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December 19, 2012

Book Review : “The world America made” by Robert Kagan

Kagan is prominent American writer and analyst who have gained publication in various ways. He is known for his analytical skills and ability to convince people and readers of his literally material to believe his points of view. He has written several books and newspapers articles through which the world came to know the potential and knowledge he holds. In several cases, several leaders rely upon him in strategizing various issues affecting their leadership and the people they serve. He literature is been read by prominent American political leaders who find his argument and points of view positive and applicable for the interest of American.

He has not only a patriotic but also an active member of the American community who value and advocates the United States should remain to be a superpower for the sake of civilization and democratic world. The World America Made is one of his recently developed books whose influence has been realized in the recently ended election (Kagan, 34). It is a political and leadership oriented form of literature; its review and analysis would help to develop an understanding what it contains and its meaning. Its largest fraction covers issues on American internal affairs, international relations, and global situations.

The book represents some key decisions made by the American people and leaders since the end of the World War 2. It is clear the American power and domination to the world was gained during and after the war. However, it is evidenced that the power and control it had has declined over the years at an alarming rate. Kagan is categorically concerned about what will happen when America looses control of what it used to be proud of for years. He is concerned that other powers are coming up while American influence declines. The book points out that foreign policy maker have failed to capture the reality while they base their conclusion and judgment on the past. This result into development of policies is sometimes suicidal to American dream and those of its allies.

United States continue to lack the ability to deal with many issues. This is unlike in the past when it dealt with an issue after the other successfully. For example, it fought successful during the cold war but is has not been able to deal with issues surrounding China and is not expected to have a solution any time soon. Issues on terrorism and war in Iraq Afghanistan and many other battle fields are sing and symbols of how America is losing its power and control. He states “anyone who recalls the way America succeeded in the Watergate, Vietnam, stagflation and in the energy crisis of 1970s, would wonder if the same super power is still in control today”.

Mr. Kagan takes a reader through a series of analysis some misfortunes and outcomes within the American internal affairs. Political gridlock been experienced in United States over the last few decades leads into division among the American people. It can be heard from near that it used to be any other time that some states have started fighting for separation from the union of states. This might be a starting for what might be a split of what is referred as most used and democratic country ion the world. What would America tell the world when it reaches such a point. The education score in United States has fallen at an alarming rate. What used to be a source and tower of knowledge for the young ones of the national has become a destructive point where poor learning and modification of behavior takes place. Economic performance in United States is the other pin pointed by the book. Kagan is concerned that America may end up into situations experienced in Europe while lead to the decline of some powerful countries such as Britain, France and Greece (Kagan, 54). This comes at a time when other upcoming superpowers such as China are at their high speed to establish their economic growth projected to overtake United States prosperity.

Military issues are also addressed in the book. A country’s domination to the world is measured with its economic and military mighty. This is to ensure that a country is in a position to influence both from resource point of view and fighting mighty. Asia countries lead by China are increasing growing at an alarming rate as far as economic prosperity is concerning. It is also clear that China could be a sleeping giant which might be over the year been building its military strength behind the scene. The country has not been involved into internal war conflicts and hence it is not easy to capture its strength. It might therefore be unfortunate to United States if one day it wakes up and find that there is another power taking control of the world affairs.

Kagan points out that control of the country had in the international decision-making and activities have declined significantly. This is the reason why in United Nation and G8 decision making domination of US has declined significantly. The war in Iraq, which started in the year 2003, is one of key examples which indicated that America might find itself on its own while dealing with international issues. This is because of the fact only 38 countries were in support of the invasion in one way or the other. Surprisingly, no one would have thought that countries such as France and Germany would be against the move (Kagan, 120). This implies that many countries are in recent decades becoming against foreign policies and points of view of United States.

In summary, the book The World America Build contains ideas by a prominent and critical analyst Mr. Kagan. The ideas presented tries to open minds and eyes of the American people, political leadership, and policy makers to understand that the world is no longer the same as it used to be. The book assist is exposing events and their effects surrounding United State and its internal and foreign affairs. The domination of the country in the world we are living today is declining due to lack of proper and effective approach where dealing with things which matter. All the effects made before, during and after the world war 2 are coming into drain simply due to lack of change on how to deal with certain aspects based on the existing situation and changing situation. Decisions makers are still viewing issues from old versions, which cannot be applicable in this digital world where people have civilized people, have decided to love peace and hate war.

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