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May 11, 2018

Hedda & Chandra. Essay sample


‘Hedda Gabler’ is a play that was written by Henrik Ibsen who was a Norwegian playwright. Hedda, who is the main character of the play, is considered to be one of the most dramatic roles in the history of world theater.

Hedda and her life are viewed as a demonstration of perverted femininity. However, one of the main messages of the play was to show depraved society. What is more, Hedda faces the problem of being a woman in a society that is created by men and for men. In such a way, the main task for her is to make an important and independent decision regarding her life.

The thing is that quite often women are not supposed to take active part in the life of society. To specify, they are not supposed to live outside of their households and become totally independent. Even though this worldview is no longer true these days as lots of women make their own living and reside on their own, the problem described in the play had been very topical during those times.

What should also be highlighted regarding the subject under consideration is that Hedda has no financial means to implement her plan into life even though she has a big desire to do so as well as huge craving for independence.

Taking everything into consideration, Hedda feels trapped in the world that had been created for men. As a result, she constantly tries to express her frustration with the situation by making various self-destructive attempts in order to become independent and fully realize her potential. Thus, Hedda Gabler develops the habit of destroying everything that she can no longer accept.

Why are physicians reluctant to remove life support systems? Essay sample


Taking into account the fact that making the decision to remove life support systems as well as providing a patient with the option of euthanasia is a rather controversial issue that may potentially have legal consequences, it becomes obvious why a lot of doctors are reluctant to remove patients’ life support systems.

The most vital aspect to highlight regarding the subject under consideration is that the main goal of every doctor is to do no harm as well as to do everything they can to save the patient. Sometimes it means leaving them on life support system for as long as possible hoping that soon enough it will be possible to find a way to to help them.

Apart from that, there are tons of ethical issues to take into account. Removing the patient’s life support system means letting them die which is definitely not an easy decision to make. In addition, there are tons of legal aspects to consider as well.

In general, the topic of end-of-life should be discussed more openly as the majority of people do not understand what it is and what can or cannot be done in such cases. Euthanasia is another subject that constantly causes heated debate. Besides, the practice is not common even if the patient and their family give consent. To specify, in some countries assisted suicide is even forbidden by law.

Taking everything into consideration, the question of removing a patient’s life support has tons of ethical and legal complications for a doctor which is the reason why most of them are reluctant to do so.

The success of the C-130 aircraft produced by Lockheed martin Aerospace. Esssay sample


To begin with, it is important to highlight that C-130 aircraft is one of the most significant models in the history of aviation.

The first flight on this aircraft was made in 1954. Since then, the aircraft has been all over the world. To specify, some of its models were used to make commercial flights while others came in hand in the process of various rescuing missions or delivering military supplies. The most important important thing to highlight is that C-130 is a reliable aircraft with the help of which it is possible to tackle any mission.

What is also vital to mention regarding the subject under consideration is that C-130 is still produced. What is more, it is a new and innovative version of the aircraft that is focused on performing tons of new missions. The fact that the aircraft has become so indispensable means that it demonstrates great performance. What is more, tons of missions prove why this model is considered to be one of the most successful ones in the aviation history. The C-130 that is produced today is still viewed as the best option for tactical airlift needs. Apart from that, this model has become the world’s standard.

Taking everything into consideration, C-130 aircraft is a reliable plane with the help of which it will be possible to complete humanitarian, rescue, search or military missions. The aircraft supports sixteen mission requirements which means that it will definitely come in handy no matter how complex the mission seems to be. What is more, today’s models have tons of new capabilities.

May 7, 2018

How big are global businesses essay sample


When trying to evaluate how big a global business actually is, market segmentation is the most significant aspect to take into account. What is a more, a company should come up with a winning strategy in order to become successful on the market.

One of the biggest examples of a global business is Walmart. The company still remains to be the largest one in the world. Speaking about various strategies which Walmart uses so that to stay on top, the following ones have proven to be the most successful: investing a lot of money in technology; digital transformations as well as the tactic of pushing down the prices which allows a company attract more and more customers.

