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March 21, 2018

At what age should girls have access to birth control without the consent of their parents? essay sample

Today sexually active teenagers can freely get contraceptives without any prescriptions or notes of parental consent. It seems very fair and right that children can make an informed choice themselves without asking their parents to allow them having sex. Whether children are used to talking openly about sex or not, it still remains their personal business and choice. Some 5% of teens would tell their parents about their intentions. For the rest, it is a too private matter to discuss it with adults.

Informing parents about their sexual activity would not actually stop teens from having sex. If implemented legally, however, such a regulation would prevent teenagers from having safe sex. Therefore, putting an age restriction on using condoms or other non-hormonal birth control tools is unethical and utterly dangerous. If a teen needs birth control and comes to get it from a clinic or pharmacy, they must get it with or without the parental consent.

In many states, teenagers are legally permitted to obtain care for STDs without involving their parents or legal guardians into it. The same law covers the confidential access to contraceptives. Confidentiality has always been the point of ethics, but its absence can pose serious risks to health and well-being of teenagers. After all, reduction of the rates of STDs and unwanted pregnancies must be the prior aim of healthcare in the US, and putting age restrictions on the access to birth control is the wrong way.

Is Gothic architecture really obscure? essay sample

Though often associated with haunted mansions and supernatural creatures existing there, Gothic architecture was nothing like that back in the Middle Ages. In fact, the “French work” (as people called Gothic style after it had appeared in France first) was designed as an elevated style in architecture that succeeded the very basic and discreet Romanesque architecture.

As compared to plain Romanesque buildings with small windows and solid walls, Gothic style came like a celebration of light and space. It was designed to bring more light into the churches. The pointed arch, the ribbed vault, and the flying buttress are the unmistakable signs of a Gothic building. Architects created them to make ceilings and windows as high as possible and build tinier columns instead of those massive pillars of old Romanesque churches.

Another characteristic feature of a Gothic building is a mastery ornate stonework. It framed the windows and decorated the ribbed vaulting. Together with stained-glass windows, ornate work created a magnificent view of the building from inside. As compared to simplistic Romanesque style, Gothic buildings (especially Late Gothic cathedrals) were a burst of light, colors, flowers, and air. No such exuberant architecture existed until the 12th-15th centuries, and it was due to the increasing wealth of nations and relative peace that construction of such high and light buildings became possible.

The “French work” was named “Gothic” later in the Renaissance as it was strange to classical and sensible buildings of that time. Today we still use the name Gothic implying some negative context when it has nothing to do with the architecture of those times. Obviously, the Middle Ages were dark and obscure epoch, and that is why we add some horror to Gothic buildings.

December 27, 2017

Domestic partners essay sample


When you are dealing with the subject of domestic partners, you will most likely come across such term as domestic partnership. The first thing to mention is that domestic partnership is not an equivalent of marriage. Yet, it has some of its benefits. In some states domestic partnership may also be referred to as civil union.

Speaking about the legal advantages of registered domestic partnerships, they are as follows: right to bereavement leave, ability to be covered on a family health insurance policy, right to family leave when the partner is sick and visitation rights in jails and hospitals. In order to register a domestic partnership, the partners are supposed to declare that their relationship is serious. It can be done in a courthouse or other designated government office. There are some other documents that partners will need to provide. Partners will prove that they satisfy the requirements of the registration with the help of these documents. Among those requirements are: proof that they are over the age of 18, proof that they are not married and proof that they permanently share the residence. If you want to learn more, feel free to go to …

Cruelty to animals essay sample


Even though some people may not consider cruelty to animals to be a serious issue, there is no doubt that it needs to be paid more attention to. The thing is that such behavior defines how much of a human being each of us is. What is more, it speaks volumes about our respect for all living creatures that populate the Earth. In addition, half of the population most likely has a pet at home. It is usually a dog, a cat, a bird or a more exotic animal.

What is important to remember is that we should treat animals with respect as they bring joy and happiness in our lives. What is more, they are not always able to protect themselves, especially when humans are really violent to them. Apart from that, it is not that difficult to rehabilitate an animal that has suffered from abuse. That is the reason why the best thing we can do is to try and prevent it. As soon as you see that someone is cruel to animals, the most reasonable solution is to inform specific services that are dealing with such sort of problems professionally. More information regarding cruelty to animals can be found at …

Creationism and evolution essay sample


The debate between creationists and evolutionists has been on since Charles Darwin’s day. It all started in 1859 when Charles Darwin published his theory. The intention of Charles Darwin was to prove scientifically how Earth was created. Obviously, creationists stated that the Earth was created by God in six days.

It is important to mention the Scopes Monkey Trial in this respect. John Scopes was a Tennessee school teacher who started teaching evolution in class even though it was prohibited by the state. It happened in 1925. The trial gained a lot of publicity and Americans listened to it on the radio. Scopes was found guilty and had to pay a $100 fine. As a result of this process, anti-evolution laws were established in various states of the country. What is more, the so-called anti-evolution movement emerged. However, it lost its stream quickly which made it possible to bring the discussion about evolution back to schools as well as into the society as well. Today evolution is a respectable theory that has gained a lot of advocates. If you want to find out more about the never-ending battle between creationists and evolutionists, feel free to visit …

Corporal punishment essay sample


Corporal punishment presupposes the deliberate infliction of pain. It is done with the purpose of punishing a person for an offense as well as trying to teach what the word’ discipline’ means. The main question that arises in this respect is as follows: is it ethical?

What is more, one should take into account the fact that we live in the 21st century in which all human beings actually have rights. However, the difficulty is that not every person is able to execute them which depends on a particular political regime in a certain country as well as certain religious beliefs as well.

We are all familiar with the fact that corporal punishment has been a common form of physical punishment at schools a few centuries ago. Yet, these days it is prohibited in schools which is a great achievement in terms of human rights. What one should keep in mind is that there are lots of peaceful and non-harmful ways to show that one has done something wrong. Corporal punishment should never be one of them as it is simply inhumane. If you want to familiarize yourself with more information regarding the current state of affairs with corporal punishment, feel free to go to …

Consumers’ rights essay sample


The reason why consumer rights exist is obvious: it is a way for a customer to fight back in case a company or a manufacturer applies abusive business practices. The thing is that sometimes sellers seek to make a lot of profit and the try to make use of the consumer’s lack of knowledge regarding his or her rights in this respect. Consumer rights laws work on both state and federal level and are usually enforced by individual and class action lawsuits that have been filed by victims, by offices of attorneys general and by government agencies.

Speaking about the consumer rights in detail, it is important to point out what those rights actually are. So, the first right is the right to safety. In other words, it means that the consumer needs to know that the goods she or he buys are safe for the intended purpose of this product when it is used directly. The next one is the right to be informed which presupposes that there should not be any misleading or false information in labeling or advertising practices. The third right is quite clear: it is the right to choose. Finally, the last one is the right to be heard. Learn more at …

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