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December 17, 2012

Sustainability Marketing

Green marketing refers to a market system that ensures goods and services are sold based on the benefits to the environment. A product may be beneficial to the environment, or may be produced and packaged in a manner that does not pollute the environment. The concept is used by manufactures to ensure that the manufacturing activities and the final products are friendly to the environment.

The change in environmental laws with the aim of ensuring there is no ambiguity in the existing environmental regulation acts. For example, the 2002 environmental protection Act. The national change in laws also reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring success of green marketing concept. Reusing, recycling and remanufacturing products to reduce the amount of waste products in the environment. Several organizations organize seminars that aim at educating the public and producers on the importance and benefit keeping the environment clean. For example, Community social responsibility by companies has seen many companies carrying out activities that inform members of the public, and provide training on how to reuse or recycle their household products.

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Guns Belongs In Our School

Guns belongs to our school and this is something which can very well be proved by the number of guns which are found in the hands of students and the crimes these students are committing using guns. The matter is so serious to an extend that some students are even involved in trading with guns. Guns are available in schools, especially high school level where the students are in the bracket of thirteen to nineteen years. These students are involved in many crimes and mostly they have been found to posses guns. School is a collection of the members of almost the same age group; therefore there is the aspect of peer influence where the students can gang and commit crimes using guns in most cases.

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Samuel Huntington

Samuel Huntington was a patriot, a statesman and a jurist in the American Revolution. In the delegate position continental congress, Samuel signed Article of confederation and Declaration of Independence; he served as the leader of the Continental Congress, Continental Supreme Court chief Justice and also Governor of Connecticut.

Samuel was the oldest son in the family of ten though he was the fourth born; he educated himself since in common schools he had limited education. At the age of 16, Samuel apprenticed as a cooper and assisted his parents on the plantation at the same time. Through the borrowed books from the local lawyers, Samuel got his education; in 1754, he joined the bar and relocated to Norwich Connecticut to start practicing law. In 1761, he married Martha Devotion, and since they did not have children, they adopted his brother’s children when his brother died.

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Magnetic Resource Imaging

Before going through any process of medication, it is important for medical test to be done in order for the doctors to have an idea of the disease the patient is suffering from for better medication to be provided. The process of medical test and medication should keenly done for the best cure, therefore, in order for patients to go through better medication process, there is need for them to go through the process under the guidance and instructions of the medical practitioners (Prayer, 2011). Moreover, doctors should also choose a better process of medication that will not have negative effects to their patients. Medical practitioners use many processes in providing medication. Some of these methods, although are describe as the best, always have impacts to the patients. Therefore, they need to study these processes and let the patients know the kind of treatment they need to go through and some of the impacts to give the patient time to think about the process of medication that they need to go through. In case the patients are not ready and willing to accept the process, they need to look for other process of medication.

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Apple Internal Analysis

Appraisal of Apple’s Financial Performance
During the 2011 fiscal year, Apple`s total sales reached $ 46.33 billion, its earnings per share in the same period stood at $ 13.87, while its net income was $ 17.34 billion. Comparing its 2011 performance to that of 2010, it is evident that the company increased its sales by a margin of 63.89%, net income by 97.25% and per share earnings were boosted by 96.74%. Similarly, it s gross margin performance in 2011 was 44.68% higher compared to 2010 third quarter (Michaels 2012, par. 2). The company`s net margin and operating margin increased by 37.42% and 28.2% respectively. All the profitability ratios registered substantial growth and this can be attributed to the significant decline in operating costs by approximately 7.26% from 2010 to 2011 (Apple Financial Statements 2012, p. 5).

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Britain and the formation of the Arab gulf state

The formation of the arab gulf states has been one with its challenges. However, with the assistance of the british, they were able to get to their feet. By the end of the world war, the Arab Gulf States were weak. The local leaders were therefore able to maintain autonomy with the help of the british.brittain were able to find oil in Iraq after the World War I. This marked the beginning of booming economy in this gulf state. It was evident that the Britain had a substantial influence on the Gulf States especially when it came to Britain origin can be traced back to the control of oil. The British Empire was undoubtedly one of the biggest empires in history. During it formation, its population was about 500 million people which was almost a quarter of the world’s population. By mid 19th century, Britain enjoyed the autonomy of being the sole developed hyper power. In this regard thus it enjoyed a prosperity that was unparalleled (Ḥusain 56).

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December 14, 2012

Final Exam early American history

Part I.

1-The Old South

The South developed as a distinct region between 1820 and 1860 as a result of slavery such that the South served as the globe’s biggest slaveholding society. The southerners’ nonslaveholders and slaveholders, black and white created a culture that differed from the North. Slavery in the South had an influence on Southern’s laws, customs and economic values, as well as, the area’s association with the country. In spite of its distinctiveness as a region, it does have similarities with the North in that its geographic size is similar to the geographic size in the North. The North and the South also had the same experiences of the American Revolution. Moreover, both the North and the South believe in the American mission, share a common language as they live under the same constitution. The North and the South also contributed to the country’s economic growth (Davidson 245).

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