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March 27, 2013

Single Subject Design

Case Summary
This research paper analyses the effects of changing one’s lifestyle to cope with the shifting situations of life. It is a challenging task to adapt to changes and preparations prior to altering with one’s normal lifestyle will be necessary. There are several reasons why people choose to change their lifestyles and this research paper looks at the causes and effects of choosing to have a baby. A couple that seeks to bring in new life in the world has to consider the work that is involved as well as giving the offspring the best chance to survival.This case looks at the Smith couple where James and Mary are planning to have a child. Mary is pretty optimistic about the prospect of a young one joining them, but she realizes that it is an uphill task and planning on their part that needs to be done. Having a baby will undoubtedly mean changing their way of life. They have to maintain a healthy life for the baby’s sake. This principle also applies to James because without his support, it will be a near impossible task for his spouse to adjust to the preferred lifestyle meant to guarantee their baby’s health.

Both of them are into their early thirties, but it is Mary’s health that needs to be prioritized. It is necessary for her to ensure her baby can access all the nutrients he will need and thus it will be necessary to defect from poor eating habits and strenuous activities. The couple should decide to visit a credible physician to offer sound advice. This will be directed on the habits that Mary needs to take up to enable her experience an optimally healthy pregnancy.

Mary will identify main factors and has to make certain she is ready for the baby. The first thing she requires is to boost her self-esteem. Having a high self esteem will motivate her towards changing her lifestyle for the benefit of the baby. Thinking and remaining positive during this process ensures that all goes well and that the baby finds the perfect conditions to be nurtured.
Based on advice from Mary’s physician, she also has to consider other factors. Help from James would be suitable in this situation as it is easier to plan for a healthy pregnancy with the help of a spouse. The contribution that James will make towards the pregnancy will assist to ease the responsibilities on Mary’s shoulders. The pregnancy translates to the fact that Mary will have to improve her health, and there are a number of ways she can employ to assist her towards this. This as earlier noted is vital because as long as Mary is not healthy, the baby will be in grave danger. Thus, choosing an appropriate lifestyle trend to boost her health will be essential.

The best methods that Mary can employ to improve her health is through a change in her diet. Opting to consume only natural foods with high nutritional values will be a good step towards improving her health. It will craft a favorable environment for the baby to grow up in. Cutting on alcohol intake from her diet along with sugary, spicy and salty foods will also be necessary.
Mary can also consider losing her weight as another option towards improving her health. Since she will gain more pounds in the course of her pregnancy, losing weight will give her body headway in remaining healthy. Lastly, Mary can also consider becoming more active. This increases her body metabolism especially if she engages in exercise. It ensures that the body can operate efficiently and store up enough energy for the pregnancy. Thus, this research paper uses Smith’s unique situation to illustrate the use of the Bloom and Block Model.

The dependent variables used in this case study analyze six different behaviors associated with Mary’s case. These behaviors illustrate the problem domain associated with this case study. These behaviors are;
Behavior 1: The amount of junk food consumed expressed by the number of cans of sugary beverages consumed as well as the number of biscuit boxes consumed.
Behavior 2: Mary’s weight in pounds expressed as a single unit before consumption of any fluids or foodstuff in the morning, measured by a digital scale.
Behavior 3: The vegetables as well as fruits consumed by Mary in a day expressed as the number of servings.
Behavior 4: The magnitude of exercise done by Mary in a day that is expressed by the actual active time spent in the gym and recorded in minutes.
Behavior 5: The number of walking steps done by Mary in a day that will be measured by a pedometer placed on Mary’s waistband.
Behavior 6: The intake of alcohol consumed by Mary in a single day expressed by the number of drinks taken.

In this situation, the baseline period is the time when information regarding the problem domain will be selected. The baseline period offers a perfect opportunity to gather information on Mary to assist in the decision making process. A baseline period of four weeks will be issued, and this will allow the designated data to be collected comprehensively. A methodical basis will be used to make sure that the time appropriated is adequate to collect the pertinent information. Also, the methods used to collect data will require the aforementioned time to allow for the data to correlate and produce coherent results.

