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December 20, 2017

Civil disobedience essay sample


The issue of civil disobedience is controversial due to the fact that it has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the reason why civil disobedience occurs is because of the fact that people are not pleased with the current state of affairs. As a result, they decide to take action in order to change the situation for the better.

However, they are also breaking the law in most cases which is why it is really difficult to define whether it is justifiable or not. Probably, one should take into account the fact that civil disobedience has always been quite beneficial in the course of history as it has always led to some positive changes.

Even though it may seem like the breaking of law, one should remember that people decide to protest when something is not right. As a result, it usually brings some positive changes which is why civil disobedience may even be considered as a good thing. If you want to read more on the subject of civil disobedience as well as come across a few examples in order to understand it better, do not hesitate to visit …


Bullying laws essay sample


One of the main reasons why it is so difficult to deal with bullying these days is because of the fact that there is no federal that may be applied to bullying specifically. Surely, a lot of action has been taken in order to make sure that the problem of bullying is dealt with. However, nothing has been done yet in order to protect children.

Bullying is a dangerous thing as it has a tremendous psychological influence. When children get bullied, they quite often tend to become quite aggressive. What is more, they might have the desire to take revenge. This desire may never go away. Speaking about bullying laws in detail, it is important to understand that they are called anti-bullying laws as they are against bullying. In the United States of America there are only state laws regarding bullying. Yet, the national law has been suggested which indicates progress. The most problematic age period in terms of bullying is during middle school years. That is usually between the 6th and 8th grade. Taking into account the fact that bullying usually occurs in schools, the laws are primarily focused on that. Read more on this issue at …

Suicide bombers essay sample


In order to start discussing this issue, the first thing one needs to do is to single out the main reasons why people decide to become suicide bombers. Here are a few ideas to take into account: religious beliefs, desire for political change, obedience to leaders that tend to be both authoritarian and charismatic and nationalistic ideologies.

The most common targets of suicide bombers usually include government officials, public places, military targets and economic institutions. The main aim is to cause as much damage as possible as well as to impact the morale of the society.

It is important to mention some statistic data in this respect. Starting from the year of 2004, over 300 suicide attacks have been carried out. It is also necessary to take into account that they have been made by 17 different organizations in 14 different countries of the world. The situation is even more dangerous than you might imagine. Even though a lot is done in order to secure public safety, in most cases it is not enough which results in deaths if innocent people. Do not hesitate to find out more here …

Social anxiety essay sample


As soon as you come across the issue of social anxiety, the first thing you are most likely to do is to find out what this term means. So, social anxiety presupposes that a person experiences the feeling of discomfort, worry or even fear when interacting with other people. What is also typical for such person is to feel that they have being judged or looked down upon by others.

In terms of physical display of social anxiety, one is likely to show the following: extensive sweating, racing heart, blushing, shortness of breath, dry mouth and feeling faint. The most common examples of anxious behaviors include: trying to avoid the conversation or the situation in general, staring at one’s phone so that to avoid the conversation, excessive preparing before going somewhere (it includes memorizing what to say and how to behave or react) as well as trying to spot those sings which indicate that other people hate us. The reason why social anxiety has become a problem is because of the fact that it influences the quality of our life badly. In such a way, a person cannot experience a lot of things because of the developing social anxiety disorder. Learn more about this issue here …

Road rage essay sample


The term “road rage” is quite often used interchangeably with the term “aggressive driving”. However, it is quite difficult to define what each of them means exactly. There is no common definition.

What it also quite important to mention in this respect is that road rage itself is not a specific crime in terms of the jurisdiction of a particular county, state or country. The reason why it cannot be classified as crime is because of the fact that it is hard to define and to quantify road rage. That’s why, in most cases aggressive driving behavior falls under the category of traffic violations.

Speaking about some pieces of advice that might help you on the road, consider the following. Try to avoid aggressive drivers. In case you spot one, do not interfere. It is better to slow down and to let them drive rather than engage in some very unpleasant incident. Be aware of your own driving style and stick to it. Try not to do something unpredictable as it might evoke the rage of an aggressive driver as well as get your in serious trouble. Familiarize yourself with the rest of useful tips at …

Nonverbal communication essay sample


Giving and receiving wordless signals is a part of nonverbal communication. The latter is the integral element of our everyday communication which helps us understand the person we are talking to. Everything matters in nonverbal communication: gestures, facial expressions, the way we stand, smiling, eye contact. What is more, all these elements send strong signals when we talk and when we stop talking.

The reason why it is so important is that the person you are talking is able to identify whether you are listening carefully to what they are saying as well as whether you care in general simply by reading your nonverbal signals. When the words you say match with your nonverbal signals, the person understands that you are a loyal interlocutor who is interested in the topic of the conversation. They immediately understand that this person can be trusted. When these two aspects do not match, the person you are chatting with is going to have mixed ideas regarding what you are trying to express. In most cases that person is likely to believe nonverbal signals. Interested in the subject of nonverbal communication? Want to find out more? Feel free to go to …

Social media essay sample


The whole mankind has been talking about the social media and their impact on people’s behavior for quite a long period of time. Perhaps, everything has already been discussed. However, there is one important issue to take into consideration.

There is a guarantee that social media contribute a lot to the formation of addictive behaviors. These can be: alcohol, drugs or tobacco as well as mental heath problems. The latter pose serious danger due to the fact that it is not that simple to identify a person that has been trying to deal with some mental health issue. What is more, at first these signs are almost invisible even to the person that is experiencing the problem. The thing is that we tend to share the best moments of our lives in social networks which creates the illusion that every day of our life is like that. Everybody understands that it is not true. However, the power of a social network is huge. As a result, some people come to the conclusion that their lives are not as fabulous as someone else’s. In order to read more on this issue, proceed to …

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