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March 21, 2018

What are the causes of poverty in megalopolises? essay sample

Living in a big city has its advantages. One can find some job that is missing in a rural place and rent a housing they can afford. Urbanization creates a better opportunity for new jobs, that is why everyone strives to move to big cities. The lack of workplaces makes people desperate, and megacities take migrants with open arms. Though this scheme looks normal at first sight, it contains some major problems beneath.

Researchers of the problem of urban poverty have found that 75% of urban population in an average megalopolis of a developing country constitute people of lower-medium social class, poor individuals, and those below the poverty line. Consequently, only a quarter of urban population makes up people of medium to reach social classes. Rural migrants belong to a lower-medium segment at best as they do not have all the financial security of permanent city residents.

There are several factors that make cities and their dwellers poor, and rural unemployment is the first one. A lot of people run to big cities in search of a better job, at the same time, they lack the education necessary to find a good job. The cost of living is high and social security remains low, which makes rural migrants extremely vulnerable. Taking into account that migrants constitute about a half of city-dwellers, rather few of them can manage to overcome their rural poverty line and start a new life.

Developing countries are not the only ones struggling with poverty. Big cities in the developed world also cannot escape poverty even though they carefully conceal it. Rough 27% of Londoners, for example, live in poverty. The US Census Bureau estimated Philadelphia as the poorest big city in America.

What are causes of environmental catastrophes? essay sample

Environmental catastrophes have something in common with natural disasters. Both of them come unexpectedly and both have an element of human interference in their cause. But unlike a natural disaster, an environmental catastrophe is fully caused by human intervention. It is not a slight influence but an obvious fail of the industrial safety measures that have caused the disaster.

Rampant industrialization used to be the main cause of huge environmental disasters in the past. The London’s killer fog covered the city in winter of 1952 due to the disastrous pollution. The winter turned out especially cold, and residents burned extra coal in the city that led the industrial revolution. The London’s killer fog is a rare example of the environmental catastrophe where all the population is to blame.

Human failure and neglect of essential safety measures remain top causes of environmental disasters so far. The explosion of the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl (1986), the crash of the Exxon Valdes oil tanker near Alaska (1989), the explosion at a chemical manufacturing plant in Italy (1976) are only few examples of neglect of some basic safety measures. In the industrial settings, even a minor mistake can turn out crucial under unfavorable circumstances. Spills and explosions are the most common types of environmental catastrophes, and in 95% of cases, they are caused by a human failure.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster of 2011 is one of the significant ecological disasters that was not directly caused by a human-made mistake. The explosion happened as the plant was damaged by the tsunami that followed the earthquake. After the incident, the independent investigation commission found that Tokyo Electric Power Company failed to meet basic safety requirement, which made the reactors vulnerable to the natural disaster.


Has human curiosity had an overall positive or negative effect on the planet? essay sample

Curiosity drives us to explore our environment. From the discoveries made by Columbus to the exploration of space, human curiosity changed the way we see the world and actually extended the habitable environment. Sky is literally the limit now as we speak of creating a human settlement on Mars and making the Moon habitable. Today these are serious scientific claims that once were a domain of fiction writers.

Human activity has greatly changed the planet over centuries, but not all of this change was entirely negative. On the bright side, we expanded the arable lands farther than our ancestors could imagine. Today one can be a farmer beyond Arctic Circle and in African tropics. We invented renewable energy to light and heat our homes and run industries without causing extensive damage to the environment. We invented artificial materials to substitute natural ones, such as fur, feathers, leather etc. We are not completely dependent on natural resources anymore. Having intruded into ecosystems, humans also took control over the spread of invasive species. We can stop viruses, bacteria, and fungi that cause diseases in humans and animals.

However optimistic we wanted to be, exploration and development also caused plenty of negative outcomes. Extinction of species, deforestation, and uncontrollable pollution are only few of them. Trying to compensate for the damage, we create national parks and try to save species from complete extinction. Environmental management looks absolutely positive to us, but it is only a feeble attempt to rehabilitate the damaged environment.

What are causes of destructive relationships between siblings? essay sample

Sibling rivalry is a nasty and unfortunate expression of family relationships. Parents always imagine how their little kids will become the best friends and do not understand what made them be so tough on each other. Unequal parental attention or improper education are often the major causes of sibling rivalry. In most cases, parents expect that siblings will be kind and loving to each other by default, but that is not true. At the age of 3-6, children form their impression about their family members, and while it is common to love parents unconditionally, this rule does not concern siblings.