The data collection techniques to be employed will be three. The first method that will be used is ethnography. This will involve the researcher immersing himself into the daily activities of Mary in order to observe her lifestyle trends. This is an effective way of getting first hand information as the researcher will interact with Mary as frequently as possible. This will allow the researcher to record appropriate activities and get an insight into Mary’s life and familiarize with the environment around her. This is normally a form of participant observation that yields specific results from direct interaction with the subject.

Another effective method of collecting this data will be through an interview. This enables the researcher to ask direct questions to obtain answers he might not otherwise get through observation. It also allows for direct interaction that allows the researcher to draw and gauge various reactions from the subject. For instance, the researcher might not be able to accurately record the amount of junk food consumed by Mary because she might do this in her private time outside the recording period. Interviews help the researcher understand the subject further and are ale to draw a reasonable conclusion out of the analysis performed. By asking specific questions, it will be possible to fill in any gaps that observation might not otherwise fill.

The other method that will be used in collecting this data during the baseline period is direct observation. In this instance, the researcher will have to watch certain trends without particularly participating in them. For instance, the diet of Mary will have to be observed from a neutral point of view in order to determine the exact improvements that need to be made. Direct observation will allow the researcher to observe instinctive activities that Mary might not be consciously aware of. This will be an important information source as it will allow for a thorough analysis. In the process of collecting this information, video recordings will be taken, and the use of photographs will be allotted as well.

Significance Level

A significance level of .05 will be selected to assess the scenarios of this case. This significance level is selected based on the health situation of Mary. It is necessary to assess the surrounding factors leading up to her pregnancy and her ability to maintain an optimally healthy pregnancy. The significance level is selected relates to the healthy condition of Mary who is prepared for a pregnancy. Apart from a few minor adjustments, Mary’s physician assures the couple that they are ready to have a baby.

The factors leading up to the selection of this significance level can be attributed to Mary’s stable health status. She does not have any immediate health diagnoses or concerns. This is backed up with a health profile that indicates normal response and performance. However, this approach is arrived at regardless of the fact that Mary needs to make adjustments to her diet in order to increase her nutritional intake. Her body metabolism is cued in with her immediate pregnancy nutritional needs as this will be important to boost her fertility and increase her activity levels. This will also shield her body from pronounced injuries. As much as these measures are just proactive, the general expectation is that Mary will be able to adjust to the necessary changers in order to facilitate a healthy pregnancy.

Similarly, Mary will have to implement a fitness routine and lose weight to enable her improve her health. The significance level of .05 selected applies to all the aforementioned behaviors in this case. This is because they are all interconnected towards the general well being of Mary and her anticipated pregnancy.

The intervention being used is Mary’s changing lifestyle. This is the independent variable that will determine Mary’s health and her ability to sustain a healthy pregnancy. The length of this intervention period is fourteen weeks. This intervention period is selected because Mary will have to take part in some of the activities that will have to be recorded. A significantly longer period of time will be needed as compared to the baseline period because it will focus on the implementation of an improved lifestyle schedule.

The activities that Mary will be involved in will be a direct upshot of the problem domain mentioned in the case. Some of these activities will revolve around taking a log of her daily alcohol consumption, vegetables and fruits intake as well as the eating of junk food. The information recorded at this stage has a convincing number of reasons to be effective. Firstly, it will facilitate the mode improvised by Mary to keep track of the changes in her lifestyle and if the intervention period is relevant. Secondly, a daily log will act as a reference point for the physician to evaluate Mary’s progress.

The other activities that Mary will be engaged in include participating in individual sessions with a nutritional counselor. This is vital as it allows for her to discuss any notable changes in her diet and other aspects that can be improved on. Another activity that Mary will engage in during this intervention period is attending by-weekly group nutritional classes. Unlike visiting a nutritional counselor, a group consisting of people experiencing similar situations to that of Mary will enable her to gather more knowledge about her situation.

She will be able to directly interact with the other people who will offer sound advice and offer useful opinions. By discussing her situation with others, Mary will be able to develop her self esteem because she can compare her situation with other people experiencing the same predicament. Mary will also have to attend a weekly fitness class in a gym to ensure she remains fit and exercised. Ensuring that her body remains in shape will have a direct influence on her pregnancy. A well exercised body can handle the rigors of a pregnancy, and it ensures that she will have enough energy to handle the strenuous process.<…>

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