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September 19, 2017

How to manage children with special needs



Children with special needs require a special treatment. But it does not mean that only specially trained people can work with a disabled child or that no common approach will work with a special kid. What such young people actually need is patience and common sense of caregivers who often fail to understand the child.

Just like any other kids, special children need to interact with the others. Though many of them are capable of understanding interlocutors and responding to them in some way, people usually avoid addressing such kids directly unless they had a special training. Other children may be scared by their impaired peers or they intend to bully them. Practically everyone communicates with special kids through their parents so that children do not get enough social interaction even if they are ready for it.

Good understanding is the key to communicate effectively with kids. Special children may respond in different ways, and caregivers shall take some time to understand what any particular child’s behavior means. It is always better to consult with the parent to understand special kids better.

The most feared thing about children with special needs is that they require flexibility. Indeed, educators who worked out their perfect teaching method and apply it to all students will be disappointed – special children require more of their attention and an individualized approach. Teachers and instructors shall be ready to give more time and support to special children as it is the only way to catch up with peers.

How to find and obtain a job in a tough market



The labor market is more competitive today than it has ever been. Smart, educated, and experienced employees are practically everywhere in big cities and many of them search for a job just like all recent college graduates do. Companies will inevitably choose the experienced ones because they are more productive and cheaper to hire. At this place, applicants need to think carefully about skills and benefits they have among those advantaged applicants.

As the job market is really huge these days, applicants shall narrow their search according to some specific criterion, which would allow people to concentrate better on creating the best resume. Speaking of which, the resume shall correspond current standards. Searching for suitable samples on the web, even applicants over 50 can show themselves capable of managing a present-day online communication.

When searching for a job, it is always a good idea to ask friends and former colleagues whether their company hires more people. A reference from the insider would put one’s application form on the top of the pile and give the applicant an extra advantage. If one’s resume looks quite promising to the employer, it is the right time to prepare for the interview. Good speaking skills and fluency in answering questions means a lot to employers.

Despite the difficulty getting hired, many respectable companies experience a problem finding an appropriate candidate. These are businesses that launched recently and search for apt employees. They frequently hire graduates without substantial working experience, expecting people to grow together with the company. Therefore, one’s prospects of finding a respectable job in the competitive environment are not so bad – just ask your friends or former colleagues about any news in the market or search through the net carefully.

How to improve the effectiveness of public education



K-12 public education is the only free of charge type of schooling in the US (except for a few types of fees commonly paid by parents) but it is also highly ineffective one. Private establishments are considered to catch the attention of rich parents but their children will flourish there unlike less fortunate peers. Obviously, in K-12, teachers are distressed and underpaid to the extent where they cannot work effectively and bring innovation for children to succeed.

To address the quality education, it is essential not only for students but for their teachers in the first place. The nation has chosen to empower doctors and lawyers rather than teachers, and today skilled and experienced educators are demanded in many establishments, including those paying higher salaries. Public schools offer little education to their staff, which gradually makes teachers “outdated” with their experience. Principals who see teachers not performing to the best of their abilities rush to punish the ineffective employee. In fact, teachers are punished for the bad performance of their children, because there is no better way to measure educator’s success in the classroom. It is important that principals empower and help their teachers to teach effectively instead of punishing them. Many teachers need critical thinking and problem-solving skills no less than their students.

Apart from teachers performance, it is important for schools to adopt technology-based curricula. Alongside, public schools need to break down classes into smaller ones and allow students to learn at their own pace. Some kids will finish their term earlier, the others will require more time to avoid the routine stress of lagging behind their peers. Customizing the tuition to every child will make it easier for teachers and students to cooperate and be productive.

How to cut superfluous spending

It is not only state or federal government that spends costs in the way we do not like. An irresponsible personal spending directly damages our financial security if we do not really pay attention to where our money flows. Though sometimes all of our purchases look necessary, it is not always true. If we make the list of our regular expenses and analyze it properly, we would find a few things to cross out of it. Tracking one’s expenses is the essential condition of managing personal finance wisely.

Irrational daily habits induce us to regularly spend money on items that we could get for much cheaper. Takeaway coffee or bottled water cost only a few dollars but create a large monthly bill. It would be more considerate to start making coffee ourselves and install filters for tap water.