Thus, siblings rivalry is often caused by parents paying too little or too much attention to any of kids. Parents also may compare kids and praise one of them over the other one making a critical mistake. Most kids take such comparison as an insult, not a stimulus. Disparities in treatment often happen when kids are of a different age. The youngest ones always get most attention while the elder ones feel neglected.

The rivalry between children is a frequent course of events, but it may pass away as kids grow older. Troubled relationships are a different phenomenon. Sometimes rivalry grows into an utter hostility that definitely troubles everyone in the family. It is characterized by abuse, neglect, or any harm siblings may cause to each other. Troubled relationships start later as children approach adulthood.

Destructive relationships between siblings are clearly caused by abuse in the family or by dysfunctional parents. Suffering from parental violence or neglect, children may develop emotional or mental dysfunctions. Anyway, the reason for the inappropriate behavior of children often lies within the family.


What is the effect of family vacations on family relationships? essay sample

A family vacation is the thing we ignore every now and then. We can always get some rest as soon as we want, and there is no need to involve family into it. However, having a good family time brings certain benefits. At the very least, our parents end up happy with the time we spent together. No need to mention, family rest is still a comfort to many of us. After all, they are people we love most but take care of not as often as we wish to.

The benefits of family rest are based on a simple fact that the family have so little time to gather for any possible reason. Going on a vacation, we compensate for all the moments we were supposed to share. Paying a visit to a friend of a family, a festive dinner the other day, last Christmas celebration – we so often fail to come together on occasions like these. The least we can do is to take a weak off and go someplace each of the family will enjoy.

Family vacations create happy memories for our own children. Kids usually miss their constantly busy parents who cannot pay them as much attention as they wish. It is always a wonderful time when children, parents, and grandparents come together. We rest emotionally as we take care of our loved ones and explore something together. Vacation is also a perfect opportunity to discover something new about our family. It seems that we know pretty everything about people we spent so much time with. In fact, we will be surprised to find out something new about our parents that we missed being away.

Why does staying married for the sake of children only harms them? essay sample

Getting married is not particularly difficult these days, but coming through a divorce is a real challenge. About a half of all marriages end up very soon in the US, and broken couples immediately start searching for the factor that tears them apart. People find it unbearable to spend routine in a company of each other, and do not hesitate to get a divorce. But for some families, divorce is a very serious decision. If one has children, they cannot simply do whatever is best for themselves. They shall think of the comfort of their kids in the first place.

Needs of children are often of an utmost importance to their parents, but people sometimes misinterpret what is good and bad. We usually consider divorce as an exceptionally negative experience that harms families, especially children. In fact, divorce is also the way out of toxic relationships that equally harm parents and children. Living in a family with an abuser can be uncomfortable, stressful, or utterly dangerous. There is no use saving the family where people are physically, financially, or emotionally unsafe.

Staying together for the sake of children is a common explanation we hear from people on the verge of divorce. The only thing is children live in this stress together with parents. Kids will not thank their parents for all the distress they had back in the early years. Fighting parents often ignore children, their joys, and sorrows, and became incapable to see their current needs. Living in toxic relationships, children develop anxiety or adopt traits of the abuser. None of these scenarios is good for kids. In some cases, it is worth to get a divorce and bring children a happy childhood instead of a lousy imitation of a family parents wish to preserve.

Should parents push their kids into extracurricular activities such as music or sports? essay sample

Sports and clubs are typical extracurricular activities for many students. Children usually enjoy playing team sports, acting, or performing at the stage. Some kids go in for drawing or modeling, and their works are seen in school exhibitions. Dancing is another popular activity among children. Having such a broad variety of extracurriculars, parents cannot resist pushing their kids into one of them. Nevertheless, it is not always wise forcing the child to spend their free time in the way they do not like.

Unlike many parents think, the aim of extracurriculars is not to engage children in anything but video games. Children like all these arts and sports because they allow spending a great time with friends. Creating wonderful things, singing, or dancing, children release their energy and build their strong points. They truly enjoy doing all these things after classes even though there is a homework to complete. Children always choose what they like to do and what they do not. Pushing kids into the activities they do not like, parents create an unbearable routine that is difficult for kids to break up.

In their everyday school routine, children have so many responsibilities and so little free time. Extracurricular activities shall give children a precious time they can truly enjoy. Many kids who are not particularly compelled by academic subjects find their place in sports or arts. It is essential to let children do what they like, at least sometimes.


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