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December 21, 2017

Sexual harassment essay sample


It is important to keep in mind that sexual harassment is still a relevant issue. It exists and a lot of people become victims of it. What is also necessary to understand is that sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination. That is why, it violates the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Sexual harassment occurs in different circumstances. The victim can be both a woman and a man. What is more, the victim does not have to represent the opposite sex. Harassment can be of various types as well. It can be physical or verbal abuse of any kind, asking for sexual favors, sexual advances and creating an uncomfortable or even intimidating work environment.

It is time to start talking about this issue openly as we need to change the situation and to try and eliminate sexual harassment from the workplace. Apart from that, we need to hear the stories of victims even though they are quite often afraid to speak. As soon as they start talking, the cases of sexual harassment will definitely become less frequent. In order to read more about this issue, visit …

Sex in advertising essay sample


The reason why sex in advertising is such an important issue these days is that this subject touches upon a lot of aspects. However, it is also quite understandable why this technique is used. The thing is that the use of sex appeal in advertising is going to help sell the product better. There are lots of ways in which sex in advertising can be used. In other words, it can be very obvious or really subtle. What is more, sex appeal is usually shown by using the pictures of muscular men, nudity and pin-up girls.

Consumer culture has a great influence on the amount of products that are sold and bought every year. Obviously, it helps to formulate the market as well as to change the behavior of a buyer. It is not surprising why it is used when one is advertising their product. If you want to find out more about the representation of sex in advertising as well as familiarize yourself with some relevant examples regarding the issue under consideration, do not hesitate to proceed to …

Secondhand smoke essay sample


Secondhand smoke is another term for passive smoking. A lot of people are convinced that passive smoking is not dangerous as well as that it does not affect other people in any way. However, it is quite wrong and there are lots of studies to prove it.

Passive smoking can also cause diseases, especially lung and heart diseases. Apart from the fact that it is dangerous for someone’s health, it is not comfortable for people around you to be affected by your cigarette smoke. That is one of the reasons why the law regarding smoking in public places has been established. The thing is that people should be able to enjoy themselves whenever they go. However, it is not always possible when there are lots of smokers around you. For this reason, it has been absolutely logical to organize a special place for smokers to enjoy their cigarette. Yet, it definitely should not be done in public places where there are a lot of people and some of them come with children. There is no need to explain how harmful passive smoking is for kids. Learn about the secondhand smoke at …

School vouchers essay sample


A school voucher is also called an education voucher. To be more specific, it is a certificate of funding that is given by the government to parents. In such a way, parents have an opportunity to pay for public or private school with that voucher for the period of a term, semester or a year. The tuition will be paid in full or partially. It depends on the type of the voucher that has been issued.

In some countries it is possible either to cover home schooling or to reimburse it with a voucher. There are also countries in which it is only possible to pay for the tuition at a private school with a voucher. There is another term that is quite often used to describe school vouchers. They are also sometimes referred to as opportunity scholarships. There is no doubt that there are both proponents and opponents of school vouchers. This issue is not that controversial but there are some advantages and disadvantages. In order to familiarize yourself with the list of those pros and cons, do not hesitate to go to …

Computer crime essay sample


Unfortunately, computer crime has become common practice with more and more people falling victims to it. There are lots of scams in which fraudsters try to get what they want.

The most common one is credit card fraud when they get all that relevant information and use the money on your card in order to make purchases or simply by taking all money from your credit card. Another way is to infect your hardware and software. It is quite often done in a very precise and neat way which means that it is not that easy to notice or to track. As a result, your computer is used in order to perform attacks on servers even though you know absolutely nothing about that. Probably, one of the most harmful computer crimes is identity theft. It is that kind of situation when you are deprived of all documents and personal information which makes it harder for you to prove who you really are. In case something like that occurs, the first thing to do is to file a complaint or to go straight to the police. Learn more about computer crime at …

College tuition costs essay sample


College tuition costs is that kind of thing that is definitely worrying every student. What is more, the costs for studying at college do not get lower which is the reason why no every person has the privilege to study at college.

Apart from the fact that one is supposed to pay for education, one should also take into account the following aspects. Books and studying materials are not free and cost a lot which is why sufficient amount of money should be allocated on that. Apart from that, one is supposed to live somewhere. In most cases it is a dorm room or a rented apartment. Both cost money as well. When a student does not live on campus, he or she should take into consideration the expenditures on accommodation. A lot of students invest in buying a bike in such cases.

When a student does not get scholarship or does not have that much money to cover the costs of studying, the most reasonable solution is to take a student loan. The decision is suitable and logical. However, this loan should be paid back after the graduation. In order to read about this issue in detail, feel free to visit …

Cloning essay sample


There are a lot of aspects to take into consideration when the subject in question is cloning. Undoubtedly, the capacity for medical research in terms of cloning is huge. However, it is legally prohibited to perform cloning in most countries of the world.

Surely, there are some reasons for that. The first one is that it is unethical to try and recreate another human being using medical tools. The issue of religion is closely connected with the ethical aspect. The thing is that people who are against cloning are convinced that no one has the right to try and create another person as it is not their job. What is more, they are also sure that such experiments may lead to some very unsatisfactory consequences.

Some people also put a lot of emphasis on the fact that cloning may be used in order to achieve some very dangerous aims. To be more specific, some people believe that cloned humans may be created in order to conquer another nation or even to conquer the whole world. Anyway, it is important to understand that further developments in the field of cloning may have both benefits and drawbacks. Feel free to familiarize yourself with more at …

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