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March 21, 2018

Is there too much pressure on teenagers to go to college? essay sample

A college education is an honor but also a great responsibility. Besides, it costs a lot, and many parents consider this factor before pushing their children into college. However, some parents still look at the prestige of the establishment first and want their children to get the best possible education. After all, their child is so brilliant that there is no way they can skip college or university. The truth is, all parents, just as their children, are different. Not everyone forces kids to apply to a college but those parents who do give their children hard times.

Technically, students experience a huge parental pressure yet before they reach graduation. All the time through high school they are threatened with the possibility to fail tests in case they do not study hard enough. They will also end up jobless if their GPA is not high enough. Only after children come through these stages in education, they are pressed to apply to a prestigious university, no matter at which cost. Sometimes parents actually can afford their children a prestigious 4-year education. But students are not always ready for what parents can give them.

Parents who press their children to go to college for no matter what usually do not realize the true value of education. Every child has their own skills and abilities, and not each of them actually needs a 4-years higher education to be successful. Besides a prestigious college or university, there are other options in post-secondary education such as community college, trade schools, online education, business startups, or volunteering to name just a few. It is important for children and parents to choose educational establishment wisely. After all, a 4-year college cannot be good for all just because it is the talk of the town.

Is education in the US failing teenagers across the nation? Too much pressure, expensive college enrollment, bullying – what can be done? essay sample

In the current flawed educational system, we constantly search for the guilty ones. Are they students who do not study diligent enough or teachers who ignore the needs of their students? Or perhaps, parents who take no responsibility for the education of kids? Something wrong happened to education, and we cannot deny that. To respond to the crisis in the field, educators offer installing better digital equipment in the classrooms or making them smaller on average. In fact, we need teachers to pay more attention to every student and make their approach more individualistic.

Besides the fact that children do not get enough attention of the teacher, they are deeply distressed with their final tests. It looks like educators strive to make the examination as challenging as possible hoping that it would help students tremendously. In fact, younger students get affected by pre-test anxiety and overloaded with every other year. It means that teachers have to create more student-friendly forms of examination. Even a regular routine check of student’s knowledge will do good enough in estimating one’s progress. After all, there is no necessity keeping the final examination so tough for students who did well all the year through.

Another great problem of education is its inaccessibility. Getting into a college or university automatically implies student’s debt or difficulties for parents who take the fees on themselves. With every year, more students want to proceed with college, and rising prices often discourage them from getting a desirable education. We need more of smaller colleges that would ease the competition and take the students who are not ready to pay a lot.

Can online dating replace meeting a person in real life? essay sample

Online dating platforms are the second popular websites next to social media. The first computer-based dating services started yet in the 1970s, and the popular dating website Match.com came in 1995. However ridiculous dating websites may look to some of us, their popularity is undeniable. Today 15% of US adults report that they use online dating services, Pew Research says. Add many more teenagers to this figure, and you will get plenty of people using Tinder and dating websites. People also admit that they feel more positive about meeting their potential match online.

As compared to offline dating, meeting potential romantic partners on websites is much easier and less stressful. In the present-day introverted society, many people are scared of traditional dating “ceremonies”. Asking the girl you like for a dinner to the next-door restaurant? There are so many chances for the initiator to fail in such situation that people prefer just to stay still and do nothing instead. But plenty these awkward moments are absent on dating websites. It is much easier to start communication with someone who likes you back. Besides, there are few chances of being dismissed online as compared to the real-life dating.

With all the popularity, online dating is not the most effective way of finding a perfect match. These platforms can merely match people according to their tastes or zodiac signs, but such a superficial compatibility does not guarantee a long-lasting relationship. After all, online dating is merely a stage that precedes real offline dating or live-in. Most people cannot jump from online communication straight to the marriage. Face to face interaction and physiological chemistry are still the major factors making or breaking the match.

Should schools and businesses give more incentives for people to do volunteer work? essay sample

Volunteering is a socially useful work and a positive experience for people who do it voluntarily. If forced by employers or teachers, people do not quite contribute with their volunteering. Saying ‘look, we are a socially-responsible business, our employees volunteer here and there,’ companies shift attention from how their management really helps society. Companies could have invested some money in social projects, public schools, infrastructure, anything else that could help. Saying ‘our people volunteer’ seems like a cover-up for a limp in corporate responsibility of the management.

