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September 13, 2017

Why America should convert to the metric system essay sample



Though feet, pounds, inches, and ounces are traditionally American measuring units, the system does not correspond to the needs of the 21st century. Metric system originated in the 18th century when a decimal system invented by an English bishop became a universal measure originally used in France and Belgium. After the fall of the French Empire, the future of the metric system seemed vague but it was re-adopted in the 19th century to help countries effectively engage in international relations. As the US chose not to follow the rest of the world but set their own standard, the country kept the ancient measuring system.

The first reason why the American system of measures is obsolete lies in the fact that no other country actually uses it. The European Union and most countries of the world effectively use the metric system just because it makes things simpler. In fact, America has also gone metric because there are few industries left that do not use meters, liters, or kilograms. Thus, many Americans actually can convert miles into kilometers, ounces into liters etc.. But many households stick to the traditional system of measures because it looks more reliable to them.

America shall adopt metric system particularly because global uniformity is a positive thing. Every country shall preserve all the cultural specifics they like and be as unique as possible when it refers to some social aspects, but such a system of measures is the very basic notion to be shared by all countries.

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