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December 26, 2017

Labor unions essay sample


When dealing with the subject of labor unions, the first thing to do is to find answers to several questions. They are as follows: what is a labor union? How does it work? What is the main aim of this organization?

So, any labor union in the United States of America legally represents workers of many industries. Their main aim is to provide collective bargaining regarding benefits, wages, health conditions as well as represent the members of the union when some disputes arise.

14, 5 million people have been the members of labor unions in the United States of America in 2013. Speaking about those employees that are most likely to join a labor union, one is definitely going to mention government workers, city employees, police and teachers. Quite often these are male workers who are older and are citizens of California, the Midwest and the Northeast. What is important to understand that labor unions also have a political factor. What it means is that their members are advocates of health care, trade policy, living wage and immigrant rights campaign. In order to familiarize yourself with more detailed information, proceed to …

Juvenile crime essay sample


To begin with, a juvenile delinquent is the person who is under the age of 17. If this criminal were an adult, they offence they have committed would have been charged as a crime. Obviously, the consequences would be different as well. However, there are cases when juvenile delinquents are tried as adults. It depends on the severity of the crime which they have committed. In other cases, they are likely to undergo a specific procedure which presupposes that their cases will be dealt with at juvenile detention centers and juvenile courts.

The statistic data show that most juvenile crimes are non-violent. However, there are exceptions. There are three categories into which juvenile offending can be divided. They are as follows: delinquency, criminal behavior and status offenses. These cases will be dealt with in different institutions depending on the exact type of offence. Speaking about sex differentiation, statistic data show that juvenile crime is mostly committed by men. One may assume that it is because of the fact that young boys have their own ideas of masculinity. As a result, it drives them to offend. Find out more about it here …

Junk food essay sample


Junk food still remains a major problem these days. Children are usually the ones who consume it in large quantities which leads to health problems. The main one is obesity, of course. What is more, it is not only about body shape. The main and more important concern is their health as obesity can lead to heart problems.

There is no doubt that junk food can be hard to resist. Apart from that, forbidding everything is probably not the best way of raising a child. However, everything should have limits. There is nothing wrong with eating junk food once in a while. What is important to understand is that it should not occur every day. In addition, children have access to all kinds of junk food at schools which is the reason why this problem should be solved on the national level as well.

If one starts digging deeper, one realizes how harmful junk food actually is to our organism. If you are interested in that kind of information, do not hesitate to learn more at …

Iraq United States relations essay sample


There is a lot to dwell upon regarding the relations between the United States of America and Iraq. However, the way these relations are developing nowadays is probably of major interest. Undoubtedly, it is important to mention the Iraq war in this respect. It was an armed conflict that started on 20 March 2003. In other words, there was an invasion in Iraq. It was led by the United States of America. Yet, the United Kingdom and some coalition allies took part in it as well.

The war resulted in occupation of Iraq. Saddam Hussein, who was the leader of the Ba’ath Party, was executed. However, it is also significant to keep in mind that after that Al-Qaeda emerged. What is more, civil war started in Iraq.

The United States of America as well as some other countries still continue to help restore peace and stability in Iraq. To be more specific, sufficient aid has been given to assist with reconstruction of the country. Apart from that, the country debt was forgiven which has helped to restore economic relations between Iraq and Western countries. Do not hesitate to read more about that at …

Intelligence and IQ testing essay sample


We are inclined to believe that an IQ test is the ultimate source of someone’s level of knowledge. In other words, most people are convinced that IQ tests are the most reliable ones in terms of determining how smart a person is.

However, the situation is slightly different. The thing is that an IQ test cannot fully define the whole intellectual potential of a person. What is more, it definitely does not cover all areas. In addition, it is also important to understand that those tests are designed to measure someone’s abilities to think logically as well as to apply mathematical skills.

Obviously, you are aware of the fact that someone’s intelligence is not only defined by the ability to apply logical thinking to every situation. What is more, there are lots of fields in which a person can be an expert and a huge amount of them has nothing to do with analytical thinking. So, it is probably fair to mention that an IQ test is merely a way of finding out more about one’s intellectual capacity but it is definitely not the only one. Find out more here …

Hunger essay sample


We live our everyday lives, run errands and do things we are supposed to do which means that we are quite often busy and forget about the fact that hunger is still a huge problem. What is important to understand is that hunger is still a serious issue, especially in the majority of African countries.

It is significant to mention a few statistic facts in this respect in order to comprehend how huge the problem is. So, 850 million people are undernourished in the world these days. In other words, it presupposes that one in nine people cannot be completely healthy or lead an active life because of the fact that they cannot get enough food. Not that many people are aware of the fact that hunger is considered to be the number one health risk worldwide. This problem is even more serious that AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The good news is that this problem can be solved. What is more, these days there is enough food for everyone in the world. In order to find out more about the ways in which this issue can be tackled, proceed to …

Human rights essay sample


How much do we know about human rights? What exactly are they? It is possible to exercise human rights in all countries? Has the situation changed much in ten years? Probably, these are major questions to answer when one is dealing with the issue of human rights. Human rights are fundamental and every person has the right to use them regardless of their race, nationality, gender, ethnicity, skin color, sexual orientation or social status.

What is important to understand in this respect is that any human being has these rights as well as the opportunity to make use of them any minute. In such a way, we can say that human rights are universal as they work all over the world and are protected by national and international law.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in 1948 in Paris by the United Nations General Assembly. Basic ideas regarding human rights helped to evoke the human rights movement that gained its popularity after the Second World War, especially after the atrocities of the Holocaust. If you are interested in finding out more about the history of the human rights, do not hesitate to go to …

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