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March 22, 2013

Effects of Negative Early Childhood Development on Future Development

Early childhood is the stage at which children are curious to know what is happening in their surrounding, thereby increasing knowledge, consequently learning how to communicate as well as express themselves. Early childhood helps to build a child’s personality. It is at this crucial development stage that parents should be interested in what their children do, in order to encourage as well discourage negative behaviors from a tender age. It is for this reason that the research paper seeks to establish the existence or lack of existence of a relationship between negative early childhood development and future development. It is important to appreciate the fact that children learn more when they are young.

Negative early childhood development and its impact on future development are the variables for the assignment. The variables were drawn from countries with populations living under extreme poverty levels. ILO estimates that over 250milion children are prone to negative early childhood development. Due to the poverty levels in under which some populations in the world live under, children find themselves working as laborers. Again, parents of these children engage in physical or psychological abuse due to frustrations, which negatively affects children development. Different forms of abuse and negligence towards children by their parents or significant others affect their physical, social, and psychological development.
The method used to come up with the research findings for the study was multiple regression and use of specific indicators. The variables were based on the population of people living under extreme poverty. The research utilizes secondary data collected from previous surveys.

Participants were drawn from different nations of the world with majority of the population living under extreme poverty levels. Majority of the participants were children (Harriet, 2002). The report goes ahead to indicate that more than 2.9 million children have been neglected and abused globally. This statistics are statistics reported by child protective agencies (Harriet, 2002).

Investigating the effects of negative early childhood development on future development is a demanding task. For example, it is difficult to quantify how child labor affects the well-being of a child, as there are 3 stages of development. Nevertheless, it is possible to employ measures to control child labor. Research has shown that it is possible to improve the development of children who have been abused or neglected. Children that have been exposed to negative childhood development stand a risk of developing problems such as low self esteem in future. Compared to the past, research has shown that cases of child abuse and negligence have reduced in the recent past.

Negative early childhood development can have long term implications on children. Countries should integrate programs that will help to promote the welfare of children. Such programs help to understand children well as well reduce their exposure to violence and negligence (Harriet, 2002). Child neglect can have repercussions on psychological development. Research has shown interpersonal experiences determine the psychological maps children and adults have. Abuse not only affects psychological development, it also affects the formation of the brain.

Parents should be observant on what children consume from the social media. Despite the media addressing and trying to cover issues of child abuse the public is still not well informed about child abuse and what happens on the ground (Harriet, 2002). A different survey conducted in the United States showed that prevalence of most psychiatric disorders are correlated to child abuse.

Examples given in this paper are illustrations of child negligence and abuse and the effect they have on the children development. It is also important to appreciate that some of the correspondents were also not willing to disclose information about their past. The data used to substantiate this study was collected from cases in the past, which is a representative of what usually happens in the ground. The study in this case was limited to a particular sample in order to give accurate information.

It is important to appreciate that development in the modern world comes with different from of child abuse and neglect, resulting to varied causes of negative child development. Therefore, it is possible to continue with the research on effects of negative child development in future development because research is a continuous process. Records are updated as people report more cases every day.

It was noted that education and culture play a significant role in child development. Cultural beliefs play a role on early childhood development. Therefore, it is important for parents to invest widely on their children’s development at a tender age. Countries that understand the importance of early childhood development invest significantly on it. A child’s future development, and how they interact with others in different environments significantly depends on their upbringing.

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