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December 5, 2017

Should books portray the world idealistically or realistically?


One of the reasons why we love reading is due to the fact that this process gives us the opportunity to enter some magical world and forget about all our problems. Thus, one can conclude that idealistic world is portrayed in most of the books. Perhaps, reading such stories lets our imagination wander imagining that we are a part of that universe.

However, one should also take into account the fact that real world is quite different from those which are portrayed in books. So, it may be a problem for children who are not quite able to understand the difference as well as accept the fact that bad or unpleasant things happen in real life and they will most definitely have to deal with them.

Obviously, there is no unanimous opinion regarding the subject under consideration but it is important to highlight the fact that it is better to have both kinds of books: those which portray the world realistically and those which portray it idealistically. Reading a book is a pleasant experience, after all. Thus, a person should have the opportunity to get away from all their troubles for a while. Learn more at …

Should people be valued according to their capabilities rather than their accomplishments?


As we all know, a human being is capable of doing a lot of things but it does not necessarily mean that this person is going to achieve all those goals. The thing is that there are several other factors to take into consideration and the most important one of them is motivation.

In case the person is motivated enough to get a particular job or to finish the project, they are most likely going to use all their skills and knowledge in order to reach that aim. However, sometimes such aspects as lack of desire or laziness are in the way. When they become prevailing, the person’s desire to do something decreases.

What it all boils down to is that sometimes valuing the person by their capabilities may be misleading as they may never truly realize their potential. Thus, it is significant to take into consideration the accomplishments of a person if you want to get a clearer picture regarding the person’s abilities and skills. If you are interested in the subject under consideration and want to learn more about this issue, do not hesitate to proceed to …

Wearing or buying animal fur


You are obviously aware of the fact that there has always been a heated debate regarding such issue as the purchase or wearing of animal fur.

The first thing to mention is that animal rights’ advocates are clearly against such practice as they consider it to be cruel and unethical. Animals have to suffer so that people can wear a fancy fur coat and that is very unfair.

Opponents of such ideas state that such coats are very comfortable and warm which makes them perfectly suitable for cold winters. Apart from that, there is a category of people for who wearing a fancy fur coat is a fashion choice. In other words, they need it because it looks luxurious or may even hint at someone’s status in the society (but it clearly does not).

Anyway, the issue is quite controversial which is the reason why you might need to allocate more time in case you are supposed to cover it. Familiarize yourself with some materials regarding this topic by going to …

Violence against women


Such issue as violence against women is not quite often covered by the media. However, it does mean that the problem is non-existent. On the contrary, the problem is huge and there is no suitable solution yet.

Apart from the fact that women have to deal with sexual harassment at work and catcalling in the streets, it is also not always safe for them to walk around the city, especially in the evenings. Unfortunately, there are lots of potential threats some of which include sexual assault or even severe beating. What should also be highlighted is that violence towards women may be based on various factors: their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or even merely on the fact that they are women.

The more you start researching this subject, the more information you come up with. Besides, it is not that difficult to find examples in order to support your theoretical basis as there are lots of cases which involve violence towards women. In order to read about this topic in detail, feel free to proceed to …

Universal health care


Universal health care presupposes that medical assistance and financial protection regarding this particular issue is provided for all citizens of a particular country. Clearly, such approach seems to be ideal in general as all people have access to quality medical care which presupposes that a person is definitely going to be provided with proper assistance in case something happens.

However, one should not forget that the situation may be different in reality. Besides, a lot depends on the particular country. In some countries this system is very developed while in others there are several drawbacks as well. What is necessary to highlight is that there is always room for improvement.

Yet, this system has been implemented long ago and it still working which presupposes that it is quite successful. Besides, the list of countries in which universal health care is available is rather long. In case you are willing to learn more about the subject under consideration as well as to familiarize yourself with advantages and disadvantages of universal health care, feel free to visit …



As you probably know, the main idea which is expressed in the USA PATRIOT Act is to be able to protect the country from terrorist acts. To be more specific, this act presupposes that it is important to take all necessary precautions in order to strengthen the United States of America. In addition, it is also significant to come up with appropriate tools with the help of which it will be possible to intercept and obstruct terrorism acts.

So, you are aware of the fact that the issue is serious which is why it obviously requires proper researching in case that is what you are supposed to do. As soon as you get down to the process of deep research, you will realize that you are most likely going to need to allocate more time in order to look through all available materials as well as to gather all necessary information. In order to find out more about the details of the USA PATRIOT Act, do not hesitate to go to …

Sexual victimization of college women


Such issue as sexual victimization of college women refers to the problem of sexual assault of women at colleges. There is no need to dwell upon the subject in detail as everyone is probably familiar with this issue as well as the fact that it is unfortunately rather common.

To be more specific, more and more women become victims of sexual assault at colleges, mainly at dorms or on campus. The thing is that a lot of them are too afraid to report it and it is quite obvious why. To begin with, they are scared that the person who assaulted them is going to hurt them again. Besides, they may be simply ashamed of what happened even though it was not their fault. In addition, girls are quite often afraid that no one is going to believe them.

In case you are willing to conduct a research regarding the subject under consideration, keep in mind that it might take a lot of time as there is a lot of information to cover. Learn more about it here …

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