Speaking about other factors which indicate that Walmart is a global business, it is vital to mention that the company owns more than 11, 000 stores all over the world as well as e-commerce websites that are available in 11 countries. One of the reasons why Walmart has managed to achieve such success on the market is that the company has been founded in 1945 which presupposes that they have a base of loyal customers. Apart from that, the company has been implementing tons of different marketing strategies all these years which clearly means that they have been able to find the ones that work best.

Taking everything into consideration, there are tons of factors with the help of which it is possible to define whether a business can be called global or not. The factor of market segmentation is one of the most important ones in this respect as it helps to evaluate the position which the company has on the market.

Discuss the reasons why businesses fail essay sample


Statistic data show that typically the number of those business that fail is bigger than those which succeed. For this reason, it is so necessary to find out why so many business still continue to fail these days.

When discussing the reasons why businesses fail, the most significant aspect to highlight is the inability to conduct a proper market research. As a result of that, owners of a newly established business have no idea what the market needs are as well as what their target audience is. The main reason why the research of the market is so vital is that it helps to learn more about the already available alternatives, their business models and the diversity of products and services which they provide. Apart from that, market research provides business owners with valuable information regarding their competitors.

It is essential for a business to find a way how to connect with their target audience. Otherwise, there is a very high chance that it will fail. In addition, a business should always find new ways to appeal to its loyal customers as well as new ones due to the fact that the world is constantly changing which presupposes that consumers want to see innovation and creativity. Apart from that, it is important to learn more about how your potential customers make purchases, how much money they typically spend, whether they like to splurge on impulsive buying, what they do for a living as well as where they reside.

Taking everything into account, it is significant to learn more about the reasons why businesses fail in order to prevent it from happening in the future. Studying the market is one of the key aspects in this respect.

Marketing Consultancy of Starbucks essay sample


The marketing strategy of Starbucks is one of the most successful ones. The thing is that this company has managed to turn their social media fans into loyal customers. In addition, the company also constantly gains revenue.

One of the reasons why Starbucks has managed to succeed when implementing this strategy is that they have always been more concentrating on building a relationship with their customers rather than merely on making money. In such a way, Starbucks has created a special bond with their customers.

What should be highlighted regarding the subject under consideration is that Starbucks offers a huge variety of loyalty programs. In such a way, members of those programs get tons of benefits which include complimentary beverages, free Wi-Fi hours as well as lots of different in-store accounts. What is particularly fascinating about the company’s loyalty program is that Starbucks has been able to get two million register for a Starbucks card and it all happened within the first six month since the program has been introduced. Over all these years the company has managed to build a loyal customer base who will come back to the stores every day to get their coffee. Apart from that, the company constantly attracts new customers all over the world. Another vital aspect to mention regarding the marketing strategy of Starbucks is that they are perfectly aware of their target audience’ needs and desires which is the reason why they directly appeal to them as well as speak their language.

Taking everything into consideration, Starbucks is definitely one of the leaders on the market in terms of implementing successful marketing strategies and generating revenue for the company.

iphone X marketing strategy essay sample


Taking into account the fact that iphone X is the most innovative smartphone nowadays, it is not surprising that the marketing strategy which the company has decided to use is quite unconventional as well.

The thing is that iphone X is the most expensive phone which the company has introduced so far and that is the reason why Apple simply had to come up with a totally unique marketing strategy so that to make certain that almost everyone wants to buy one.

One of the most interesting aspects to highlight regarding the iphone X marketing strategy is that the company is selling an experience and not just a phone. The idea behind the whole strategy was to present a new phenomenon in the world of electronics rather than an upgraded phone. For this reason, Apple started their marketing campaign by showing various first impression videos on YouTube, re-tweeting celebrities as well as sharing millions of reviews that began to pour in a week or a few days before the phone was finally released.

One of the effects which Apple was trying to achieve when implementing this marketing strategy was to make sure that everyone is talking about the new iphone. In such a way, everyone gets curious and wants to go check it out for themselves. As soon as a potential customer sees the new phone, their desire to buy iphone X grows and the majority of people actually do make a purchase.

All in all, the key aspect that should be emphasized regarding the iphone X marketing strategy is that Apple decided to focus on showing people that their new iphone is an experience rather than just a regular phone.

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