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March 21, 2018

Effects of eating only vegetarian food essay sample

Though every person has their own idea of a healthy food, vegetarianism is generally considered to be a classic example of a healthy diet. Refusing from animal food, we replace saturated fats and trans fats with unsaturated plant-based fats that are much healthier. Vegetarians keep consuming plant protein, and their diet is much richer in fiber, folic acid, phytochemicals, and flavonoids than the diet of an average meat eater. Now we know that vegetarian diet effectively protects people from heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. All in all, a non-vegetarian diet has practically no advantage over a well-planned vegetarian diet.

Effects of eating vegetarian products largely depend on what food is considered to be vegetarian. Technically, vegans are the only vegetarians who do not consume any animal products, including dairy, seafood, and gelatin. However, plenty of vegetarians partially exclude animal food from their diet. Some of them eat eggs, dairy, fish, or poultry, avoiding red meat. Not strict vegetarian diet is more diverse than that of vegans. Therefore, vegetarians hardly face any health risks at all. Things are different for vegans who should carefully compensate missing protein, fat, and some vitamins containing only in animal products.

Lack of protein is a natural consequence having a vegan diet. Nevertheless, vegans can easily substitute meat protein with that containing in peas, beans, lentils, nuts, soy, and whole grains. Vitamin B12 is another essential component missing in a vegan diet. Certain soy and rice beverages can supply it as well as taking a special vitamin B12 supplement. Vegans also get less of zinc and iron because of plant-specific phytic acid that prevents full absorption of these vitamins. To get enough of omega-3 fatty acid, vegans can consume algae supplements as well as flaxseed, walnuts and canola oil.

How does a person’s diet affect his or her health? essay sample

Nutrition is essential to our existence, however, most people hardly think about what they eat every day. Street food and snacks are a common part of the present-day American diet, and most people will find it hard to change their habits. Or should they? It is correct that we are what we eat. Our favorite products that we eat most often determine the state of our muscles, bones, and joints. Sticking to a fulfilling high-carb or cholesterol diet, we risk the health of our most important organs – heart and vessels – at least.

Diabetes and cancer are the prior threats to everyone’s health, and both of these conditions arise from the poor diet. Red meat and dairy products are high in saturated fats; they add extra cholesterol to the body that is likely to cover blood vessels and block them in a while. However, we do not always think about our vessels first. It is obesity that troubles us most of all. Taking a look at a standard American diet, we cannot ignore the amount of fat and sugar it contains. These substances inevitably stock in the body, especially when it does not need all the energy to burn calories right away. Thus, everything starts with obesity, and more conditions may follow those who ignore the response of their body to the current diet.

A common notion of a healthy diet excludes fatty and sugary components. As for the rest, nutritionists still argue. Red meat and dairy are no good, but fish and seafood are perfect. Some nutritionists say poultry is essential as it supplies plenty of protein. Whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables are certainly present in a healthy diet. Processed food has absolutely no place on a plate of a healthy eater.

The effects of stress on students who both study and work essay sample

All generations of students preferred to combine work and study. Having arrived at the campus, students shall take care of their new housing, get food, pay bills, and do it all without their parents. Besides, students need some time and money for parties, recreation, and plenty of things they require for college. Under such conditions, few of them can do without a part-time job.

If college students live under a constant pressure, those having a part-time job have a double stress. Instead of completing their projects and homework, they have to work late hours. First, it is physically challenging to stay active and productive from morning until night 5 days a week and get some extra work on weekends. Second, college students do not have so much free time. They deprive themselves either of night sleep or of a chance to get ready for classes.

Having some job after classes is actually rewarding. It is the only way students can afford themselves a basic living without laying a burden on their parents. However, the stress acquired after sleepless nights can cross out all the benefits of a good job. Students may struggle to get enough credits, and their performance rating can be lower than they expect. Having terminated due dates of important projects, students need extra weeks to keep up with the tasks professors are expecting from them.

Besides academic difficulties, working students may face certain health concerns. Fatigue and low productivity is the very least sleepless nights can give. Constant pressure easily changes the production of hormones and makes students suffer from all kinds of dysfunctions. Neural, digestive, and reproductive systems are particularly vulnerable to stress. Girls are generally worse affected by combining work and study than boys.

What makes a person have a good mood? essay sample

Some people seem more predisposed to high spirits than the others. Being in a good mood is a matter of fact to them, and they do not try hard to stay cheerful. At the same time, many people struggle to get out of depression and leave their mood swings behind. Their type of thinking is often to blame. Looking on the negative side, people concentrate on the problems that do not exist. Their peers, on the contrary, enjoy what they have got so far and do not make up any imaginary problems.

