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October 19, 2017

Lowering the voting age


You have most definitely come across the discussion about the issue of lowering the voting age. Perhaps, you have even wondered why it is so widely discussed. Well, voting at 16 seems like something unacceptable because of the fact that the person seems to be too young to do that.

Yet, the most important thing to keep in mind is that young voters are the ones who are going to get their college degree as well as apply for their first job soon enough which is why the vector in which their country is going to develop is of great importance for them. They want to live in a country the government of which is able to represent their interests objectively which is the reason why they should be included in the voting process. Their whole life is ahead of them and they want their lives to be trouble-free. Apart from that, there are certain issues which they are concerned about which means that they want their voice to be heard as well.

October 17, 2017

How to solve the problem of illegal downloading?


Taking into account the number of people who still download content illegally, one realizes that not much is done in order to prevent it from happening. What is more, simple explanations why it is bad to download music, films or books illegally do not seem to work.

That is the reason why the only plausible way in which it is possible to solve this problem once and for all is the strict system of fines. There is no doubt that implementing this idea requires the team of IT experts to come up with some sort of software with the help of which it will be possible to determine who is downloading content illegally. Apart from that, one will also need to come up with the way in which a person is going to receive and pay their fine.

Yet, the general idea is that it may become quite effective as well as finally teach people why one needs to pay in order to get access to music, films, books or articles.

Human cloning issue: ethical or not?


Needless to say that human cloning is still a burning issue nowadays. Surely, you will come across lots of advantages of human cloning, especially when it comes to medical prospects of this field.

However, the issue of ethics will probably always be relevant when it comes to human cloning as a lot of people are convinced that it is simply wrong to clone others.

In case you are supposed to present the advantages of human cloning, keep in mind that you will need to allocate a lot of time on the research process as you need to show actual ways in which our society can benefit from human cloning. Surely, you will need to support those findings with facts, statistic data as well as successful examples in case they already exist. Providing actual proof that human cloning may become useful in the field of medicine is the only way in which it will be possible to convince the opponents to get rid of their beliefs regarding the ethics of this issue.

Why is it important to study body language?


The studying of body language is important because this knowledge can provide us with lots of useful hints in regards to what the person has done or has been thinking of doing.

Apart from that, body language is all about being able to send a message. In other words, sometimes you do not even need to say anything as your facial expression is going to help you with that. Besides, you are also able to read the signals from other person.

We are convinced that words play the most important part in the conversation process but it is not quite so. The thing is that microexpressions are so quick that we are not even able to notice them. Yet, we are able to read them as well as reach to them. As you have already understood, reading body language make everyday communication process so much simpler which is one of the reasons why we are able to solve so many problems right away. What is more, expertise in the field of body language also helps to solve crimes.

Gender stereotypes in society


Even though we have progressed so much in the recent years, the problem of gender stereotypes still exists, unfortunately. As a result, a lot of women do not get the positions they deserve merely because of their gender.

In case you are currently researching the subject under consideration, you are going to come across lots of examples so that to prove that there are lots of existing gender stereotypes in our society. What is more, you will need to present those detailed examples as writing more about cases of gender stereotypes is one of the ways in which we can finally tackle this issue once and for all.

What should also be highlighted in this respect is that the society should be taught more about the ways in which gender stereotypes hurt both men and women, to say nothing of the fact that it simply deprives them of the possibility to achieve more in the field which they are interested in.

The more we do to combat the issue of gender stereotypes, the faster we are going to become a 100% tolerant society.

How to encourage organ donation


Organ donation is an honorable thing. You are most definitely aware of fact that the lists for getting a new organ are extremely long which is the reason why the more people are registered for organ donation, the more lives can be saved.

The reason why this is still a problem is that the amount of people who have signed up to become organ donors is smaller than you might think. What should also be highlighted is that there are unregistered donors but medical caregivers will have to ask their next of kin during the time of emotional distress which is not the best scenario.

Apart from that, there are lots of things which you can do to encourage organ donation among your friends and acquaintances. To begin with, familiarize yourself with all available information on this issue and share it with everyone you know. Sign up to become an organ donor. Do not forget to include donation in your will. Be active and support local events as well as organizations.

Eating disorders and emotional difficulties


Well, the most important thing to highlight in this respect is that eating disorders occur as a result of emotional difficulties. What is more, this problem should be treated from the psychological perspective as well.

For instance, anorexia nervosa begins when the person is no longer able to evaluate their body shape in a reasonable way. No matter how thin they are, it is still not enough. What should also be mentioned in this respect is that anorexia is most likely influenced by the media standards which are popularized on TV and in magazines. Young girls tend to be quite perceptive which is the reason why they decide that this is the only way in which they are supposed to look.

Apart from that, a person who is currently struggling with an eating disorder will most definitely experience a lot of emotional difficulties as it is not an easy thing to do. That is the reason why support is of major importance when it comes to helping someone with an eating disorder.

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