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March 21, 2018

Should parenting classes be compulsory? essay sample

Future parents are often anxious about the nearest future of their child, and once the baby is born, they try to take the best care they can provide. Parenting classes are on the rise as all the anxious couples try to get ready to what comes ahead. However, parenting classes are not a universal cure for thousands of problems parents usually face. They rather bring confidence to parents than any essential knowledge concerning daily care and education.

Though all parents need a lot of information to bring up healthy children, parenting classes are only one of many options. Parents can get some confidence attending classes yet before the child is born, but this will not help a lot in the future. One cannot attend such classes anymore once they have got a newborn baby, but this is exactly the time when parents crave for the explanation of every child’s move. Anyway, parents have to ask other parents for advice or search for the relevant information on the internet.

Being a good parent is not always equal to the amount of information one possesses. Some really good parents learn everything they need only after the child is born. They use the advice of their own parents or friends who already came through this stage with their children. To be a good parent is not to possess all the knowledge about children. It is also about love, sympathy, understanding, intuition, and other parental feelings. Emotional intelligence is as important as possessing factual information about child’s development.

Is it okay for parents to monitor teens’ internet use? essay sample

Monitoring online activity of children sounds creepy to some parents. They imagine their own parents standing behind their back and watching their every click. Nevertheless, monitoring is a basic safety measure that may show hidden dangers of the online world. With kids under 15, the matter of privacy is not so acute yet, therefore, children shall be aware that parents monitor their online activity. Things are different for teens over 16. They already need some privacy, and it is important to teach kids online safety by this time.

The prior aim of every parent is to protect their kids from cyberbullying, sexting, and online predators. Before watching every click the child makes, install safety software, activate online protection given by your provider, and instruct the child on what they shall never do online. Teach kids to protect their personal information and think twice before posting a picture on social media. Explain to the child what sensitive information is and why they should not post it on the web. Do not allow kids to store sensitive information in a cloud storage.

Monitoring teenagers using the internet is important, but parents shall not take it as the primary form of control. As always, first comes education. Always teach kids how to use the device before giving it to them. Explain what is allowed and what is prohibited. Do not let kids explore the internet on their own. Agree beforehand what games the kid can play and what movie they can watch. Also, limit the screen time for kids and make sure they use the computer only when it is necessary. Do not forget that online activity is only a part of daily routine, and do not let kids spend all days long in front of the screen.

How do reality shows impact society? essay sample

No wonder, there are few real things in the reality TV. It just happened so that making a reality show is cheaper and more profitable than filming a quality TV series for people to enjoy. While TV companies have to fill their screen time with anything that sells, here we have reality shows. Despite the dubious reputation of the reality TV, all of the shows are different. Some of them you can watch with children, the others look almost disgusting. Only one thing is certain about the reality TV. You shall never take it seriously.

Just like the shows themselves, their impact on the society differs. America’s Next Top Model is rather superficial and, like any model show, it promotes distorted beauty standards. Keeping Up With The Kardashians shows an unrealistically well-off family that has little to do with other families in the real world. Even Teen Mom can hardly be called trustworthy in terms of how it reflects teen pregnancy. TV shows like these can distort the teenage perception of the world. They hardly contain anything informative teenagers can use in the real world.

Reality TV is the point for the channels earning money and for the people who do not care how to waste their free time. A large segment of people has little free time that is why they carefully choose the content on Netflix or other online resources. TV makes no difference to them because it contains  so few quality shows. Certainly, these are not reality shows.

How does “fake news” trend change a political and social life? essay sample

Fake news creates a lot of confusion in readers. On the one hand, they are sensational and catch attention immediately. On the other hand, they contain nothing but false propaganda aimed at people who believe in it. In most cases, fake news concern politics and related hot topics that no one can actually check. Even when proven to be fake, the news becomes viral which makes it impossible to dismiss. That is why people continue believing fake news for quite a long time.

It very common for fake news to appear in the midst of elections. It is necessary for candidates to provoke the opponents, bring them into disrepute, or create a hype around themselves. Certainly, fake news helps the election campaign to proceed, but they also bring ill reputation to the media spreading them. Striving for objective and true journalism, we discourage sources that feed us with the fake news. To address this, Google and Facebook tried to mark obvious fake news as an inaccurate content. Nevertheless, the percentage of fake news recognized by social networks and search engines is very little.