With the regard to personality type, the speed of neural response, and the manner of thinking, all people shall approach their best spirits differently. Most of us can cheer up with some ordinary things, like watching children playing in the street or having fun with colleagues during a coffee break. Nevertheless, for someone drugs can be the only source of comfort when the times are hard.

We generally have high spirits when everything in our life is right. As we satisfy our basic needs, like having a good home, stable work, and nourishing diet, we experience satisfaction. From this point, we can do whatever we like and enjoy it. Having enough of social interaction is another point that makes us feel great. All of us are social beings, and we regularly need some attention or appreciation of others. And last, having a favorite hobby is the direct path to joy and satisfaction. Everyone shall do something they really like even if they have a limited amount of free time for this activity.

Why has depression become one of the most wide-spread illnesses? essay sample

Constant sadness and low productivity do not look like a big deal to someone. Nevertheless, depression is one of the leading mental disorders in the US and beyond. More than 300 million of people worldwide live with depression, according to the WHO. In the US, about 7% of the population suffers from the major depressive disorder. These data have increased by more than 18% since 2005, therefore, depression actually spreads fast.

The spread of depression is directly linked to its insufficient treatment. We still have some stigma regarding depression and patients with the disorder. People with depression often stand aside instead of asking for some help from their family or healthcare provider. Even if they do, they are expected to pay for the treatment themselves as only 3% of the healthcare budget is given for developing mental health programs.

Finances are not the only factor restraining people from reaching out to a doctor. When being depressed, many adults do not assume they need any special help. They lack energy, experience anxiety or aggression, change their eating and sleeping habits. Nevertheless, people consider it normal to be depressed at some points in their life and do not rush for treatment. The same refers to having a teenage kid with depression. Parents believe it is just a normal stage of puberty that passes over the time while depression is not so normal and it may lead to destructive consequences.

Depression is very common and, at the same time, an invisible condition. It does not make the individual look and act so much out of the norm as, for example, schizophrenia does. But we need to distinguish the major depressive disorder from occasional blues that come and go.

What are the effects of student involvement into extra-curricular activities? essay sample

Extracurricular activities always fascinate students who enroll there. Every child enjoys doing something exciting after classes, and here they have quite a variety of options. They can play soccer or basketball, go swimming or dancing. Mixed martial arts are another popular sports among kids. Performance arts compel students as well. They give a chance to move, sing, or act beautifully making the audience fond of the artist. Every child likes being liked. They also like spending more time with friends before they go home and get to their homework. That is why extracurricular participation is a voluntary step, not a parental pressure.

Researchers confirm that participation in extracurriculars enhances the academic performance of students. Children who are regularly engaged in sports or arts are more involved in class work and get higher course grades on average. Many teachers draw a direct link between student’s out-of-class activity and academic performance. Bright kids who sing, dance, play instruments or play in a school team have enough motivation and determination to work hard for their academics. There are a few exceptions, however. Super-active students involved in several extracurriculars at a time may expect indulgence for their non-academic activity because they are not so good at classes. The same refers to young athletes having long training sessions.

One of the major benefits of extracurriculars is that they make kids happy and energetic. It is very important that kids had a chance to do what they like every now and then. Otherwise, a boring routine will consume them and leave no chance to be good at something.

The causes and effects of an exam failure essay sample

Statistically, an absolute majority of students failed an exam at least once in their life. Facing the failure is a bitter experience even if the exam is not critical to the student’s future. At this point, students start searching for the reason of the disaster and, even more important, for an excuse. None of us likes to confess to a neglect so that we find other circumstances that prevented us from succeeding in the exams. However, it is important to differentiate between the real cause of failure and the one we invented to justify ourselves.

The first and foremost reason for failing an exam is insufficient preparation. Many things prevent us from getting ready for the exam. Procrastination is one of them. So many people characterize themselves as lazy individuals, which means they hardly do the things they are not interested in. The lack of interest is harmful even to workaholics who constantly find excuses to do anything but prepare for the exam. A negative mindset is another crucial reason for a failure in any activity. If we do not believe in ourselves, no one’s support is helpful enough. Some people would find plenty of their problems vanish if they just get rid of negative thinking.

The outcomes of a failed exam are often exaggerated. It depends on the school and the year, but unless the student has failed every of their final exam, they are unlikely to be expelled. A failure in the final test indicates a lower GPA, which is unpleasant but not as disastrous as some parents put it. What matters most is the damaged self-esteem of a student. Not everyone has enough will-power to overcome the failure and go ahead. However, some kids benefit from failing an exam. It makes them estimate their environment more realistically then they do now.

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