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December 19, 2012

Philosophy questions

Question 1 (a)

Due to the fact that John has a genetic predisposition for performing benevolent acts, his actions of helping people trapped in the World Trade Center have no moral value. There is value in his action but there is nothing moral about it, but since people will not tell that John is genetically predisposed or inclined to be benevolent, they will attach moral value to his action anyway. Looking at the consequences themselves makes the action even more morally valuable to witnesses in that people in trouble are given assistance regardless of whether this person is genetically predisposed to help. John Deserves credit for helping since genetics alone would not have made him available for help, meaning there is so much he has done to make himself ready to help in this particular tragedy. Kant’s ideas on the categorical imperative would not approve of John’s behavior given that he is doing the helping because of inclination, and Kant believes that anything done from inclination lacks goodwill.

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Book Review : “The world America made” by Robert Kagan

Kagan is prominent American writer and analyst who have gained publication in various ways. He is known for his analytical skills and ability to convince people and readers of his literally material to believe his points of view. He has written several books and newspapers articles through which the world came to know the potential and knowledge he holds. In several cases, several leaders rely upon him in strategizing various issues affecting their leadership and the people they serve. He literature is been read by prominent American political leaders who find his argument and points of view positive and applicable for the interest of American.

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December 18, 2012

How Large-Scale Climate Patterns Effect the Dynamics of Arctic Caribou Populations

The changes of the organisms depend on the changes of the population. A population refers to the number of individuals of a particular species. There are things that render to its survival like food, water and shelter in an area for natural organisms. Population dynamics deals with how population is affected by birth and death rates immigration and emigration and also by aging population and population decline. There is a strong link between global development challenges and changes in population growth and people distribution. Although the mortality rate of people in developing world, where life expectancy is low due to poverty and lack of economic growth, they tend to experience low working force and an aging population. In countries that experience high income rates there tends to be a slow growth rate and the life expectancy tends to be high, this leads to stagnation of the growth of people where it is either stagnant or it declines.

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Goals and Disabilities

Plans for the future
After completion of high school Jill would like to join a higher learning institution where she will pursue an education course. Jill had a passion in teaching and writing novels where she even had a copy of her own composition of a novel where she had hopes of its being published. She enjoyed playing tennis and had joined several clubs in school which included drama and wildlife due to her love in music and nature. She hopes to work with organizations that help the disabled and teach those children who are disable.

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Christina Rossetti

Psychology is considered as the study of human behavior and the mind which help us understand why people act the way they do. On the other hand poetry is an art or a media where people express themselves and their deep and hidden thoughts and emotions; it is one form of art that is used to reflect hidden beliefs and passion as well. There are many people whose work of poetry has been used to address some sensitive psychological aspects. For this particular case, we are going to examine the works of Christina Rossetti and how they relate to psychology or in other words, we are going to look at the psychology in the poems of Christina Rossetti.

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Field Observation Reflection Essay

Observations with specific reference to Diversity

From the observations made, the demographics of the US are changing and the nation’s demographic condition is becoming more diverse. The country is experiencing a shift with the number of nonwhite students increasing in the classrooms. The number of only whites is going down as more diverse cultures become integrated in the classrooms. To teacher used the method of mixing the students randomly in the class to ensure cultural diversity. The stereotypes about culture were dealt is such a way that the multicultural teachers are available in the schools to teach the children. This will make the students appreciate the importance of cultural diversity. The teacher also used the same content as seen from the book he uses to teach all the students in the class. He dissects the book to ensure that all the students get the chance to learn despite their cultural differences. The teachers also aim at understanding each and every student as an individual and not pool them together. Additionally, the teachers allow the students to organize themselves for clubs and extra curriculum activities. This organization brings together students of different cultural backgrounds but similar interests.

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Kaska First nation

A. Pre-contact

Kaska Dena have dwelled in a mountainous land of over 240,000 square kilometers in the north-western British Columbia, southern Northwest Territories, and southeast Yukon for many years. This was long before any history was record and territorial borders as well as provincial land came into existence. Kaska has five traditional groups which are today referred to as first nations. These groups as in British Columbia include: the Daylu Dena council living at Lower post (Daylu); the Dease River a First nation living at Good Hope Lake; and the Kwadacha a First nation living at Fort ware, found at Prince George’s north, BC. The groups in Yukon include: the Ross River Dena a council living at Ross River, and the Liard a First nation living at Watson Lake.1 The groups ever since time in memorial speak Athapaskan dialect. They share the same dialect with their neighbors; the Tagish and Tahltan. Kaska are actively involved in trading activities since the arrival of Hudson’s bay company at around 1835.

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