Offering students to volunteer for a while is a traditional practice in many schools. Even if teens are not yet sure whether they want to volunteer or not, social service usually helps them to gain extracurricular experience and make up their mind according to what they want to do in the future. Volunteering is an extra credit during college admission so that kids would think of some social experience themselves. It seems school is the right place to create interest and give extra incentives for volunteers. Young adults who once volunteered at school are more likely to volunteer further in life.

Having an employee who can volunteer is beneficial for every employer. But trying to teach your people to love volunteering is a different thing. If the person is not ready or willing to do social work and spend their precious time for it, incentives do not matter much. The readiness to volunteer shall be better developed during school years.

Are parents overexposing their children online? essay sample

Sharenting – sharing photos of children online – is a new trend for parents worldwide. Young parents take posting every step of their children as a matter of fact. Why not if their personal profile is updated with new selfies every day? On the other hand, parents who are not so active on social network do not share the enthusiasm of “cyber parents”. They are not ready to trade their privacy in for likes and shares of peers online.

The least people can get sharing everything about their kids online is the demand of their friends to stop it. Actually, no one cares what their child has eaten today or which new toys they have got. It is especially irrelevant to people without any children who cannot get why their newsfeed is suddenly full of other people’s kids.

To be honest, excessive exposure of personal life (or the kid’s life) online can grow into a physical threat. Most parents have open accounts on social media so that everyone can see what their children look like and where they spend time every day. Criminals can detect whereabouts of the child and family, and cybercriminals can steal and re-share the photos posted online.

Running for likes and appreciation, parents forget about privacy settings, and photos of their kids go off the limit. Many people do not feel frightened or awkward about putting all of their life on Facebook or Instagram. Nevertheless, there are potential threats and side effects of over exposing children on the web.

Online abuse – should court treat it as any other kind of abuse? essay sample

The Pew Research Center has revealed that 40% of Americans faced some form of harassment on the web in 2014. In many other technically-advanced countries, the internet has also become the source of threats. Even the Democratic Republic of Congo has a flourishing field of online abuse against women that is generally ignored. Here and everywhere else, we can see a common practice. Unless the person is harmed or the bully has shown in their house, there is no way police can react to online threats.

Online abuse is often targeted at LGBT people, women, social and political activists, ex-partners, classmates etc. Practically everyone can become a victim of online harassment, and it would be difficult for these people to seek any legal protection. Globally, victims who reported online abuse to law enforcement organs faced a similar reaction – officers did not have social networks themselves which complicated their cases even more. Often, non-profit organizations are the only ones to offer some help to victims of online abuse.

Cybercriminals thrive exactly because even advanced societies still have a weak system of prosecution of online abuse. We still differentiate between school bullying and online abuse, theft in a buss and online theft. People are used to hiding behind the screens and conceal their real identity to trespass on the private lives of others. That is why we need a strict legal regulation on what is a criminal offense even on the web.

Is the process of electoral vote fair? essay sample

The institute of the Electoral College has been functioning for more than 200 years already, but for all this time, attempts to improve the procedure of Presidential elections have been taken. The pseudo-democratic idea that people shall not be trusted to directly vote for their President undermined the Electoral College from the very beginning, and now we get confused with the discrepancies between the national popular vote and the electoral vote. Apparently, what was a sensible idea once has grown into an obscure tradition by now.

The biggest stumbling block of the Electoral College is the winner of the popular national vote losing the electoral vote. It has happened five times, most recently in 2016, when Hillary Clinton lost the electoral vote. It was the largest popular-vote lead for the candidate who lost the election. It happens so often (already the second time since 2000) because the number of electors depends on the number of senators and representatives of the state in Congress. The system encourages candidates to campaign mostly in the so-called battleground states ignoring plenty of large and medium states. Small states often fall out of the campaign at all. These facts allow us to question the fairness of the Electoral College even more.

The system of 50 separate elections sometimes seems to such a large country with so many states that live largely according to their own rules. But it does not make each citizen’s vote matter. Discouraged by the indirect vote, a half of the electorate does not consider it important to vote in the presidential elections. People cannot feel that their voice matters, and this is the most unfair thing about the Electoral College.

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