to maximize profits through the development of new products and services for consumers. Compliance is paramount for ensuring the minimal or lack of occurrence of fraudulent activities in an entity. Hence acceptance of new products should be in line with the need for an organization to ensure that their development and production should be in line in with the organizational procedures used in the process.

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Mixed Farming

This paper analyses mixed farming in the context of pure pastoralism and crop production. In many parts of the world today i.e. Western Australia, most parts of Asia, and East and West Africa; peri-urban pastoralist today have intensified livestock rearing by feeding the animals farm products. Consequently, the animal manure is used in the farms. There is, however, some differences areas, which livestock-crop interaction can be explained through Bourdieu’s’ theory of habitus and capital (Bourdieu, 211).

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Leadership and management

The team decided to settle on the manager of the company. According to the research carried out and the information obtained from the public, the manager was found to be a highly educated, strong and competent leader. Additionally, it was also discovered that he managed to bring great changes to the organizations he had worked before. At college level, he attained a degree in accounting where he was able to secure a job as an accountant in one of the high profile organizations. While still working at the company as an accountant, he decided to register for his master’s course. read more…

December 19, 2012

Paradise Lost

The common structures of heroism in narratives usually arise from an individual who has faced challenges, but has managed to reinstate his or herself. The audience is more likely to establish a connection with an oppressed individual who is struggling, than an endowed individual. The core reasoning behind this is mainly inspiration (Lost 8). In the same thought, a show of courage is more admirable than that of submission. Milton’s literary piece, Paradise lost, has received controversies by many scholars regarding his use of characterization to achieve heroism. Paradise lost paints a picture of hell and heaven, as well as angels and human beings. Biblical and other teachings have led most people to associate God as a hero and Satan as a villain. However, Milton’s work gives an insight into Satan’s “side of the story”, which may in some ways depict him as a heroic figure (Murphy 4).

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Term Paper

“Core questions in philosophy” is a book that focuses on basic ideas and thoughts of philosophy. It defines philosophy as a discipline dedicated to constructing theories and evaluating arguments. The W principle introduced in this unit, advocates for giving questions considerate thoughts and response. The W principle instills autonomy and use of critical thinking, principles philosophy warmly embraces. This paper explains the relevance of the W principle and reason as a way of acquiring knowledge.

The W principle is true: Thoughts refer to applying needed consideration when answering a question. Consideration refers to kind awareness of others feelings, thoughts and circumstances. These two principles are important in the answering of questions in order to attain the right response, making the W principle true.

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