Searching for unnecessary expenses, we always run into branded items. We like all those fashion clothes and fancy cosmetics so much, but is it really worth paying extra money for brand names? At least some of those expensive items can be substituted with cheaper products with the same characteristics. Going to a pharmacy, search for generics. Switching to the same substances produced by local manufacturers can save us a great deal of money in the long run.

Every day we use plenty of gas and electricity, and it is the right time to optimize our energy consumption. Installing LED light bulbs is the easiest way to cut electricity several-fold per month. Besides, we constantly have a deal with mobile and internet providers, and we can choose a cheaper one if we feel overcharged.

Most importantly, we regularly buy some luxuries that we simply do not need. Giving up impulsive purchasing is always the best way to regain financial stability.

How to reduce teen pregnancy rates



All over the Western countries, the rates of teen pregnancy gradually fall. It happened mostly due to the effective prevention measures that include informing teens and accessible contraception options.  Nevertheless, hundreds of girls are still getting pregnant every day, which means parents and teachers can do better to improve the statistics.

Providing an adequate information is the first step in preventing teenage pregnancy. Abstinence is certainly the safest bet but only if chosen by teenagers themselves. Informing children about “side effects” of unsafe sex, adults let them decide which path to choose – a risky or safe one. Importantly, sex education must include the section on contraception and its use. There are plenty of options in the market, but many pills and injections shall be prescribed by doctors and taken exactly according to the prescription. Despite the wide range of options, male condoms are the only contraceptives that prevent from STDs, which is crucial for teens to know.

An adequate sex education is a prior factor that determines views and attitudes of children, but the accessibility of contraception directly determines choices of young adults. Certainly, hormonal pills and injections are prescription drugs that cost more than a student can allow themselves. But condoms shall be accessible at all retail outlets and any public places (shops, night clubs, bars) where teenagers are most likely to purchase them. Prevention of STDs must be targeted alongside the reduction of teenage pregnancy, and the task of educators is to promote informed decisions among students.

How to empower students to become more politically active



Not only students but most Americans, in general, are not too active in politics. Supposed to make our way to democracy, we still do not believe we can change the course of events in Congress. Besides, many people hope that political rivalry has little to do with them and does not particularly changes their everyday life. But unfortunately, all of us are subject to the decisions of Congress people, which do not always look beneficiary. This is the reason why we shall define who represents our state and district in Congress. Thus, voting in the local elections is as important as casting a ballot for a President, and it is essential for students to participate.

Awareness is crucial for a person to make an informed political decision, and communities shall issue some printed periodicals or an online magazine about local politics. There are higher chances that students get more interested in local activists taking their course on Congress than in gossips around presidential candidates. Therefore, every district shall issue an informative and interesting political newspaper that is easily accessible online in the first place.

Participation in politics requires our will and an adequate organization of voting process. If we want students to vote, they must be able to do it whenever they are. Sending an absentee ballot is the common way to participate in elections while being away, but using a common post for voting looks obsolete. Authorities shall make it possible to vote online or e-mail an absentee ballot.

All in all, making politics easy to manage online would encourage more young people to participate. We also need more diverse mass media that do not take politics as an object for speculations.

Deep sea exploration and Space exploration



Exploring what is beyond the surface of the earth has always been a fascinating and virtuous task. No one knows what to expect from limitless space, and though oceans are much closer to us, we have explores merely 5 percent of all oceans on our planet so far. Concerning space, we have even less information taking into account that it has no limits. Nevertheless, we still do not fully understand what opportunities we can find inside those grand mysteries.

Current exploration of space continues to give us the hope of interstellar flights. This year, NASA celebrates 20 years of continuous exploration of Mars. Researchers have never been so close to setting foot on Red Planet, and futurist speculate about creating colonies there. Getting some extra space to build a house and enjoy surreal space landscapes does not seem so bad after all.

While space exploration does not seem to have any tangible benefits, the ocean can bring us more resources that are vital to continue living on the Earth. Deep waters hide not only plenty of marine species but also valuable plants and fossils. Though highly destructive, drilling of the sea shelf has become a new horizon for huge oil corporations. Importantly, exploration of oceans can warn us about ongoing earthquakes or tsunamis, and timely evacuation can save many lives at the very least.

Trying to look into the depths beyond our reach, we are afraid to face the unknown. Nevertheless, the excitement of diving or setting foot on other planets exceeds human fear and gives the impression that our abilities are higher than we think. Whatever we may find far far away, we will never know it until we explore new areas.

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