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July 24, 2015

Mental retardation


To begin with, it is necessary to highlight that intellectual disability is a better-suited term for such notion as mental retardation. The main characteristics include the lack of skills to perform day-to-day tasks as well as below-average intelligence. It is possible for people with intellectual disability to learn new skills. However, this process is going to be really slow.

Speaking about the signs of intellectual disability in children, they are as follows: crawling, rolling over, sitting up or walking late; talking late or having problems with it; having difficulties with remembering information; mastering things slowly; behavior problems, having difficulties with problem-solving and connecting actions to consequences.

It is also important to dwell upon causes of intellectual disability which include various generic conditions, illness, injury, problems during childbirth or pregnancy. Apart from that, there are cases when the cause of intellectual disability is unknown. In case you are willing to read more on the issue of intellectual disability as well as familiarize yourself with some examples regarding the subject in question, feel free to visit … Mental retardation

Multiple personality disorder


Multiple personality disorder is also known as dissociative identity disorder. As you have already guessed, this disorder presupposes that two or even more distinct or split personalities are present in the person’s mind. These personality states have power over the behavior of a person. What is more, the person is unable to control these states.

What is interesting to highlight is that each of these personalities can be of different gender, race, age and even occupation. Obviously, these personalities have a distinct way of talking as well as their own gestures and posture. Those people who have multiple personality disorders tend to experience the following symptoms: mood swings, depression, sleep disorders, panic attacks, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, eating disorders and some others. It is quite common for a person with a multiple personality disorder to be doing things which they would not normally do. For instance, they can drive recklessly, speed or even steal money from their family. In order to familiarize yourself with a detailed characteristics of a multiple personality disorder, do not hesitate to proceed to … Multiple personality disorder

Social anxiety


As you have already understood, social anxiety disorder presupposes that the person is afraid of social situations. People who suffer from it are likely to avoid communication in public as they are worried that they will be closely watched or even judged.

To be more specific, a person who has social anxiety disorder is afraid that they are going to make mistakes in public or that they will embarrass themselves. What is more, they also fear that they will be humiliated in front of others. What is also necessary to highlight is that social anxiety may turn into a panic attack which is even worse as the person will be unable to control their emotions.

Here are the most common symptoms which indicate that the person has social anxiety disorder: intense anxiety when the person has to deal with social situations; regular avoidance of those situations; increased heart beat; sweating; blushing, shaking, muscle tension or even diarrhea. In order to learn more about other important details regarding the issue in question, feel free to visit …

 Social anxiety

Effect of sexual abuse on personality


There is no doubt that such negative experience as sexual abuse is going to have a tremendous impact on personality, especially when it has occurred at a young age. This issue is complex which presupposes that there are lots of aspects to take into consideration.

To begin with, the person may start to have personality disorders as it is not that easy to get used to the fact that you have been sexually abused and to go on with your life. Thus, a lot of people create some other imaginary personality and start being that person. Some people cannot deal with reality and quite often think about committing suicide or even attempt it.

What is more, people who have been sexually abused tend to have communication problems as they no longer see other people as innocent human beings who mean no harm. It is much harder for them to start trusting others again. In addition, it is also quite common to experience social anxiety as well as anxiety in general. Want to take a look at a properly conducted research? Do not hesitate to go to …

Effect of sexual abuse on personality

Bipolar depression


A lot of people are familiar with such notion as bipolar disorder. However, not that many people know what bipolar depression is. Here is what you need to know about it.

To begin with, bipolar depression presupposes that the person is going to experience depressive moods which are connected with bipolar disorder. Thus, these are those moments during which the person is feeling down.

Speaking about symptoms of bipolar depression, they include the following: being depressed most of the day; the feeling of emptiness; difficulty sleeping; either significant weight loss or weight gain; loss of interest in activities which one considered to be enjoyable; loss of energy; fatigue; agitation; the feeling of worthlessness; concentration problems, difficulty with decision making and suicide thoughts…

Bipolar depression

Internet advertising


When you are dealing with such issue as internet advertising, you realize that there are lots of aspects to take into consideration. For instance, you will most likely need to dwell upon those ways in which it is possible to make internet advertising effective. What it presupposes is that you will need illustrate examples at this point.

As soon as you get down to research, you will realize that the amount of information which you need to cover is huge. What is more, it is also necessary to come up with proper examples as it is the best way to illustrate your point of view. However, it all takes time which you may not have.

In case you are currently trying to deal with such issue as internet advertising and you are not sure whether you are able to cope with everything on time, feel free to take a closer look at all necessary materials, appropriate examples as well as statistic data regarding such issue as internet advertising by going to … Internet advertising

Childhood obesity


Childhood obesity is a very serious issue which is why it requires proper attention. The first concern is the health of children. The thing is that they may experience heart and lung problems in case they do not do anything in order to lose weight. What is even worse, it may lead to some very serious health problems in future.

Apart from that, children who are obese tend to be bullied at school quite often. Obviously, it is wrong to judge someone based on their appearance. However, bullying can affect the child in a very serious way which presupposes that they are likely to experience lots of psychological problems in future such social anxiety, lack of confidence or even depression.

Conducting a proper research is the first thing you need to do in order to deal with the issue in question. In case you do not have enough time to do that at the moment, feel free to familiarize yourself with all available materials regarding the issue under consideration at … Childhood obesity

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