The aim of propaganda is to cause an immediate response in politics and society. It often concerns international conflicts, terrorist attacks, social movements, and various infamous events. Reacting to the news, readers may take hasty actions or poor decisions. Accelerating conflicts is also the target of the fake news’ makers which they will hit as soon as the news is out. For this reason, fake news can be utterly dangerous.

Do TV shows and movies have the responsibility of being more diverse? essay sample

Diversity is characteristic to many spheres of our life except for television. The US with its extremely diverse population mostly produces films and TV shows about white Americans. Movies about immigrants or racial minorities are often produced in the European Union. Only recently the US production succeeded with award-winning “Fences” and “Moonlight” featuring African Americans as leading characters. Generally, characters of color are underrepresented in film and television, appearing mostly in stereotypical and marginalized roles.

Marginalization and misrepresentation concern not only African Americans but all other ethnic groups as well. Arab Americans are typically portrayed as terrorists in Hollywood. Before the 9/11 events, it was typical for Arab Americans to play oil sheikhs, their harem girls, and poor tradesmen running their caravans. Native Americans have got their portion of prejudice as well. Depicted mostly as tribal people, Native Americans had no chance to be featured as ordinary American citizens yet. Latin Americans came out with a more positive expression, however, they could not avoid the stereotype of a passionate lover or a soap-opera hero.

Despite all of these racial movie stereotypes have a solid ground, they make no sense in the 21st century. When all people across the US try to enjoy equal rights, there is no place for stereotypes on the television. Whether African, Asian, or native Americans, all of them are free citizens of a democratic society. Their roles have changed dramatically over the last century. Perhaps, Hollywood shall look up to European producers who are more progressive in terms of depicting racial minorities in their movies. Take, for example, Dave Patel, a rising British movie star. The actor of an Indian descent was given leading roles in such award-winning movies as “Slumdog Millionaire”, “The Man Who Knew Infinity”, and “Lion”. Interestingly, Patel escaped the fate of Bollywood hero-type actors and was not marginalized in his roles as well.

Do teenagers drink and smoke because advertisements make them think it is “cool” to do so? essay sample

The US Department of Health says 90% of smokers developed their habit by the age 18 and 10% more started smoking by the age 26. Obviously, teenagers are highly predisposed to outer influences, be it advertising, parents, or peer pressure. Importantly, every teen has a different primary factor that encourages them to start smoking. It mostly depends on the environment and child’s priorities in life.

There are 5 major factors that may push children to start smoking. The first one is the parent or family member who smokes. Naturally, children of smoking parents have all the chances to start smoking themselves. First, children tend to copy their parents, and last, they consider smoking to be normal if their parents smoke. Peer pressure is the second reason why young people start smoking. It comes straight after parental modeling. In middle and high school, teenagers often try hard to fit in their social group. They may start smoking for this very reason. On the other hand, they are more likely to quit smoking as they change the social environment or revise their priorities.

As for the external influence, children may start smoking in rebellion showing independence from adults. At this age, they would like to make their own decisions, and parents may cause the adverse reaction pressing their children to choose a healthy lifestyle. And of course, pop culture with all the tobacco commercials implies that smoking is normal. There is a lot of indirect influence through movies that expose smoking as a matter of fact. Often, pop culture makes even stronger influence on children that parents or peers.

Do journalists have a duty to eliminate as much bias as possible? essay sample

The job of a journalist is to create a sort of map that helps citizens navigate through society. Journalists are the first to deliver us news, and all of us would like this news to be correct. Nevertheless, people involve their subjective attitude (bias) intentionally or unintentionally so often that coming across something really objective is the news. But journalists are not always to blame for the way they put their news. Speaking out one’s personal attitude is a universal human feature, and we cannot control it every time.

Psychologists who researched the way people reflect what surrounds them admit that an unbiased expression is rather impossible for a humankind. Moreover, a great number of people want to read the stories they will like, not the stories that are true. Now mass media are often at odds with the society as everyone feels entitled to blame journalists for a bias as soon as they do not like the stories. But journalists indeed struggle to avoid bias that flows in their stories anyway.

Objective journalism seems to be an unattainable golden standard we all strive to. Without objective stories, our understanding of the world would be dramatically flawed. After all, 95% of all news we get from the media (whether printed or social), and every biased one misleads us in some way. On the other hand, we cannot demand other people to be 100% objective. If one tried to hold their subjective opinion just for a day, they would see that the task is close to impossible.

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