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April 10, 2013

Online communication filtering

Generally, the social media have changed how we communicate. It is not long ago that people only used to communicate through mails, landline telephones or on a face to face basis. In the modern world, people send short messages, leave voice messages, send emails, use instant massagers, talk through online video phones, as well as interacting through the internet. In the internet, it is where a plethora of the social media has come to redefine communication.

Such redefinition has had an enormous effect on the entire paradigm of the social media by altering the basic rules of communication. This has been so specific especially to business people and their audience. One way method of communication at present entails business- to- customer or business-to-business has been replaced by a robust model of multidimensional communication. The model is now what technology is referring to as the social media.

The rules of the social media
To communicate effectively through the social media, it means understanding the rules of the world. The participants in the social media want to have a say, a meaningful dialogue, a personal interaction with each other, to be listened to, and to engage others and be involved in the process. The advantage of this communication is that it helps shape what the participants find useful and connect one another to engage in similar activities while having a plain talk.

To understand the social media, the communication have to be genuine and relevant to the time of communication. While understanding the kinds and tools of social media, the various mechanism implementations seems boundless as they share a common set of characteristic meeting the rules of social media.

Some of the common rules that govern the social media are defined by the five C’s of communication.

(a) Conversation- the communication on social media is no longer a one way process, broadcast or somehow on a passive audience. Social media is a two way conversations and usually multi-dimensional in nature that has to engages everyone.
(b) Contribution- social media encourage the contribution and the reaction of all those who are interested. Encouragement is the key issue here, and for this reason the social media solicits an interaction whether positive or negative and thus make it easy to contribute.
(c) Connection- accessing information on the internet today is only a click away. Social media thrives through connections within its own web vehicle and links of other sites, people, resources and automatic feeds. Participants can even create their own personalised connection sites.
(d) Collaboration- social media promotes an exchange of information between one person and the audience and amongst members by inviting participation. Creation of a simple and collaborative platform entails organising information for easy distribution.
(e) Community- the major characteristic of the social media is the creation of an online community. This is a fellowship and relationship with other people who share a common interest, attitude, and goals. Communities are quickly formed and communicate effectively. They enforce the creation of goodwill from members to host the organisation and bond it within the members. Although the community members are only virtual and they thus do not meet one another in person, they are more robust just like the live community.

Our greater goal is to study how the online communication has reshaped and restructured the people’s understanding of various social processes. Communication is a process where individuals participate in the creation and sharing of information with each other so as to reach a mutual agreement. Typically, communication entails a channel or the medium where information is conveyed where the internet is used in this case.<…>

When people communicate online, they should try as much as possible to use language that they should not be ashamed of on a one on one conversation. This is specifically common because most students prefer to hide under the guise of anonymity to attack their fellow students or the school administrators. Students have also been reported to be used by people to gain political supremacy and spread hate speech and propaganda.

When an email, a tweet, a feed, or a post is sent on the online medium, it can have a great impact on the writer. The intelligence unit can trace the source of a hateful message through the IP address of the machine used. Therefore hiding on the guise of anonymity is not secure enough to terrorise the minds of other social media users. The best thing to constructively enjoy the use of online media is to ensure responsibility of one’s actions when using the internet. As a recipient, it is also important to consider upholding their integrity in all communications. We have to ensure that we do not forward or share filtered messages on the internet. Users who have a history of creating and distributing such derogatory messages should be blocked from the system and their tweets, mails, and posts filtered for public awareness.

On the other hand, positive messages can earn a writer a good repute in the social media. In modern times, we have witnessed celebrities communicating with their followers through the social media. Politicians communicate their agendas through the social media. Artists speak to their fans via twitter or a post on their Facebook wall where all their worldwide fans can make contributions to the issues they raise. In essence, it is a very important factor to consider when making a tweet as it can cause peace or war. Users must exercise a high degree of caution in the social media communication.

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